Have some fun in the sun!

Summer is here, and that means all your scorching seasonal favorites are back in the Crown Shop for a limited time! Plus, the Basking in the Sun Shark is now lurking in the Spiral’s waters once more! Catch it while you can.

Summer Items are Back!

  • Bumbershoot Mount
  • Spellemental Islander’s Hoard Pack
  • Golden Sun Pet
  • Evil Sandman Pet
  • The Sun Housing Item
  • Rain Cloud Housing Item
  • Kite Housing Item
  • Wizard City Beach Towel Housing Item
  • Beach Umbrella Housing Item
  • Tiki Torch Housing Item
  • Sandcrab Castle Housing Item
  • Folding Beach Chair Housing Item
  • Beached Longboard Housing Item
  • Kiddie Pool Housing Item
  • Inflatable Beach Ball Housing Item
  • Regular Keeper Beach Multi-Tank
  • School Bird Houses
  • Bee Water Pail
  • Blue Water Pail
  • Summer Monstrodome

Don't miss your chance to get these simmering summer items!

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