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Jul 04, 2009
Apr 14, 2009
becuz wrote:
any tips for beating belloq. cant find any protection against rah

to beat him you have to hit every round so my suggestion is to get somebody else,they hit him every round with like fire elf,troll,frost beetle,etc,and you can hit hard on him and defeat him

Sep 18, 2009
Hit him every round. I had a level 14 fill her hand with black cat treasure cards and port to me while I bladed and trapped. Made him an easy kill.

Jun 09, 2010
basically you have to hit him every round. If you cast fire elf then its every three rounds. Any spell that leaves a tiny spell that hits him for four rounds is good for three. Also small wand spells are good as well if they take lil to no pips. I loaded my deck up and two others helped me. While two of us bombarded him every three rounds with fire elf or ice elf the other player loaded up for the kill. It works real good.

Aug 13, 2010
totally agree with noyeh you have to have at least two three is good and one of you must hit every time the others set up for the big hit only took about 5 minutes to kill. thanks for the post noyeh

May 13, 2010
Once again Dr. Jones what was once yours is now mine. LOL! Love all these references to pop culture.

Sep 08, 2008
I had encountered Belloq today, and, I was blown away. Or more like, my character was blown away.... by a barrage of pip-free Ras.

Realizing that a special tactic has to be involved, I rearranged my deck and luckily managed to find someone that was going to fight him with me.

Damage spells, damage spells, and more damage spells. Since you only have 4 pips in the beginning, use spells like fire elf. In between the different dots, charge up and defend with shields and blades, and continue firing at the boss with more Fire elves, level 1 or 2 spells, or the occasional big hitting spell.

A very great wizard that really shines in this battle is the Death wizard. Or any wizard proficient with death spells. They hurt Belloq, and at the same time, heal you a little bit.

Aug 12, 2009
1 - Don't Buy Henchmen or Minions. He will Ra 1 time for each.
2 - Use a Fire Mastery Amulet and Make sure he ALWAYS has a DoT on him with Fire Elf / Link TCs or Trained Fire Elf.
3 - When you cannot have a DoT on him, hit him with a wand or other spell. You Need to do at least 1 point of damage to him to make him NOT Ra.

Aug 26, 2010
My Fire Wizard didn't have much trouble defeating him alone. Since I have around 6 cards that do damage over time I just needed to time it right. Just loaded up on the fire elves so that I could build pips to hit him with dragon and rain of fire. The only thing you need to be careful about is if you use heck hound or scorch(?) because they don't do initial damage. You have to make sure you hit them before the last DOT spell is exhausted.

Jun 09, 2010
becuz wrote:
any tips for beating belloq. cant find any protection against rah

Belloq is very easy to beat. You should have at least two other players (3 players total).

While you or someone else buff's up for the kill. The other guys should be casting attack spells constantly. The best spells to use are one and two pip spells. If you cast fire elf, storm elf or ice elf You do not have to cast for three rounds as these spells leave behind a minor attack spell for three rounds.

after three rounds you start casting minor attack spells again until the leader can take him out. If you fail to attack a round then you will get a Ra.

Word of Caution from experience: Do not hire a henchman. the reason for this is for every henchman you hire from the crown shop you get two Ra. Never ever ever hire a henchman unless you want your wizard to commit suicide. Not even with other players helping you. This is auto two Ra's for each one you hire. And Belloq uses the Ra immediately upon the hire of a henchman.

Sep 01, 2009
If anyone is available, I have tried soloing Belloq 3 times, and the end result each time is death by Ra. Would someone be able to help? If so, please meet me tomorrow evening, 7 pm EST, in Pixie realm in front of his tent. I will be the tiny spell caster, and it would be HUGE help if whoever helps has a boost against balance.

Thanks so much!

Erin Ice Weaver, Mammoth Herder ;)