50% OFF Select Packs! One Day Only!

For one day only, you can save 50% OFF select hoard and lore packs in the Wizard101 and Pirate101 Crown Shops! Use this opportunity to get a chance on amazing mounts, pets, spells and more.

    Wizard101 Packs

  • Decaversary Hoard Pack
  • Unicorn Hoard Pack
  • Alphoi Lore Pack
  • Wysteria Lore Pack
  • Professor’s Hoard Pack
  • Ghulture’s Hoard Pack
  • Immortal’s Lore Pack
  • Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack
  • Terror’s Hoard Pack
  • Shaman’s Lore Pack
  • Keeper’s Lore Pack
  • Knight’s Lore Pack
  • Hoard of the Hydra Pack
  • Ninja’s Lore Pack
  • Raven’s Hoard Pack
  • Wyvern’s Hoard Pack
  • Phoenix Hoard Pack
  • Witch’s Hoard Pack
  • Islander’s Hoard Pack
  • Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack

    Pirate101 Packs

  • Ashes of the Armada Pack
  • Grizzly Beast Pack
  • Tribal Crew Pack

This sale ends on December 17th 2018 at 11:59PM Central Time.