Wizard101 PvP

Get Cool Prizes with PvP Arena Tickets!

With each PvP Tournament you compete in, your Wizard will earn Arena Tickets. What do you do with them? Shop for amazing gear, mounts, pets and more in Diego's PvP shop!

How Many Arena Tickets Do I Win in a Tournament?

Place Tickets
1st 1,250
2nd 1,000
3rd 750
4th 650
5th 550
6th 500
7th 475
8th 450
9th 425
10th 400
11th 375
12th 350
13th 325
14th 300
15th 275
16th 250

The above table shows Arena tickets awarded for 1v1 tournaments. Players can earn bonus Arena tickets by participating in 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 tournaments.


What can you buy with Arena Tickets?

Players can buy powerful PvP gear and accessories for Wizards from level 10 through 90 with Arena tickets, but there's more in the shop than just powerful fashion! Other new items include cool mounts like the War Unicorn and Epic Gorilla and neat pets like the Death Unicorn and the Flamenco Flamingo. In addition, players can also buy reagents, pet snacks, plant seeds and treasure cards with Arena tickets.