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Help with Balance magic

Mar 01, 2009

I'm looking for help on a magic quest for my Balance school wizard.

The professor says to talk to the Fire/ Storm/ and Ice professors, then go back to see him to learn a new spell.

I do this and nothing happens. Could someone help and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

thanks :)

Mar 08, 2009
I was stuck on this last night as well. I even leveled up a couple times thinking I was too low, or didn't have enough mana (he tells you you'll need alot). Still, every time I went to see the Prof for those schools, nothing happened.

Then by chance I happened to look at my map. There is an icon on your map for each of the three monsters you need to defeat. The doors to get to them are located across the street from the school towers.

I think they should reword the quest details on that one as it is a little confusing. And seriously, how often does one need to look at your map in Ravenwood. I clicked mine by accident, but if I hadn't, I'm sure I'd still have that quest open.

Aug 19, 2008
Ah I remember this....I went to the professors for each school but it didn't work. Try this, open your spell book and look at the task. If I remember right you had to talk to "other" people who were of those schools....

Oct 17, 2008
Yes. For ice school you must talk to Proffessor Greyrose, but for fire you need that girl outside Golem Tower who needs help with her project (whose name I cannot remember at the moment) and for storm Boris Tallstaff, the guy in the library.

Mar 01, 2009
hey thanks for the help. I found what i was missing.

I needed to talk to other's, being the girl at golem tower, and the guy in the library... am terrible with names.

thanks again!