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Attn: KI regarding the badger knight

Jun 30, 2009
I have posted under Avalon and the Labratory regarding a bug problem, but after about a week, no one seems to be too concerned about the issue that I have brought up regarding the badger knight in Dun Dara.

When I got the quest to meditate and then talk with the badger night in Dun Dara, the game froze and I thought the game was inadvertantly freezing up, so I turned off the computer and went to bed. Now I am in limbo over being directed to Sir Mallory in Dun Dara, but he never shows up.

I don't want to delete my Ice Wizard level 76, but I can't go any further with that wizard with or without my friends that have been through so much together, but continued silence will bring about the doom of that Ice Wizard.

In Jeopardy of being deleted: Timothy Pearlflower Level 76 Ice Wizard

Mar 18, 2009
Jun 30, 2009
kingurz wrote:
You need to submit a Support Ticket.

Thank you. kingurz, how do I do that since I haven't had such an issue as this in the game?

Timothy Pearlflower, Level 76 Ice Wizard