Save 50% OFF Hoard & Lore Packs!

For one day only, save 50% OFF Wizard101 Hoard & Lore Packs! You have a chance to get amazing items from each of these packs including mounts, pets, spells and more!

  • Emperor's Attic Pack
  • Hoard of the Hydra Pack
  • Islander's Hoard Pack
  • Keeper's Lore Pack
  • Kirin's Hoard Pack
  • Knight's Lore Pack
  • Ninja's Lore Pack
  • Pharoah's Hoard Pack
  • Phoenix Hoard Pack
  • Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions
  • Raven's Hoard Pack
  • Shaman's Lore Pack
  • Skyvern's Hoard Pack
  • Wyvern's Hoard Pack

Hurry, this sale ends tonight December 15th at 11:59pm US Central Time! Take advantage of 50% OFF these items today!

This sale does not include the Yuletide Pack.