Wizard101 PvP

Learn More About PvP

Your PvP Rankings

Paying Players can see their PvP rankings in their character screen. Just press C when you are not in combat and you will see the PvP panel tab on the right.

When you enter PvP, this PvP Badge will change from the selected badge to the Ranking Name. When you leave combat it should go back to your selected badge.

How are players matched for Ranked duels?

Ranked matching occurs thru a formula that takes a number of factors into account, including level, PvP Rank and currently available players.

When you’re competing in teams, the dynamics of choosing your partners and opponents gets much more intricate, taking into account the level and rank of ALL the participants to try to create the most even duel it can, with the players that are available.

What About Tournament Rankings?

PvP Tournaments have their own leaderboards for Wizards that participate in tournaments. Tournament points are awarded for each match in a tournament that your Wizard participates in, and these points are tallied to determine the overall tournament point leaders.