Wizard101 PvP

Learn More About PvP

What is Player vs Player?

Player vs Player (or PvP) is a combat feature where players compete against each other instead of against creatures. Similar to dueling, Player vs Player dueling is a much more in depth method of matching your skills against other players.

Where can I play PvP?

The Player vs Player Arena is located in Unicorn way, inside the current dueling arena.

Just look for Diego, he's standing next to the entrance. Inside you will find four pedestals with Scrolls on top.

  • Practice PvP: This is for practice dueling and all players can participate in this.
  • Ranked PvP: These are duels that can earn you Arena Tickets and are only available to Members or with Crowns on a Pay-as-You-Go plan.
  • Tournaments: Participate in an intense PvP tournament to win cool prizes! Tournaments cost Crowns and the entry is discounted for Members.
  • Leaderboards: Check how your Wizard stacks up in the competition here.