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Crashing in Dungeon

Feb 01, 2011
I spent nearly 3.5 hours in tower of helephant with me and some random and we finally got to the boss fight after around 20k gp in potions from the first fight. He was nearly dead when my game decided to disconnect from the server and now neither of us can complete it because she's not a high enough level and now im not able to rejoin... Does it really make it so you cant go back in to dungeons when your game closes?? This seems like such a big waste of time and energy and finding someone to do this dungeon with is such a drag.

Apr 15, 2012
The other day was questing with someone who kept disconnecting so he wouldn't have to face death in any kind of battle, he lost out on the drops of the dungeon cause he no longer could get in. I think W101 and KI have done that to prevent people from dropping out randomly, and returning in time to get the drops.