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Avalon Areas

Sep 26, 2009
hi, i am a level 80 balance wizard, i have all my spells and pets i need. I have done every area except for wysteria. All i need is to finish off avalon and i am off to the dungeon. Can anyone tell me what are the avalon area's in order? I am on lake shore, so can anyone tell me how many areas i need to go till i get the final dungeon? and the names of areas please, and how long will it take to get to the final dungeon if i am at lake shore. My membership ends this weekend, so can anyone help me out here? And if you want to help me lvl, tell me and we can work things out.



Feb 24, 2009
At lake shore, these are the following areas left:
Lake Shore
The Catacombs
Crystal Caves
Ghost Avalon
Keep of Ganelon, The final dungeon.

Hope I could help!

Dec 11, 2011
I have a bad memory, so I will do my best: High Road, Caer Lion, The Wild, then a little more of Caer Lion and Wild, Wyrd, more Wild, Dun Dara, then variety, then Caer Lion boss to Outer yard, then Lake Shore, Then Deepwater? Then cactacombs, Crystal Caves, Ghost Avalon. I believe that is it, but I'm probably wrong.

Jul 17, 2011
Hello. I think I can help you as I have been in Lake Shore not a long time ago. It depends on where you are in Lake Shore at the moment but if you have just began it, then you might find it pretty long. Now, the good news is that in Lake Shore there is only one boss, which is Black Annie. After Lake Shore you go to Deepwater, a really short area with 4 bosses (all the quests in there are about defeating bosses but it doesn't take long). Then you go to The Catacombs (you'll find a few collecting quests and a sort of boss -fire elite- in there) and after that you have to go to the Crystal Caves (that is short as well -no bosses). After Crystal Caves you go to Ghost Avalon and then to Keep of Ganelon, the final dungeon. Get a good team and there you go! :D Good Luck!

Erin FireSword
level 80 pyromancer
(sorry for my English if I made any mistakes)