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avalon astral spells

Feb 29, 2012
they should make nwe astral spells like a defensive berserk like you do less damage but have a bigger resist. An improved empowerment that gives power pips instead of normal ones. A stronger infallible and a stronger besserk vengeance style your block works less but you critical more. i also think it would be cool to have to polymorphs for each school so to more myth polymorphs, one more balance, one more life, and one more death. Cant forget my favorite i want stronger sun spells me and my friends irl would be very happy if these ideas became reality so plz consider these.

Feb 24, 2009
Woah woah woah, I cant read a single word, that was ALL one sentence. Mind editing to fix it to have proper grammar and spelling please? o_o Although from the title, yes, I would like astral spells, FOR THE NEXT WORLD :)