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You decide on a new world!

Jul 13, 2013
I like the idea of a world that's in the future

Sep 12, 2010
I was thinking how about an Alice in wonder land them world and it can come with a new school with a new school that teaches madness power

Feb 20, 2013
i think the new worlds will be like a dark spiral like its the same worlds but dark

David irongem

life/ sun school wizard level 52

Oct 24, 2010
Based off of the Wysteria storyline, I'd have to say that Polaris and Weirwood may be possibilities, possibly as side-worlds (other side-worlds are GH and stuff not connected to the main story).

However, I'll leave it up to the team at KI to decide whether or not to expand upon these things previously mentioned.

Jul 08, 2014
I think there should be a robotic-like world, where the first enemy you encounter there are Iron Golems, like in the Golem Tower, but they are everywhere, most likely making it being a world where all the robotic-like enemies come from. In the same world there should be a huge factory at the end of it and as you go through it there would be high leveled robot workers making more robots in the back round. All the bosses there should also be robot's with names that sound robotic like, "31-ex-Doom" for a boss. This can conclude as a bonus world, etc. But this is just an optional idea I came up with, and make sure to comment saying if you like this idea or not.

May 27, 2013
I think there should be a outer space themed world were you go into outer space on the moon the sun and more enemies should be like aliens or past souls and they should mostly study for the sun area sun rank for the moon area moon rank and at the end it would be a teleporter t the milky way

Apr 17, 2013
New Worlds -

A Moon world or outer space one would be great, when you look into the sky at day you see 2 or 3 suns, a planet like Saturn and maybe even space ships flying around - With the "Grays" from short to tall, the large eyes and small mouths elongated arms, etc. -

A, cave man world would be kind of neat, water world where the people are on floating dock like places,


Jul 01, 2012
What about a world of the undead? A Ghost World! Like, all the bosses in that world would be the bosses that you have already defeated throughout the entire game! All of the minor bosses would be the enemies that just float around in the middle of the streets waiting for you to fight them, whereas all of the major bosses, such as Loremaster, and Malistaire, all of the rank 7 and 8 and so on and so on bosses,etc. would remain as the main bosses that you have to defeat at the end of certain quests. The way this could be interesting, so everyone wouldn't get bored of having to fight the same bosses again, would be if all of the bosses had a quirk, where they learned from the last time you battle them, and defeated them, so now they have like, say, stronger attacks, or more resist. Or to make this a really interesting and challenging world, all of the enemies (minor and major bosses) have cheats. Anywhere from easy to hard cheats. Cheats that wouldn't make them impossible to beat, but that would keep them challenging :] Idk, I just think a world like that would be very fun.

Aug 09, 2009
If they ever made a candyland-like world I would just freak out The final boss would be a Jawbreaker and I am wondering if Old Cob will be the new story arc enemy. But it probably won't be considering he isn't really the leader type, But seeing he had the eyes of the Spider warriors and mages he'd probably be one of them himself.

Jul 07, 2009
They should do a world where it seems all peaceful and the fist quest to fish or garden and then have a piece of Azteca crash into the ground and have you fight malister right off the bat, then you find some old allies from Azteca who aren't to happy to see. as you go on you free some of those allies from malistere's spell. In the end you're back on a piece of Azteca for a fight against morganthe, malister and two minions that change acoording to you're school. the catch being that you can only bring one friend for the final battle. this of course being an optional world for those who have defeated both morganthe and malister at least once. also minions are from Avalon and on no wizard allowed even if they met prior requirments under level eighty eight. comment if you think it is an all right idea thanks.

Dec 19, 2011
I think an amazing idea for a word is that on a distant land you are sent to help a scientist with an experiment gone wrong and when you get there you discover he is evil and he sucks you into a cyber word full of crazy holograms and stuff but when you get in there he can partly control you so you have lower stats mainly themed around and // magic!

Luke ThunderMask
Master Pyromancer Lvl 43

Feb 27, 2009
Pretty much Old Cob mentioned at this point :P

Marcus Suncrafter, lvl 74

Jul 14, 2011
Hiya everyone!

As you may know I am the wizard that stareted the topic about Injustice with Death robe and wands but that didn't went well so I decided to tell you some of my ideas for the game.

Domino- a world ancient but no so far from history. The world was known for the three Elder Witches that ruled that world and never died. Domino hold the great three-headed dragon Omega(The three-headed dragon Alpha is in Aquila) but the dragon over time refused to listen to the people and become an blackmailer to the people thretning that he will kill them all if they don't listen to him. The Elder Witches bring him to sleep and made an curse that is hard to destroy. But before the dragon was brought to sleep he destroyed the world leaving them like broken Dominos(there is the name for the world). Everybody though Domino was lost until in Wintertusk, the three Raven sisters: Urd, Skull and Verdani heard about the Wizard that defeated the Shadow Queen and decided to bing Domino back to the Spiral. Grandmother Raven wasn't knowing what are her childer doing and she didn't ask. To enter Domino the ravens need a piece of Ymirs throne from Nastrond and the Book of Eorl(Domino is smilar to Grizzleheim). The wizard stops by in Grizzleheim for fishing but then realize the king is in danger and saves him but ravens open a path to Domino and escape leaving the Spiral key. Wizard hunt down the three ravens and fight the Elder Withces on the end.
Utopia-a place connected to Domino but looks like everything you ever wanted to have. There you find Omega(female dragon) and save her from the terrors of Utopia that becomes living shadow place. To enter it you'll need blesings from Alpha and Omega(opens a portal in Domino).
Emperatriz- a place made of blocks from first idea but then mixed from all civilizations over the Spiral. The goal in this world is to save the Princess of the royal family and face all of the familiar Spiral threats like: Malistaire, Morganthe, The Coven... To enter it you'll need a spiral key made of blocks that are found in Polaris and Mirage!
Darkmoor- a place in dark where Vampires live and they are ruled by the Saga(a council of fourth Vampires that look the same but aren't). The story is that Bartleby sang the Song of Creation and made the Spiral and World while Grandmother Raven gave him eyes. In this world the Illuminati have a theory of The to hands. The theory says that Grandmother Raven and Bartleby touched with their hands and made the Spiral. Ambrose was called to the metting of the Supremes to discuss about this and he is bringing the Wizard. On the other hand the world id threat to be destroyed in light because they made The Mother of Sun: Mithraya mad. The curse was made 10 years ago and now it will happen again if they don't make an agreement with Mithraya.

Thank you all for reading, I am sorry if I had any grammatical mistakes and check out my other topic about New Magic Spells Ideas.

William DeathWhisper, Lvl 100 School Wizard.

Mar 16, 2009
your idea does not make sense and i disagree please be more clearer (robobot1747)

Dec 23, 2013
I think there should be a side world that reveals more about Bartelby's mysterious sister, the raven.

I also think that Malistaire should come back, as his exit from Xibalba was a little odd.
And this time, he would know new magic!

Also, an addition to Dragonspyre that would be based on when the Dragon Titan came to power.

These are my thoughts on new worlds!

Wolf Wildblood, Level 44 Master Theurgist
One In A Million!

Dec 23, 2013
Sorry I didn't just put this in my last post, but i think you should be able to capture Morganthe's soul or something and then use it to explore her visions of the Shadow Web. On my exalted storm i finished the game and wanted to see what the shadow web would be like. And maybe have a side-world based on that

Sorry if someone has already posted my ideas, I didn't really want to look through 140 pages of replies...

Wolf Wildblood, Level 44 Master Theurgist
One In A Million
Wolf Stormbringer, Level 100 Exalted Diviner
Supercharge is too OP

Aug 02, 2013
Whell this is verry simple make a world for the NPC Beatrice Wildwind and a world for the NPC Nalia Dunestrider. Other ideas could be like a France theme or a Spain theme kinda like Marleybone was for England. Or maybe a India theme or maybe a country that not many people herd of like a Myanmar theme. I think doing country themes of countries that most people never herd of would be a good idea.

Jul 12, 2013
Cori MoonShade here

If anyone has read the manga or seen the anime Fairy Tail (tail is spelled right, it's not tale), and remembers Edolas, there should be a world similar to Edolas.

If anyone out there hasn't seen or read Fairy Tail, then I'll explain Edolas: Edolas is like a parallel universe. For example, one of the characters was really nice in Earthland, she'll be kinda mean and rude and bossy in Edolas. Also, some of the protagonists became antagonists in the parallel universe. It would be kinda cool to have like a parallel Wizard City where all of the professors are antagonists and Professor Ambrose is the boss. Just an idea

Cori MoonShadeMagus Theurgist

Nov 23, 2011
Maybe there could be a quest that takes us to a world that is exactly like Earth but no one there believed in magic until a few years back when some sort of a portal opened and some magical beings (like us wizards) came through, but evil monsters also came through and attacked soon after, and the quest would have us help with the problem.

Dec 21, 2012
mkuliani on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
I like the idea of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids theme with big blades of grass and mushrooms, etc.

And conversely, a world where you are a giant.

How about a world that is almost purely flying? Not any kind of jet-fighter z-axis thing, just an environment that makes you feel high in the sky with cloud walls. The whole time, instead of running like normal, you would be flying on a broom/carpet/bird. A large zeppelin city would be a nice touch.

Greek/Roman world, togas ftw!

Fairgrounds world! The different parts are themed after the mini-games that you play to fill your mana. :)
They already have a Greek work called like Aquila or something like that

Apr 12, 2010
there should be like a nice peaceful place very green like until the new darkness over the spiral comes over it and we must bring it back before it take over anyone there and the world i gone forever.

names "Rainbow Shore"

Apr 10, 2010
They should make a Roman themed world because it will take you back to the past and into a lot of historic events, you can also fight Caesar. Or a themed world where you can fight Scarecrows, Vampires, Dr. Von's Monster, and other monsters.

Jun 01, 2014
I had a very good idea since i was storm my Teacher is a frog and i thought about the princess and the frog and thought there should be a quest or questline that explains why he was turned into a frog and you could have him turned back into his true form and when you visit him again after the quest he was in regular form and for people who didn't do the quest saw him as a frog still and should be for a certain level and higher like maybe 80+ because it is a complicated story and questline.


Dec 17, 2012
I have a idea for a new world. :): it is a world where all magic was created and where the all the wizard power is sourced. The people in the world would be corrupted wizards. The boss is a guy who was rejected to become a wizard. The bad guy not to be named yet, was furious, he wanted revenge. He went to the world where the power of all wizards was created. ( the world I was talking about in the top) he wanted to take all magic from all wizards to take as his own. In the world you will find learn magic more dangerous then shadow magic. The bad guy would be a universal wizard because he already corrupted some wizards. You will use the magic you learned in the world to take him down to help all wizards keep their power. The badge you earn for the highest lvl will be called (your school) Professor.

Also please add some balance blades only for balance damage :)

Please take my idea into consideration :) thanks.

Angel SpiritGem lvl 96

Aug 02, 2013
I think their should be a world based on crains kinda like grizzleheim was based on bears. And aslo I wana include a seperate world for each and they are horse,frog,spider,and reptiles.But,most importantly if they meantioned worlds from the NPC's Nalia Dunestrider and Beatrice Wildwind then let's stop talking abought it and let's start already making those two/2 worlds that those two/2 NPC's meantioned already.