Create a Gingerbread House or Ship & Win Crowns!

Today kicks off our annual holiday contest. This year we want you to put your creative drawing or baking skills to the test and design your original Wizard101 gingerbread house or Pirate101 gingerbread ship! You can win 60,000 Crowns by either creating an original drawing on one of our templates below, or baking and decorating your own Wizard101 or Pirate101 themed gingerbread creation.

Contest Rules

One entry allowed per player. You can choose to enter a Wizard101 gingerbread house using the template below, a Pirate101 gingerbread ship using the template below, or a photo of an original, created by you, real life gingerbread creation that has a Wizard101 or Pirate101 theme.

Submit your entry to the Facebook contest page by 9:00am on Wednesday, December 19th.

The top 10 overall most shared entries will win 60,000 Crowns. Also, KingsIsle staff will be picking some of our favorite entries! Those picked by KingsIsle will also receive 60,000 Crowns as a prize.

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Download the Templates

Want to design a gingerbread on paper instead of baking one? Here are our two templates for a Wizard101 house or a Pirate101 ship!