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Traps? Where, What and When?

Aug 24, 2015
When would (should) I have learned about Traps?
What are they?
Where can I go to get one (some) now.... I have tried to figure them (it) out by browsing the Treasure Cards at various venders.
primary with and currently at level 35. (I did manage to complete the quest for the Spiral Cup - with great difficulty. But would still like to know what all those Traps messages where about.)


Traps are the shield shaped cards that you place on enemies to make your spells hit for more damage when you attack.


May 16, 2009
Like Professor Greyrose said, "traps" are the shield shaped things that float around your opponent's feet. They activate after your blades and activate in reverse order they were cast in. (you can also use that information to maximize your prism use).

For example: You cast a 25% myth trap, followed by a 35% TC myth trap, the spell will activate the 35% first (realistically this does not matter as everything is multiplied though). An easier way to remember this is the traps are activated left to right.

Prisms are a "special" kind of trap: they convert your damage to the opposite school (Myth to Storm). If possible, you want to use opposite trap school BEFORE the prism and your school's trap AFTER the prism. So it will activate [Myth trap -> Myth prism -> Storm trap].

You said you're Myth? I would recommend being weary of your trap use until you get Medusa. "Double hits" (Minotaur and Orthrus) require 2 traps because those spells have 2 hits.

TrapsTraps are cast upon an opponent and increase the damage that target will take by the percentage on the card. The ward is consumed after use. Examples include:Hex, Elemental Trap, and Death Trap. (Taken from Wizard101Central)