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You decide on a new world!

Aug 17, 2013
Maybe a world that is country themed because that would be a pretty cool idea.

Jun 11, 2010
Hey everyone you know how some people have already completed both parts Khrysalis, and how we're all waiting anxiously for the next world? Well what if the world is where your wizard came from? Earth. Some of my friends have told me that maybe, just maybe, the next world that we will visit in the Spiral will be Earth. I for one think it would be interesting if they introduced the concept of parents of your character, like they did in the Pirate101 franchise. So post your ideas and keep your ears and eyes open for my next post! Sophia Goldenleaf, Ice

May 09, 2010
There will most definitely be New Worlds, but exactly what those worlds are, and when they will be released, remains a mystery....

Blaze Stormmancer

Sep 07, 2010
I like the idea of a circus theme a sort of steampunk themed world.. set like a Country Fair if the Spiral were to host such an event! We could test our talents in duels with knife throwers.. fire breathers... contortionists.. illusionists.. mind readers..
I want striped pants and a good top hat for girls..(i did not love the one from Marlybone)
but it would feature everyone from the spiral ..because we all go to the fair.
The Fair Grounds would change with the seasons ... and we could have 4 Fair's a year Spring.. Summer, Winter, and Fall .. all could have their own different drops, prizes etc ..also advanced recipes from snake oil type sales men would be cool, a little old lady vendor who sells recipes for potions for health strength accuracy etc like we buy in crown shop...A fast talking shoe salesmen.. a pet show.. a mount trading zone..
Like a grand marketplace for high level players.. we deserve a refuge and a new marketplace
Even a huge walk in crown shop.. where everything is on display! people can try on a mount or a shirt.. etc...in the same way we visit houses, we could try stuff on!
I could come up with a bunch more on this theme.. call me... lol jk
Iridian JadeThistle

Exalted Sorcerer

Jan 06, 2013
Okay so I was doing wisteria the other day and I realized how many worlds they talk about but we don't get to see, I don't remember all of them but I know there is the woodland one, I know grizzleheim is like that but I think it could be more woodlandy.
I think a world of reptiles would be cool, being a reptile lover myself I would like to go to a world where lizards and snakes ruled the land.
What about a world where everything is HUGE. Like from the perspective of an ant.
An alien planet. You get to fight aliens and your wizard should be able to jump slightly higher.
Is the headmaster from wizard city? Cause if not I would love to see the world he is from.
Same goes for some of the teachers like the ice teacher, the death teacher etc.
a sewer world where you meet alligators, mutants, etc.
A world based of New York or some other big city. A world that involves huge sky scrapers and hotels and maybe a casino where you can do some gambling (with wizard101 currency of course).
A farm themed world with barns and dirt roads
A pioneering world, like when settlers in America went west.
A world set in the clouds, you walk on clouds and meet angels.

Those are just some off the top of my head though.

Sep 14, 2011
In Wysteria, somebody in the tournament (I think) mentioned a world called Mirage or something. That would be cool to see. It could be a dream world, where Nightmares come to take over Something like that at least. It would be cool -Sean Shadowrider Lvl 85

Sep 26, 2010
mtnbiker123 on Jun 23, 2014 wrote:
the name polaris has been mentioned a few times among the characters inside the game. you should turn their fantasies into reality. you should create polaris. it should be a world covered in ice that was once a mining outpost, polaris should also be the founding world of shadow magic. sort of like celestia and astral magic. that is where you should continue your studies in shadow magic. i think that would be incredible.
I agree! Polaris was mentioned a few times in the game and it would make a great world for level 110! :)

Feb 26, 2011
I think it would be cool if there was a world just like wizard city and it's just like ours but everyone is evil, Merle Ambrose, gamma, etc. And you have to fight them all.

I also have an idea of a cloud world where everything is in the air, and you have to fight flying monsters.

Jun 23, 2012
The Big Bang on Jul 2, 2014 wrote:
I think it would be cool if there was a world just like wizard city and it's just like ours but everyone is evil, Merle Ambrose, gamma, etc. And you have to fight them all.

I also have an idea of a cloud world where everything is in the air, and you have to fight flying monsters.
the new world is polaris, cobb said it in khyralis
plus in the new world new spells in every school
so this should be fun - Natalie RavenBlade

Jun 23, 2012
James ShadowBlade wrote:
Um they do have DragonSpyre
maybe there's going to be world of are schools like
storm world, death world etc but it doesn't have the actual school name there

Jun 27, 2012
I think the next world will be a side world for level 35 players. It would start by getting a message when you turn level 35 from Lydia Greyrose, she says that she has dire news about her sisters! You see her, and she tells you that you must go to the world of Zoet, this world is made of pure candy. She also tells you that her sisters are fire wizards and lore in kids then eat them! But even worse they took on of her students! So you must go there and retrieve them and stop her sisters ones and for all!
You to the world and it has candy forests and chocolate pools, the people are gingerbread men (and ladies)

Candy Land- This is the commons area and has Prospector Zeke

Licorice Jungle- This is the first area you go and has the witches minions

Candy Cane Forest- You have to help a lumberjack build a bridge to the swamps

Chocolate Swamps- You have to stop a monster from eating a village of ginger bread men

Gumdrop Mountain- Dungeon, climb it to get the gate open to the lollipop meadow

Lollipop Meadow- this is home to the lollipixies but they are corrupted and you need to help them

Ice Cream Tundra- you need to get to the house in the center

The Ginger Bread House- this is a dungeon and is like a mansion with the student leading you to them The final boss would be the two sisters and you would rescue one of the Ravenwood students.

The Zeke quest would be find the Pinks, a pink M&M thing.

Thanks for reading, please ask any questions you have, I would be happy to answer, also say if you agree this would be a "Sweet" world.

Justin Nightstone

Jun 16, 2014
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
how about realms for each class that allows you to make teleportion tapestries to it at that place and any place that is like it so life students can craft tapestries to the custom place and life places like mooshu and fire students dragonspyre so people can challenge themselves!

Sep 04, 2011
Smurfed on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:

A bug world, where the town would be like a hive of some kind, and players run around outside in giant vegetation and the like with insect-themed outfits

There is a desert-type world for Krokotopia, so maybe also have a tundra-type world with lots of ice, big thick furry outfits, and abomonable snowmen

Dinosaurs. There should be a world with dinosaurs in it too. Maybe not the big giant hulking type, but Dinosaurs that are more like people than giant lizards (the way people of Marleybone are more like people than cats and dogs). And you could have like a stoneage, sort of "Flintstones" inspired outfits.

Maybe even a "Heaven and Heck" type world, where it's a classical sort of good verse evil thing. You could have Seraph NPCs (like the lady at the end of Unicorn Way... Her name escapses me at the moment) and some sort of appropriately evil-themed bad guys, not to mention the angel/devil outfit styles

I also like LafChill's idea of a swamp/jungle type world to represent the frogpeople. Have maybe some sort of jungle-tribe theme thing going for it (Professor Baelstrom himself seems to me to be some sort of Pygmy frog)

Well that's all from me for now. I might expand on this a little later, I quite enjoye thinking up all this sort of stuff :-)
Haha, basically 3/4 of your ideas have actually become worlds! I think you're the one who inspired KI to make those worlds! Nice job!
-Amy StormHaven, Level 42

Sep 04, 2011
I've been thinking about a Crystal Empire themed world, which would include monsters made from precious metals and gold. The storyline would be about how the lost world has been spotted by Marleybonian scientists at the Science Center in Celestia, and notify archaeologists in Marleybone about their new found discovery. The archaeologists then rush to the world, in hopes of the fame and riches they would receive in exchange for artifacts and samples from the world. But not long after that, Wizard City receives a distress call from the archaeologists, and it is explained that they are being attacked by golden monsters and need help. You are then called upon by Prof. Ambrose, and he explains the situation to you. Before sending you off to help, he warns you that that world has a dark history, and tells you to be careful. As you work on the world, you will meet crystal kingdom residents cowering in fear in their homes, therefore placing you in the position of saving the crystal people and the archaeologists. As you near the end of the storyline, you will have to defeat a golden dragon, who, after defeating him, will reveal a little about how Old Cob has plans on destroying all of the Sprial with an army.
So yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this little thought.
-Amy StormHaven, Level 42

Dec 24, 2013
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
Maybe the pirate101 islands. That would be cool! We could go to skull island and meet the pirates,
Isabella Silverglade

Jul 10, 2012
i think their are many other worlds out waiting to be explored

Jan 31, 2013
A Dune-like desert world. Hostile worms, sand-spiders, that sort of stuff lurk below the sands. Usually you don't see them, you just see the text for them above the sand, then they leap up above the sand to attack. The local folk could be rabbits with really big feet and ears (adjusted to desert life), some manders who migrated there eons ago and forgot where they were from, desert fox folk (also big ears, but shorter than the ones in some other areas), hooded mole people (they can't see because of the glare, but they hear stuff below the sand and can burrow themselves), that sort of thing. Cities would be built on stone, but going between them is very dangerous. Krokotopians hear about the manders and want to re-establish contact...

An asteroid chain. Energy life forms, like those annoying balls of energy that cast shields and such as the lower forms, and bigger balls (with eyes) that float around shooting magic from their eyes. More eyes means more power, greater standing in their society. Lots of teleporters created by the energy beings to get from asteroid to asteroid, but navigation can be tricky. A crashed ship from Celestia finds the asteroid chain and requests assistance. Fortunately, there is a Starluck's Coffee Emporium right near where they crash, so everyone is fine (if a bit jittery), but they need help rebuilding their ship...

A swamp world. Super tall trees, very foggy, short visibility, generally dark. Big reptiles, snakes, lizard-men, frog-men, catfish-men (who can breathe in the air but they pause a lot when they speak), big bitey insects. Normally their society has very little to do with other worlds, but big undead nasty things have been coming up from deep in the swamps, and the locals request assistance from any worlds that can help...

Feb 22, 2011
I was thinking, for some ultimate final challenge world, like an aquila for incredibly powerful people, where you would be tested by different super-powered bosses from each school, starting with storm and ending at balance. My idea was for it to be, like, another school of magic, but it would be an entire world. It could even have it's own Merle Ambrose. Each huge school area would be it's own dungeon, and you would need friends and teamwork to get through them.

Jun 21, 2010
why not a more living stone people. you know how you have the class gemstones what about a world where the stones have mutated into living people have the professors be literally made of the class element and the world's headmaster is made out of diamond and that his people have gone rogue stealing the power of the classes turning them into the pure element itself with that it would be interesting

Jun 21, 2010
Cori Blue on Jun 20, 2014 wrote:
Actually, Beatrice (the fairy) is from Weirwood, which, seeing as you're in DS and you probably don't know this, is located in Avalon.

Nalia Dunestrider (the cat) is more from an Indian based world, somewhat Aladdin like you said, rather than Egyptian. However, the Old Cob, whom is thought to be the 3rd Story Arc's villain, mentioned Nalia's world along with Polaris and various others that I can't quite remember off the top of my head

I actually came up with an ENTIRE world storyline on my Wordpad for Nalia's world, because the thought of a world based off of Cats in India (rather than Dogs in Europe) intrigued me, since I loved Aladdin. I even came up with a new type of magic for the final boss, and I use it for most of my fictions on http://www.legendsofthespiral.com ... It's called Spiral magic :P

Anyways, Beatrice's world has been introduced to the game. Nalia's world has been semi-confirmed to being in the next story arc.

Take care :3

-- Cori Blue, Level 100
the world nalia is from is called mirage

May 24, 2012
LafChill on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
I think there should be a swamp/jungle type of world so that the storm professor, sweepers and the misshapen frog people have a world representing them in the spiral.

Also I'd love to experience what the home worlds of Professors Falmea and Greyrose are like.
This is not a bad idea!

Eric EmeraldGem lvl. 46

Oct 11, 2009
I came up with the idea of a world named Gardenia (obviously relating to gardens) where there is a war (almost like Grizzleheim) between garden gnomes and bugs like bees and butterflies. This world's main class would be life and possibly a major gardening world. The plot of this world would be that there is a war between the gnomes and bugs. Also in Gardenia are scientists from Marleybone testing on certain plants, making the idea of living flower enemies, where they have to shrink the wizard to a small size in order to stop the war between the gnomes and bugs, revealing a betrayal by a gardener from Marleybone, making the idea of bosses like a fountain area or dungeon with a Giant Flamingo boss, a windchime tower with a stone angel, and a hedge maze dungeon with hedge creatures that relate to the rank 6 spells, then the gardener is at the middle of the hedge maze dungeon, having 1 minion with him, which is a Giant Living Rose (Rank 8 Elite ), and the gardener being (Rank 9 Boss ).

Aug 11, 2012
Possibly a world based on the Wild West, where the dominant race is bats. That'd be cool, right?

-Nicole Skyleaf, Level 29 Adept

Oct 11, 2010
I know that there was a chain of islands in Pirate101 where it was ruled by Native American Buffaloes and I would like to see something like that in w101.

I would like to see a world in the future with robots and stuff, but I wouldn't like to see the clothing being robotic.

I also want to see a Wild West world.

Dec 05, 2012
there should be a new world that is themed all about a nice grassland place where there are nice trees and a lot of old ruins. it should have mountians like the ones in mooshu and trees different than the ones in avalon. more rounded trees than box looking ones. it shouldn't be a kingdome like place, there should be mostly ruins. there should be round pillars with leaves growing up them and nice green grass. it should be land of fairies, satyrs, and centuars. there should be a new school that is the opposite of shadow, it would be called school of light.it would focus on stun resistance and stronger healing. it should have a little bit of a stronger critical like just a little critical with a few other things. there should be a layer of rays that are yellow after the shadow layer of rays in combat. it would be the opposite of shadow.