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You decide on a new world!

Jun 05, 2011
I'm assuming so too. Aquila may be in the line for the newest world. I'm hoping it's the end of the Morganthe storyline.

Feb 24, 2009
All you wizards or ( inexperienced ones of this game ) who keep saying ' Atlantis ' haven't made it to Celestia yet. Which is basically a very nice redo of what Atlantis would probably look like & is filled with sea creatures.

BUT , I would like to see a area created somewhat in the air. Maybe filled with birds , or gods like in ancient greek mythology. I think this is a good idea because its not like anything you KI has done before and you could out do any of the other worlds with. :) It would be pretty nice though.

Mar 22, 2009
What about this:

A world that introduces a new school called the "Dream" school. Everything is above the clouds and most of the enemies are sleepy and stuff. Funny lines and quests always keep me loving this game. Idk it sounds a little cheesy but I think the new school may be a good idea.

May 15, 2013
I personally think it would be awesome to have hawk themed world that is part jungle and part cliffs

Mar 03, 2012
How about a world that is all about light called

The schools that all the enemies are should be fire, and the astral.

The story line is that Morganthe is figuring out how she can destroy the spiral and make sure it never returns to how it is now. She sets creatures out to protect her danger proof lab. At the end, before you defeat her, she tries a spell she think will work. Her spell actually makes her strong and she has lots of health.

Spell card ideas:

: Sun Desert Dance! In this spell, the sun becomes a desert, which throws its sand on the enemy, making them lose 2 pips, -90% to next 3 spells, stun 3 rounds and take 1200 damage to all enemies.

: Melt disaster. A beautiful mountain becomes melted by a large sun. The water takes 1000 health stuns and is to all enemies

: Moon Burn. Your Charater puts a large piece of glass that shines light from moon on all enemies taking 300+996 damage over 3 rounds and heals 30+600 over 3 rounds

: Sun: the sun shines on all enemies taking 196+600 over 3 rounds

: Burning Alligator chomp: An alligator appears and takes a "bite" out of chosen enemy taking 1000 damage and stunning for 3 rounds. also takes 3 pips away

: Rely on dancing sun: a unicorn, 2 sprites and 5 pixies and the sun come out and each does 200 health to all friends. The sun does 400 itself (total 2000 health to person)

: Electric Burning thrash: a wall appears with a plug in it and a thunder snake pulls it out and throws it at enemy and hits enemy with tail. Choose enemy. Plug does 500 damage. Tail takes 1500 damage.

Level cap 100.
World name: Aranlia
Sorry about not putting astral stuff up, I dont have astral spells yet so i dont know about them

Paige Fairydreamer Level 46

Sep 25, 2010
I have heard many times already there people that are hoping for a greek and roman mythology world. I don't know if you people either 1. haven't been in the olympian bundle house. 2. haven't looked at the new launch screen very carefully. or 3. simply don't know much about mythology. For starters if you look at the background of the launch screen it looks identical to that of the walls and columns of the olympian house. There are a large number creatures from their mythology that have already been used in w101. Minotaurs, griffins, hydras, centaurs, phoenixs, satyrs, etc(percy jackson was actually accurate about their creatures). However KI hasn't mentioned everything. They leave out giant serpents, the famous medusa, angels, and winged horses. I think this would be an interesting world to see. I don't really have any particular preferences about the next world. I loved azteca and its my favorite world, i loved all my the backstory in avalon, and i loved the tranquility of mooshu. I can't wait to see what KI throws at us next.

"Just Keep Wizarding" -
Scarlet Dragonpetal

Dec 26, 2012
Here's more ideas, and I'm trying to come up with new ideas:

1. A tropical island things, were you gotta take boats to each island, and it involves the native people. Maybe one of the native people knows magic or something and has been controlling somebody or you know, ;)

2. Antarctica-like place! You can fight ferocious polar bears, killer penguins, and Jack frost could be trying to freeze over the spiral or something!

3. Might be cheesy, but a circus world! The npcs are mice and they scurry around! Their could be new mini-games there, and the pet food could be popcorn and those things!

Dec 21, 2012
I think that there should be a world that is based on well air they have every element being used except for earth and air so I choose air there should be a world called aerotopia {air coming from the greek word aero}with bird like citizens who use air magic, obviously. if you play wizard 101 then you'd see bird like creatures which is the foundation of my ideas.

in aerotopia a young wizard {you} fights to save professor ambrose whom has been captured by the evil undying xibalba rank 32 50,000 reborn as a dark angel {demon bird}. this world is for lvl 90-100 {rumors about lvls 90-100 coming this summer 2013} sorry to cut this so short but on the last dungeon the undying xibalba attempts to destroy all of the spiral and the dueling circle expands by 2 players and your homeroom teachers will fight at your side
good luck everyone
from hunter silvervault and everything I wrote is my imagination
myth seriously rocks

Sep 17, 2011
nullWell Avalon is already a king and princess and knight themed world. I love the Atlantis theme though.

Jan 03, 2012
I so love that idea but it would be kind of hard for KI to make the family. They should so use the idea, but for the friends and family part, maybe have to change that a little. But otherwise I am behind this idea 100%

Amanda LifeWeaver
Lvl 65 Life
Waterworks Warrior

Feb 04, 2009
nullI like the 1st and 3rd ideas. Although, judging from the test realm discussion posts that Professor Greyrose put out today, I believe that Aquila will be part of Wizard City, not a new world all together. Which does kinda disappoint me but it will be an interesting storyline non the less

Jul 03, 2011
Maybe designated worlds for certain schools that is the world where they go to learn spells. Example - Level 58 Efreet spell, you'd have to go to the designated world for fire school quests.

And of course there is always the good old castles dungeons and dragons Medieval theme.

As i am sure a lot of people have mentioned, a rainbow-cloud-unicorn themed world would be cool.

Even a harry potter based world would be nice for the Potterheads like me. [Just an idea LOL]

Maybe even a reverse - world where you are the bad guy this time. [Also, an idea ]

Maybe even a world with robots and lasers and stuff, that would be quite cool!

Maybe even a spy themed world where you have laser spells, you can set up spycams and it pops up as a little window in the corner of your screen.

On another note - I think there should be an option to give wizards "Rights" for say, in their castles. Like so they could move furniture around and place furniture and stuff, ONLY when the owner is there.

( Also i believe you should be able to trade items, I find it a tad bit unfair that you cannot do so)

Evan DeathBlade,
Level 59 Fire Wizard.

" You cannot live life alone - Be social! "

Dec 14, 2011
  • did they seriously get the dino idea from smurfed and the heaven thing for like the new world which is kinda like eagles and olympus and clouds ect

Feb 05, 2011
I think Earth would be a really cool world!

Dec 06, 2009
nullMaybe a world that's on a island like the on from celestia, how it is all tropica at the ocean, but being almost uninhabited but the natives live there, no boats but small trails to go to different villages able to swim across bays. Something like that would be cool

Mar 22, 2009
Ancient Wizardry , for wizards. Like when wizardry was still being developed?

Feb 02, 2013
What about going into morganthes i don't know if i spelled that right but,
over the game series she's always talking about the shadow realm which of she comes from,
well what about we get to the point to were we have to travel into the shadow realm to stop her?
and we just fight the undead? that would be pretty cool, -blake hawktheif

Aug 15, 2011
I think the that a western themed world would be nifty

Jul 26, 2009
I've always wanted to go into Barkingham Palace in Marleybone. I go there and those big doors just taunt me. Please Kingsisle, make us Prometheans an Aquila style dungeon in there (or at least some sort of fight).
As for a new world, I think that we should be able to visit the original world. The one with the titans and Grandmother Raven and Bartleby that we hear about in every single world. Some sort of time rift maybe?
-Lvl 90

Sep 29, 2012

-CandlyLand (LOL)

-Western Themed Indian Times World (Historical)

-Robotic Android+Mech World (Modern)
My Custom Thought World:

A world where there are giant mystical, strong bubbles, and in each there is a trapped, Evil Soul, And one day they break out, and hypnotize, and go inside heroes, warriors and force them to do bad things as evil as evil can be. Another "Side" World, and you can enter it at level 75, and it is Death-Based, and BEFORE the evil souls escaped, the world was very peaceful, and sort of- Life~Myth-based. ~Nora Night-Level 38 Ice

Sep 29, 2012
I Think that for level 100 you should go to Morganthe's World! and fight all those evil dudes that corrupt erm..........converted her? but yeah maybe it would seem pretty Accurate to make you go to a final world at the highest number a kindergardener can count, wich would be 100. It seems pretty good to me.


Sep 29, 2012
nullLOL They already made all the worlds for that.

Unless since you wrote that in 2008, they didn't..........i don't know when they made dragonspyre, crab alley, wintertusk, and that death dungeon in wizard city

Jan 26, 2013
i think a bug world would be really cool
the place would be like an place. Or a place.

Jun 06, 2009
Aug 16, 2009
I have taken Japanese for 7 years and i thought about Mooshu for a moment and realized that yes it resembles Okinawa (a Prefecture of Japan) and the types of the world is Myth, Life, and Death (spiritual types) but after thinking and i realize that the astral spells were not out when Mooshu was but i think Mooshu being based on Japan should be Sun school cause of the country motto Land of the Rising Sun. So in my head i got this whole image of a Tokyo themed world with most the enemies Sun school to resemble Japan. Here is what i came up with
Name: (havent thought of one yet)
Theme: Tokyo, Tall buildings, major technology, ect.
Rank: 50+
Form: Side world
Type: Sun
Citizens: Wizards in Kimono's (this world will has an Astral Magic Arts Academy)
Clothing Style: Kimono's/Yukata's (Yukata is a men's kimono)
Plot: An evil wizard of the Sun school plots to rule the spiral and his first task is to destroy the Tokyo themed world by using the power of the Sun and the final dungeon and fight is up on Mount Fuji

I hope to see replies!
Kevin BattleBreeze level 82 Life