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You decide on a new world!

Jan 20, 2011
Something off Elik's Edge, a world with plenty of floating islands.

Feb 14, 2012
KI should make a wild west world where you go back in time to save some important person with your magic and people are amazed with your abilities and crown you mayor or something of the sort.
Erin Dragonrider- Level 52

Jul 20, 2012
I think they should have a icy and dark world. One where penguines and polar bears live. I would suggest that would be the place where you have your final duel with morganthe, but you find a new evil, one where all the worlds will be affected. The spiral will collaps if this new evil is to rise.

Jun 13, 2013
I think should be a world of the past, where you see me Merle Ambrose as a young man, not yet a master wizard and also malistare as young man. It should be like Ambrose and Malistare are beginning wizards they compete for the headmaster position, and you most help Ambrose through his journey to become headmaster. Then when you do help Ambrose become headmaster Malistare plots to take over the spiral. It should be called The Beginning

Jul 12, 2009
Hi there! I'm Cody SummerShard Level 81 . I have some Ideas for worlds I think you'll like. First up: there could be a world way into the future. It could be called Mystica or something like that. It would have alien-based creatures and things like that. It would be all technological and bring you into the future. Another one: it could be based off of Australia. I can't really think of a good name for it yet, though. It could venture into the outback with many animals and for the level 98 pet, there could be things like a koala and a kangaroo and a Possum. A third world: Old Gobblerton. The King Gobbler hinted that he would name wizard city New Gobblerton hinting he was from Gobblerton. Lydia Greyrose hinted something else about it. I would actually like to make an actual world out of it, and not just a floating idea.
Next I want to go into some things about pets. One pet to walk with isn't enough. I would like to have it where you can walk with up to 3 pets at a time. That way, people can see more of your awesome pets. Also, I would like a mount, like an octopus or something with many legs that could be a three person mount but have extra branches where you can place your pets on too. Another idea: I would like to bring back buying and selling pets at the bazaar. I loved it when it was there because I could buy awesome pets! Many newer players haven't heard of this idea or even seen it so I bet they would love it. The hatchery often gets people left out if they don't want someone's pet. Nobody gets left out at the bazaar! Now for some new bundles and hoards: there could be a new fossil age hoard. You could win ancient artifacts and things from it. Also you could win a fossil pet and a pick axe weapon and fossil looking armor and an extinct animal mount of any sort. A new bundle: you could have an ancient Chinese bundle with this cool Chinese armor, a big Chinese castle house, and a Yin-Yang pet (the small black and white circle could be like the rock pet and bounce up and down.) thanks so much! Cody

Dec 18, 2009
Steampunk world would be awesome.
Maybe they can add Aquila into W101 like they did in P101. That would be so cool
Anything would be cool, but I noticed something

All of the worlds kinda have a counterpart school.
Wizard City- All of them
Zafaria-Doesn't apply well
Now, shouldn't there be a world for somewhere out there?

Feb 26, 2012
I would like to see Mirage, based on the wizard tournament girl in Wysteria. It would be fun to have to puzzle through a lot of mirages and illusions in that world too.

Jan 16, 2013
nulllolol her name is lady oriel and the good vs evil thing is a good idea. you seem like a creative person.

Jan 16, 2013
Maybe a world where there are lots of sun moon and star enemies, like a space world, where you could go on stars, the moon, and the sun. or maybe a dream world like one of the teachers had a dream then they figure out that it is a world and that is it in trouble.

Mar 13, 2012
I think there should be a world where we learn what happened to our parents and if they're still alive, and if so, how to find them!

~Alura Battleheart, lvl 86 , Goddess of Fire and Legendary Dragon

Sep 27, 2009
nullThis is an awesome idea. I love the idea of Mirage as a Arabian/1,001 Nights themed world. But I do have a few questions:

Is Morganthe Ali Baba's slave girl or his brother's slave girl? (His dead brother was the rich one, but she could of been Ali's.)

Is Morganthe young in this story, or is she the regular age she is now?

That's it.
If Morganthe is younger in this story, we could be traveling back to ancient Arabia/Mirage. After all, Ali Baba isn't still alive. But my point is, awesome story so far, keep thinkin'!

Bailey Skullvault
Level 56 Grandmaster Pyromancer
"Fire takes no holiday"- Author Unknown

Jun 02, 2013
nullThere shall never be an end to Wizard101, my young child.

Happy Spellcasting!

Jan 17, 2010
I definitely think a futuristic world would be amazing. Also, all the ideas about a world just like Earth are good too.
Or what about a futuristic Earth that's all a waste land and inhabited by creatures and the goal would be to fight the creatures and clean up the earth.

Nov 12, 2011
I love the Idea of Greek/Roman mythology!
The God of thunder, Goddess of love, God of balance, God of the sea, Goddess of wisdom, etc. etc. I think it should be based in the air (clouds) and on the ground, because the Gods need our help with the things they can not do on the ground. Of course their would be the God of Death (hades) underground which could make the death school happy. Where as the God of thunder would please the storm school students, and their would be a God/Goddess that is trained in each school, which is where you would learn your new spells as someone earlier in this post requested not having to go back to Ravenwood to learn the new spells. I have no idea what it would be named but I think it would be a very fun world!

I also find the candyworld someone mentioned to be quite interesting!

Jan 14, 2012
What about a world that has already been mentioned by a NP character in the game? Like where the Gobler King mentions that his old home was filled with witches and he wanted to rename Wizard City to New Goblerleton (not sure if I spelled it right). Make a world like that with Goblers, perhaps somewhat similar to Marleybone. Make it a secondary world where the Gobler King needs help and needs you to go to his old world and save it from the witches. Perhaps a few walking tree NPs, witches and goblers of course, it could also introduce new spell for the goblers, and your Wizard. The level for this world should be between 30 and 40 with Rank 6 and 7 Boss Monsters. But the main objective is a giant witch who controls all the other witches. Just like Morganthe and Malistaire. The witch should be a Rank 8 Boss and her school should be Myth, Balance, or Death. Personally I'd prefer Myth. And sence you already have a character that mentioned another world it could easily fit into the story line. It should start out with Headmaster Ambrose popup and he mentions that he needs help (like always) and that he mentions that The Gobler King needs help and then the quest goes on from then. Please consider this as it has always been a thought and dream that I thought of the day I did the Colossus Blvd quest and hope it will come true someday. Please consider KI.

Oct 16, 2010
Ok so here's some ideas I thought of off the top of meh head :

  • A world in the sky! Conflict: someone is trying to destroy it and it keeps falling and shaking
  • An underground world! Conflict: it holds the great mount that king Arthur rode on its a horse and you get it the horse going to be stolen and your in the middle of it
  • A farm/death world: starts as a beautiful farm and they tell you to stay and become cozy when all the sudden things become suspicious you venture out farther to find a dead black skied world containing the elixir of evil that destroyed the land and the people

Well that's all for now Hope you liked my ideas ill keep putting some out when I think of it

Jun 20, 2013
I would say a new world called ColdBreeze

With new mounts and clothes as well,

The quest would be the small left off from Azteca but in a different world with frozen items and such.
The animals could be like Mammoths, Saber tooth tigers, penguins, and much more :)

That's my idea :D I thought it would be really cool.

Sep 29, 2012
All the worlds are magnificent! I also think there should be more side worlds considering there are only 3 side worlds, and like 8 main worlds. An idea of a side world that i would think is good, would be something creative, like Candyland, or something really creative like that. Mostly that's the only idea i can think of right now... And you guys already made something based off of japan, AKA mooshu, and dragonspyre, AKA greece-sort of, and krokatopia, AKA Egypt, etc... You Guys did an excellent job indeed.

Feb 09, 2012
Two words...

Doctor who!

Make Galafrey a planet with an orange/red sky and twin suns. There could be characters such as Riversong, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Amy Pond, and Rose and Jackie tyler . We could fight cyber-men and others. The bosses could be dalecks and all the house and castles could look like police boxes. Historic factors could be used too, like, queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare, and Hitler.

Jul 30, 2012
the main point to this post is to suggest an idea for a new world to kings isle. I would appriciate if you left a comment about what you think. I had an idea about having a new candy world. the main enemies you would fight would be an evil race of gummy bears. other not main types would be like ginger bread men, gummy worms, peeps, ect. the whole world would be made of candy. even the pets and equipment would also be candy. I think this would be a fun and creative new world that would make a great addition as a new hundredth level world. plz tell me what you think

Feb 25, 2013
Dec 17, 2010
I think the last world in the Morganth story line should be called "Shadow Web". It would be a world completely dark. The guys you fight could be shadow weavers, spiders, and plain out shadows. The only place with light is the hub of the world, and the hub has a shield protecting it from the shadows. When you first get to shadow web you find a woman named Linda. Linda is dressed in all white, and has a wand that makes light. Linda tells you to meet her in her castle. When you go inside, you are at the bottom floor. Linda thinks that you are one of Morganth's minions trying to take over, So you have to battle her. When you defeat her, she see's that you are a good wizard, and she tells you that she is Morganth's sister. Linda tells you to go up stairs and meet her there. When you do so, you find an alter with white clouds swarming around it, and lots of light coming from it. In this world comes a new magic, Light. You learn your first light spell. (it's free and is different for each school. (only the first light spell) ) When you talk with Linda, she says that you must go back to wizard city and tell Merle Ambrose what you did. When you get to Merle he tells you to go find the rest of the council of light. You do so, (you even get to see part of Polaris and Merage, only the hub) and you go back to Merles office. Merle then tells you to go back to Avalon and get the ghost of Sir. Malory and tell him to meet the council of light in the hub of Shadow Web. Linda and the council of light talk and tell you that you must find a girl named Valmayia. (She is a boss called Young Madam Valmayia, she is soon to be the witch doctor teacher at skull island) Valmayia is a student at Pigswick, who is secretly studying shadow magic. You learn how to defeat it, but then Headmistress Crisp finds you and expels Valmayia from Pigswick. You then hurry back to Shadow Web and tell Linda what you've learned. Linda then tells you that you must go and speak with a good shadow. (at least she thinks it is a good shadow) So you go in the "good" shadows house and you catch him putting poison in Linda's drink. You then have to battle him, (He is a boss)
When you defeat him he drops a clothing set called "Light Armor". It's a very powerful gear set. So you go back to Linda and you tell her that the "good" shadow was actually bad. She tells you that you must exit the shield protecting the hub of Shadow Web, and begin your quest finding Morganth. Merle says he dose not want you going into the shadows by your self, so he comes out with you. After you take a few steps, Morganth walks out and says, "I must finish the prophecy! I'm sorry Merle, but I'm tired of you thinking your better then me! Now I will strike you down, from the shadows!" Morganth and Merle Go into a battle, and you have to watch it. In the end, Morganth defeats Merle, and you headmaster is now dead. Morganth then comes up to you and teleports you away from the main land. By: Nicholas Hawkspear Level 85 wizard.

Mar 14, 2012
nullThat would be fun to explore! its all dark with mist! like in the caves in wizard city!

Dec 17, 2010
nullI still have more to this story line! Read the Quoted part!!! After you get teleported to another island far away from the main land, you discover that there is a pyramid. (like the one in krokotopia) You go in the pyramid and find a big 3D map of Shadow Web. (like the 3D map of krokotopia in the last dungeon in the pyramid of the sun) When you walk closer, the room starts to fill with purple magic, and goes around the dead bodies. The dead people in the tomb come to life and you have to battle them. when you defeat all of them, you find one left in the corner. He says that he was once like you, living, but the dead people came alive and killed him. He goes with you farther down the tomb and you find an active portal leading back to the hub of Shadow Web. You tell the dead person that he can go first, but when he tries it wont let him in. So you go in and you find Linda. You tell her that Morganth Killed Merle Ambrose. She tells you that you must avenge him. She says that the only way to keep Morganth from watching you is to go to the Shirataki Temple in Mooshu, get some water from the inner temple, then go to Avalon and get purple water from Lake Shore. Mix them and then go to Krokotopia and put some of the sand in it. Then Mix it with any normal drink and drink it. So you do so and go back to Linda. (At this point if you stated out at level 90 in shadow web you are almost to level 92) She tells you that some shadows are getting too close to the light shield, so you have to go defeat 10 Dark Shadows. When you come back Linda tells you that It's time for a new light spell (you are now Level 92) so you go back into her castle to the light school trainer and get trained "Cloud Swarm" It dose 900 Light attack + 300 light attack to all enemies. When you go back to her she tells you to Meet her out side of the shield. So you go out and she says that To get past the shadow shield you must the Stone of Shadow, the Dagger of Darkness, and some Spider Silk from the evil Black Widow. She tells you that one of her friends, Samuel Meddowghost knows were to find the Stone of Shadow. You go down a dark road and into a new zone called, the Dark Farm. You find Samuel tending his crops. You tell him that Linda sent you, and that you need to find the Stone of Shadow. He tells you that the stone is hidden deep in the dark Meadow, a few miles away from his farm. He says he will guide you there, but only after you get rid of 6 Shadow Weavers that are ruining his corn field. That's all I got for today, I'll add more later By: Nicholas Hawkspear Level 85 wizard

Jul 19, 2009
Two things:
One, I love how some you say Atlantis when we have Celestia
Two, I would think it would be nice o go back to the basics of Wizard City and create things behind doors that nothing has been programmed with if anyone else is interested in that as well