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A dueling question

Jan 07, 2009
When I try to duel for ranking there is no consideration for levels. How do I get into a duel with someone my own level or there abouts? It's crazy, a friend and I teamed for a two vs. two we are both under lv 15. We ended up matched with a team of Grandmasters...does that seem right? Hope someone can tell me how to duel for ranking with someone my own level. thanks, Alura Deathbringer

Jan 18, 2009
well it is fair what you said but players dont battle players because of levels. Thats why they took the level sign off to play fair.

One secret is also that if you face harder enemies you learn a lot of techinques and strategies . GOOD LUCK!

Evan LightSpear
Level : 45 FIRE WIZARD