Wizard101 PvP

Learn More About PvP

Joining a Match

When you first get started, you may want to join a match that someone has already created. To do this, simply click on either scroll, depending on the type of match you're interested in joining. A window will appear showing you all the matches that are currently waiting for players to join. To join a Practice match, simply click on the word Join in any circle. You can choose to leave at any time.

You cannot join if the match is greyed out. This could be because it is a friends only match or you do not meet the level restrictions.

To join a Ranked match, click 'Quick Join' which will place you in an open spot.

Entering the Match

You can continue to explore Wizard101 while you wait for your match to start. You can check your match status by clicking on the PvP Icon on your screen.

Once all players have joined a match, you will be asked to confirm that you still want to participate by clicking on to "Go to Arena". This will teleport you and the other duelists to a random arena once everyone has accepted.

If you flee, you automatically lose, even if you were already defeated.