Free Crowns for your Wizard and Pirate!

You've been asking... and we have one last holiday giveaway your Wizard or Pirate is sure to love - FREE Crowns! Use the promo code JOLLYCROWNS to get your Crowns gift. Each account will get a surprise Crowns amount ranging from 250 to 60,000 Crowns!

This code expires at 11:59pm US Central Time on Wednesday, December 19th, 2018. Hurry and get your FREE Crowns now!

In order to be eligible for the FREE Crowns giveaway, your account must have been created prior to 8:59am US Central Time on December 18th, 2018 and must have reached level 5 on at least one character. No new accounts created after this time will qualify for the free Crowns giveaway.

Keep in mind, there is only one redemption per account and these Crowns are non-transferable.

If you reach level 5 on a character on the account you want to redeem this promotion on while the promotion is live, you will need to return to the classroom in-game before you will be able to redeem this promotion. If you reach level 5 and exited the game without returning to the classroom, you will need to login to the game again in order to be eligible to redeem this promotion.