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The Crying Sky Raid
Update Notes

The Crying Sky Raid Game Update


Get ready to raid the servers! The team is dropping from the sky some fun and challenging new content and a bunch of updates to other features, starting with the new Crying Sky Raid!

That’s not all though, we’ve also been dropping hints at an important feature you all have been asking for a long time now to have - name and gender change options! No longer are you locked to the original name and gender you started with perhaps as long as the initial launch of the game way back in 2008!

In addition to the new Crying Sky Raid and Name/Gender Change options, this update also includes Challenge Mode improvements (get all the details on how Challenge Mode works below), Beastmoon event updates, and new in-person Pet Kiosk features!

Have a look at the update notes below and then log in to check it all out!

Update Content:


Update Notes



“Something reverberates across the skyways, the heavens scream out one word: Xibalba! Azteca is laid waste! Still her children hide from the fiery ruin raining on their cities.”

Gather your strongest 12 Guild members to see if you can beat the newest challenge, The Crying Sky Raid, that takes place in a brand-new area of Azteca. To access this raid, you will need to be max level and you must complete a pre-quest given by the new Raidmaster, Gwyn Fellwarden, who resides in Dun Dara Avalon. Then, you can craft the new raid key and proceed through the Battle Gate on Guild Island. There are all sorts of new mechanics to challenge you throughout the experience.

Be warned, this will NOT be easy. Complete this Raid to get new gear, pets, jewels, and more!

Name and Gender Change Options

Did you perhaps name your character after a character in the movie Star Wars or perhaps after a famous singer? Did you select random button and get a name like Blake MythPetal? If this describes one of your characters, we can now offer a solution.

We are happy to share that one of our most requested features is finally here! Wizards can now visit the Magic Mirror Shop in the Shopping District of Wizard City to select a name and gender change. Your character must be at least level 50. This one-time change is permanent and costs 100 Crowns.

At the Magic Mirror, you can either change just your name, or your name and gender. And not only that, but each name category now has double the options! These new names will be available both at the Magic Mirror and when you create a new wizard. Most of the new names were taken from suggestions from the community, with our own input sprinkled in to ensure a balance with our priorities. We wish we could accommodate everyone’s suggestions, but we hope these additions are a refreshing change!

And don’t worry, your friends will still know who you are! When a Wizard changes their name, it’ll automatically update all friends lists they appear in. An icon next to their name will notify the player that that Wizard has changed their name. Your friend can view your old Wizard name to familiarize themselves with who you were.

Photomancy Use: Using Photomancy after changing your name will create a new image folder under that name. The old folder and its images are still preserved.

We know the community is as excited about this feature as we are, and we are happy to provide a space where players can align their Wizards with their preferred online identity.

Challenge Mode Updates

In our first iteration of Challenge mode, we took some challenging fights and gave them standard mode encounters for easier story mode progression. The status quo fights were then put in the challenge sigil. In this update, we have taken those status quo fights and given them a Challenge Mode makeover. Players who wish to take on these fights will find that things have changed, and they are now much more … interesting. As a reminder- here are the fights affected:
  • Empyrea - Sepidious - The Headquarters
  • Empyrea – Husk - Storm Titan’s Wake
  • Lemuria – Hall of Heroes, Note: There is a known bug in Hall of Heroes (Challenge) where some of the rules of advanced combat are not being applied. We are working towards a fix.
Players who take on the challenge mode for these fights can expect the following:
  • Additional cheats
  • Advanced rules (No Enchants, no Standard Mode spells, and more!)
  • Increased drop rates on those bosses’ loot
A new “?” icon has been added to the sigil which will display the restrictions/rules for that challenge mode sigil.

Several spells have been banned from Advanced Combat. These include:
  • Feint
  • Bad Juju
  • Backdraft
  • Supercharge
  • Enfeeble
  • Shatter
  • Dimension Shift
Four damage AoE spells have been given spellement paths that increase their damage.
  • Blizzard
  • Humongofrog
  • Meteor Strike
  • Sandstorm
These are found in Beastmoon alongside the other event Spellements.

Advanced combats will also utilize the new level scaling feature. Wizards at higher levels than the content will have their stats scaled back to the appropriate level for the content. All spells from trainers, treasure cards, items, and pets that are restricted to higher levels will be removed from the combat. The process of implementing level scaling is ongoing.


Balance Ninja Pig

Balance Ninja Pig punishes players who are sitting on pips for too long and it’s the first Balance form without a Swap spell. Instead, Echo, the mechanic that adds a matching enemy-placed hanging effect without removing it, will be brought over to Beastmoon.

Ice Cyclops

The ultimate tank form, Ice Cyclops, plays with Auras like no form has previously done before. Adding an aura to a teammate is a new way to help as a tank. Like the other large Ice forms, the Cyclops can increase its damage output conditionally based on how it plays.

Storm Minotaur

Unlike most Storm forms, the Storm Minotaur is primarily focused on supporting teammates rather than dealing damage itself. It does this by adding powerful damage hits to allies, blading, and even healing.


Beastmoon Event Unique Rewards August – November

Above are the expected Pets and Gold Idols for the next few months of Beastmoon events! Check out the Event Schedule for the exact dates of the events and be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for any upcoming announcements.

New to Beastmoon events? Stop by the official site to peruse the many event guides from players in the community.


Pets in the Hatchmaking Kiosk can now be hatched in person. In person hatching is lots cheaper and the player lending the pet earns pet leading rewards.

There is a new option on the main Hatchmaking Kiosk window to allow in person hatching. When in person hatching is enabled, newly added pets to the kiosk will be in person eligible. If you disable in person hatching, it’s disabled for pets already in the kiosk and for newly added pets.

You can search in person pets for talents or on both kiosk and in person hatched pets. When a pet can be hatched in person, you may choose to hatch in person or via the kiosk.

The lending player must be on-line, have a pet lending slot available and not be busy with combat. We ask them if they want to hatch and if they agree, both players are teleported to Hatchery.

In the Hatchery, an arrow is displayed over the other player and the name of the pet that they what to hatch with is displayed in the chat window.

Pet Derby Returns!

You can now play either Ranked or Practice Pet Derby matches to earn event points for the Pet Promenade! Participating in the Pet Promenade event earns you tiered rewards and progress towards the Scroll of Fortune!


Level Scaling has come to PvP! Players that are higher than the level of a particular league can now participate in that league. Participant stats will be scaled down to that league’s supported levels and spells will be level gated to fit within the rules of said league. This means your Prime wizard can participate in any of the lower-level leagues while being on fair footing with other participants. Trained, item and treasure card spells are being level gated. This process is ongoing and will continue.


Some of the following may have also been noted above in the main notes:

Housing & Raids
  • Players can now teleport to either the inside or outside of a house using the teleport to start button
  • Claw weapons should now display properly on a house’s wall
  • A certain Raid teleport crash has been fixed
  • In the House tab of the Attic, you may now see which items you move to your Backpack
  • Lunari cap now allows an overflow one time if you are under the max when you redeem Lunari
  • New Photomancy pet decals are now available!
  • Couple of Play as Your Pet/Spellemental upgrade crash and freeze animation issues resolved
  • Rate My Stitch should no longer show the pet when the Include Pet checkbox is unchecked
Challenge Mode
  • Challenge Mode Team Up Kiosk indicator duplication bug resolved
  • NOTE: There is a known bug in Hall of Heroes (Challenge) where some of the rules of advanced combat are not being applied. We are working towards a fix.
Spell Changes
  • Catch of the Day, Sacred Charge, and Burning Rampage now have Spellement Paths
    • You can no longer acquire these spells directly from bosses.
    • Catch of the Day Spellements can be found at Takanobu the Masterless in MooShu
    • Burning Rampage and Sacred Charge Spellements can be found at Lambent Fire in Avalon
  • Pigsie, Goat Monk, Queen Calypso, Hammer of Thor, and Headless Horseman now have a standard top path
  • New Cantrip, Horn of Plenty, was added
  • Cantrip Sigil Spells were rebalanced
  • New Dual School Blade TCs have been added
Level Scaling
  • A Level Scaling Preview kiosk is now located in the Arena, next to the PvP Kiosks. Use it to quickly check how your gear and stats will behave in different leagues
  • Level restrictions have been added to more spells. (This is an ongoing process as we work through the massive library of available spells!)
  • Item cards and Will Cast spells should now be removed from play if they do not meet the level requirements of the content (including PvP Leagues).
  • Ixcax Cursedwing is now extractable
Beastmoon Changes
  • Taunt and Pacify no longer lock opponents out of targeting the entire team after the relevant players are defeated.
  • All hanging effects cast by the opposite team, like the Fire Cyclops' spell that casts a DOT on itself, will be treated as the proper hanging effect by conditional
  • Domination now occurs when one team has captured 4 battle rings
UI, Animations, Audio
  • Bank UI now updates item inventory properly when clicking on other icons
  • Bank UI sorting improved
  • Loyalty Shop NPC icon added to Shopping District doodle map
  • Resolved constant and continuous flash effect in Katzenstein’s Lab
  • Fixed the More button in the Aphotic Cave in Crescent Beach not showing dialog
  • Several camera and dialog animations updated for Grizzleheim, Khrysalis and Polaris
  • A preview button was added to the Rate My Stitch – Add an Outfit window so players can see what their outfit, teleport and emote will look like.
  • Various other audio and visual FX bugs resolved
  • The skybox in Aquila is fixed. (For real this time!)

Additional Patch Notes


September 27, 2023

New Khrysalis Gold Skeleton Key Boss!

A new enemy terrorizes the burrowers in Last Wood, General Lightbane. You’ll need all you’ve got to defeat this new boss and his mastery of shadow magic. After you do, you will receive some valuable items and spellements from the recent Burrower’s Lore Pack.

You can get Gold Skeleton Keys from many locations such as the Loyalty Store, Scroll of Fortune, Daily Assignments, Spiral Showcase, and many more.

Several Boss Rematch Changes
  • Malistaire will now spawn the correct leveled Sylvia
  • Oni gambits are now counterable and less frequent
  • Lord Nightshade’s global can no longer be dispelled
  • Max level gear no longer drops at lower levels
Several Azteca Raid Changes
  • Improved the spawn rate of cacao pods
  • Reduced the impact of "mana drain" random result on wisp of misfortune
  • Removed balance minions from High Priest combats
  • Reduced health of creeper mobs
  • Reduced likelihood of shadow-enhanced hits in mob decks
  • Adjusted the combat model of High Priests to normalize time-to-complete for both intended and alternate solutions
  • Xibalba Elemental takes fewer Sprites to spawn
PvP Changes
  • PvP Gear recipes have been tweaked in cost and composition to facilitate crafting at lower ranks
  • Many Maycasts have been disabled or lowered in cast rate in PvP. PvE cast rate is unaffected.
  • Fixed crash with The Mists of Dun Dara
  • Wizzy 500 quest can now be completed properly
  • Some graphic and animation tweaks
  • Burrowing Bane increased in cost from 2 pips + 1 Life pip to 3 pips + 1 Life pip with a corresponding increase in damage

September 6th, 2023

  • Base chance for powerpips will no longer be set to 0 when level scaled and in advanced content.
  • Fixed error messages when attempting to purchase some of the birthday items in the Crown Shop.

August 31, 2023

  • Derby Pet Race kiosk is back from being invisible! Ranked Derby will still be disabled until we are sure the underlying issue is resolved.
  • Various Raid Fixes and Adjustments to both Crying Sky and Voracious Void Raid
  • Boss Rematches have been updated to use Challenge Mode rules and are level scaled to level 50. New Loot has been added including a new gear set!
  • The PvP Gear vendor has been restocked with several pieces being removed and with new additions such as the burrower gear
  • Shadow Enhanced spells now cost 2 shadow pips in advanced content
  • Burst heals above 2 pips have been banned in advanced content - this includes:
    • Dryad
    • Pigsie (both paths)
    • Rebirth
    • Satyr
    • Unicorn

August 23, 2023

  • Derby Pet Race kiosk is back from being invisible! Ranked Derby will still be disabled until we are sure the underlying issue is resolved. (will be officially back in the next patch, a more internal fix this time around was made)
  • Animations for the Knight's and Warlord’s Cards will now properly play for female characters
  • Moved Painting Easel out of the Wall Hanging housing section

August 10, 2023

  • Made some tweaks to make the Crying Sky Raid experience smoother and overall more accessible
  • Fixed Voice of Death respawning after defeat
  • Fixed Mastery on Priest Polymorphs

August 3, 2023

Check out the upcoming patch details below! Patch is due to go live on August 3 during the expected maintenance period.

  • Grizzleheim quest blocker fixed, players should now be able to progress as expected (poor Prospector Zeke has to handle so much in this world...)
  • Leprechaun now removes up to 2 traps instead of 1
  • Ice Wyvern spellement Path B now removes 3 charms, traps now at 35%
  • Centaur now removes up to 4 traps and creates Life +40% blades
  • Immolate now removes up to 3 traps and creates a “chromatic” DOT
  • Immolate is now trainable by all schools (L22 required)
  • Top Path of Pigsie is now available in Advanced Content
  • Legendary League now gives out the proper ticket rewards (legendary!)
  • Battle Pass should now allow you to advance properly (you shall not? pass...)
  • Server zone crash resolved (yay for stability)
  • Various minor Raid tweaks (adjust a bit here, little bit there...)
  • Fixed some emotes not playing properly (emotes can be a little shy)
Raid changes will be made in a future patch.