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Koko Smokesign - Midnight Sun Glitch -- Can't get sharpened Blade

Oct 27, 2011
So I e-mailed KI about a month ago and there was not much news on the front so I thought I'd post here. I've been playing Wiz since 2011 and know that I completed this side quest for Koko Smokesign (I had colossal) before, however, I was prompted with the side quest (Bungle in the Jungle) by Inyanga Whitestripes again. When I went to turn in Bungle in the Jungle to get Midnight Sun, Koko glitched and did not offer up the following quest. I can still use the Sun Trainer and I still have/had colossal since starting playing this game again this year (2020). The issue is that without recognition of completing these sets of side quests, I am not offered the quest from Pascal Redmask to get sharpened blade. My life wizard is now level 100 and has no ability to sharpen blade and will not be offered the task for the foreseeable future it seems. My other wizards were leveled through Koko after joining once again so I do not anticipate an issue with the others. I digress, my question is has anyone else been having this issue and/or how did you fix it? Is it possible to fix?