My Wallaru Walkabout: Oh, the Places I Will Go!

By Boris Tallstaff

September 22nd, 2023

Wizard Wallaru Logo

Wallaru. Not a world we all think about much. It hasn’t launched any empires or invented any magic. It wasn’t lost to history or destroyed by a Titan. It’s just there, a strange little place floating on its own… ephemeral as a dream, at any moment real and forgotten.

Or at least that’s been its history. Wallaru has intermittently caught the attention of other worlds, only for that focus to slip away. For example, Marleybone first reached the land of Roos and Koalas during the reign of King Ruffles II. The monarch even visited the fabled Outback himself… and was promptly eaten by land sharks. Thus ending Marleybone’s interest in the world.

Similarly, the ancient skyfaring Kroks found Wallaru and tried to add it to their expansive empire, much as they did the homeworld of the Manders. They were repeatedly punched by Kangaroos until they went away.

Wizard Wallaru Logo

The modern Wallaru is trying to be more open, trying to invite the citizens of the Spiral to come and visit with promises of rugged adventures, beautiful vistas and of course… a chance to, as they say, “Seize the Dream.”

So join me on my multi-part odyssey into the wilds of Wallaru, as I embark on their ancient tradition of the Walkabout, enduring deserts and monsters to somehow make all my dreams come true.

This is “My Wallaru Walkabout….” This is my adventure.