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You decide on a new world!

Oct 22, 2011
I think in Wysteria that place across from the dorm thats blocked off with bars should be weirwood. I also think you should make school based worlds.

Mar 02, 2011
I think it should be something like Narnia/Greek. But instead of a lion king, maybe you make it Zeus or something. Also you should make Narnia/Greek pets.

Jan 01, 2009
I think that everyone's ideas are wonderfull and fantastic but I also think that most of you are thinking to magical and mithical don't get me wrong that's exactly what the game is about but think outside the box a little think real world ideas I thnink that K I should make a world in witch magic was not discoverd yet in witch choas riened were the wizards of ravenwood had to bring order and overthrow the bile overlord jaxson by teaching the people of that world how magic worked and when the wizards final battle stood when they thought they had the upperhand they were wrong because the overlord had leaked all the malichuis most bile creutures from the deapest depts of the spiral and in the end even the overlord could not control the vile cretures and begged for the help of the wizards that's when proffesore ambrose finally steps in on some of the action and together the wizards and the people of the lost world of the spiral fight the creutures back to the deplepest depts of the spiral deeper than they were before.

And that's how I think the next story line should go.

-sincerley, cody

Jun 13, 2009
nullthats a really cool idea lol hope they do this

Scot ShadowCaster lvl 71

Apr 20, 2011
I would like to see a cowboy like world called like Texania

Jul 16, 2011
I think there should be an arctic themed world named something like Artica. There should be penguins for the good guys and polar bears, fish, and evil penguins for enemies.

Michael Swifthorn- Level 45 fire
Michael- Level 22 storm
Michael- Level 20 life

Mar 15, 2011
I think a world that is like completely winter with minions like penguins and I have a lot of other ones in my head like a world that is half beach and half winter and etc I am still thinking of more just saying Azteca awesome idea

Mar 10, 2010
nullI think a lot of people like the futuristic world. But what would another European world be like? There is an England based world so why not a french based world? And they have a world for most of the continents: Asia, North and South America (Azteca) Europe and Africa. But what about Antartica and Australia?
And i also think a hawiian world would be cool

And what about a space themed world? Well i know that clestia is an astral world but it is based underwater.

Amber Rainbowstone - 60
Seirra Hex- - 33

Mar 10, 2010
I think there should be an Outer Space world. It has a lot of potential and could go a long way. As for a name, well i'm stumped. It would be mainly astral themed. Bosses would consist of "Lost Astros" " Aliens" and so forth.

Lucas Trollpants 61

Jul 22, 2010
I always though about a world just like ancient greece will be named as Armadia , where we can meat many mythological creatures and like there will be gods and stuff. if it was for morganth, she would have the heart of the spiral which will be hidden in the depth of the earth in the underworld guarded by nice witches from fire storm ice and life schools, the myth and death betrayed them and joined to morganth, it will be a cave filled with ice and lava but a small spot in the middle filled with flowers and blossoms and a small tree where the heart of the spiral lays inside the tree. will morganth can't reach to the underworld because it is guided with the forces of good and light , so she have to get the tree grows bigger and bigger till it will reach the surface (like Jack and beanstalk) , now morganth will cast illusion the player will defeat while gets the heart of the spiral. the player have to go to underworld but he hav to purify himself with the blessings of Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Bartelby and then shower in a frozen lake in grizzlehiem which is the most sacred of all because Ymir crafted it because ice symbolizes harmony and purity.

Jun 25, 2012
nullMaybe Kingsisle should let pirate101 cross over to wizard101 and wizard101 cross over to pirate101 I'm saying it's an amazing idea I'm not sure how the combat rules would work though ... maybe for pirate101 in wizard101 is witchdoctors cast their spells at selected enemies, buccaneers go in the middle and maybe do epic hits like slashing and smashing and all that stuff, the same with swashbucklers and privateers, and musketeers shoot selected enemies, sort of like the witchdoctors. For wizard101 in pirate101, all the wizards would be like witchdoctors, casting spells on selected enemies. You start with a raft to get around the spiral obviously, unless you get on a friend's ship. Instead of having the spells in front of you, you know that little rectangle that you hold your power cards? Like backstab and dance of steel, thats where the wizard101 spells would be, too. A bad idea? I think its an awesome idea I

Jun 11, 2010
nulloh yes! eh guess its cause i am from Texas

lvl 90

Jun 21, 2011
null I agree!! Loving the idea! :D
Give the players a chance to be teachers and interact with the Spiral.!

May 30, 2009
What about a world where everything is reversed! What i mean is that something as small as a rose would be as big as a tree and a tree would be the size of a rose! The bosses could be ant like insects the size of squirrels and have squirrel minions that are as small as grendels (the small ones obviously) and i'm not sure about a name so just send me a request for a name!

Patrick MythThief 54

Apr 22, 2012
I love the idea of having a world in the trees! There could be squirrels, birds, etc.
I also think the idea of having a world in the sky would be cool too. You could combine them together even so we can climb in the tree tops and walk on the clouds.
There should be a world that's underground. There could be moles or some other underground creatures like rabbits.
Another cool idea would be a classical theme like Rome or Greece where the main building would be a giant building with statues and columns.
You could always do a world on an alien planet.
These are just some of my ideas for a new world that will allow us to be level 100
Maria EmeraldFlower, lvl 84
Grace HexHeart, lvl 34

Jun 14, 2009
A cloud world, absolutely. *Cough* Empyrea or Aquila *Cough*

Off-topic: I love going through and seeing all the worlds people guessed about that came true. Such as Celestia (Underwater/Atlantis), Grizzleheim (Vikings), and Azteca (Mayan.)

Jul 21, 2009
The next new world.. Roman times would be nice. Please just no more underwater we have crab ally and Celestia but nothing like a Old Roman times look.

Dec 12, 2011
Maybe a world where Morganthe or some other villian wants to posses the power of the dragon titan rather than command it like Malistaire. A bunch of new hostile undead enemies will make it even more exciting. At the end it all goes wrong and the villian turns into a beast more powerful than core of Bartelby. Once the villian is defeated the player gets pulled into a portal and lands in front of ambrose. Maybe even expand some other worlds.

Jun 17, 2012
I was thinking one day about a new world after Azteca... Earth! Morgathe takes over earth and captures your friends and family and in order to get them back you have to confront Morgathe. she releases your family and friends. then you have to fight her. then when you beat her she excapes and puts the world into chaos and assigns undead tse-tse snaketail as dictator. one of your friends goes back to ravenwood to tell merle ambrose what happened. then you beat tse-tse snaketail and the earth is saved!

so what did you think? I think that would be pretty cool.
Justin firethief level77

Jul 26, 2011
nullgood job, you created celestia (atlantis), and avalon (midevil)

Jun 28, 2013
Hello fellow Wizards, I am here to announce my crazy and wacky idea I came out. It is nothing big, it is just an idea of a cool new world to have in the Spiral. It is called Gravitoria. So the basic go is that during when Bartleby created the Giants, Titans, and Dragons he also created the Gravitorians, Master of Gravity to keep the Spiral's gravity safe. Until the Giants and Titans clashed, breaking the link of Gravitoria out of existence. Now Morganthe has found Gravitoria, and she has a very evil plan. She will steal the Gravity Orb, which holds the power to change the gravity of the Spiral forever. Meanwhile back at Wizard City, if you have completed Azteca, the Professor at Marleybone will ask you to visit him. Once you visit him, he will ask you to step in his Teleporter, and he will teleport you to Gravitoria. Once you are there, you speak with Kyle ShadowWraith, the leader of the Gravitorians. He then gives you the Spiral Key to Gravitoria, to open up the link back up. There are a lot more ideas that I have but, we will stop here for now and I will explain some key things:

NEW Gravity School= Turns your enemies attacks into - Shields or + Blades.
NEW School Mounts: School= Sun Serpent Mount. School= Snow Angel Mount. School= Triton Mount School= Scarab mount. School= Centaur Mount. School= Basilisk Mount. Avenging Fossil Mount.
NEW level 98 Spell: Infared Burn= (Multi-Attack Spell) Deals 1000-1500 Damage, and does a hanging effect for 5 rounds.
NEW level 98 Spell: Winter's Revenge= (Multi-Attack Spell) Deals 900-1300 damage, and adds a frostbite to every single enemy.
NEW level 98 Spell: Sky's Fury= Deals 1600-2300 and brings a Windstorm to play when casted.
NEW level 98 Spell: Sun's Wrath= Deals 1000-1400 damage and gives the enemy a Fire, Ice, Storm, Balance, Life, Myth, Death dispel.
NEW level 98 Spell: Life's Immortality= (Multi-Support Team Spell) Makes your whole team invulnerable for 5 rounds.
NEW level 98 Spell: Goblin= (Multi-Attack Spell) Deals 1000-1500 damage and gives the whole enemy team -90 Smokescreens.
NEW level 98 Spell: Black Hole= (Multi-Attack Spell) Deals 1300-1600 damage and gives the whole enemy team a -100 Weakness.

NEW level 100 Badge= Warlock.

Hope you enjoyed my ideas! Please leave a suggestion, feedback, something you want, or something fixed below! I will be uploading more of this Gravitoria Idea!

Feb 25, 2013
Emperya, the cloud world. Emperya is a beautiful sky world, except for one thing- there is a dark storm brewing at it's center, where Morganathe is forming the ideal place for her new center of the spiral once she has finished making her new spiral.

At least, that's how I imagine it!

May 16, 2010
How about a world of Gods. Gods rule with seraph and guardian angels. This world is where the Members of the light live. They have great powers such as new spells for all schools such as rank 5 spells or rank 3 spells. Just to spice up pvp. Also in this world the greatest threat is Darkness such as morganthe or Merle Ambrose gets abducted of some sort or turned into a wicked master, then you'll have to fight him. He would use Enchanted spells such as ice efreet, fire wyvren, and much more. Also add in a random spell that only The gods of the light can use. Such as astrals but we can't learn them. That would make the world very interesting. Make the gods cheat in anyway shape or form for a challenge. And add new abilities such as Sword weilding, Maybe you can pick a ceirtain way you're character handles the sword during the duel. Maybe be sitting on it just like the knights on avalon, or make them swing and lash there swords when casting a spell. Let there be a selection to make you're wizard different from the rest. make there be a chain of gain of how many ways you can move you're sword.
Valerian Sky Overlord
Thanks! :)

Apr 20, 2010
I can say with 99.9% confidence that the next world in the Spiral for Wizard101 will be Aquila with either a 100 or 101 level cap. And if you also play Pirate101 and have seen the new login screen to the Wizard101 game, I think you would agree with me. If you have gotten to it in Pirate101, there is a world called Aquila that is based around Greek mythology. And the pictures of the new characters in the login screen to the Wizard101 game look similar to creatures from Greek mythology and also look similar to creatures in Aquila in Pirate101. AND the most previous bundle for Wizard101 is also based on Greek mythology. As for the other names that have been tossed around such as Polaris and Mirage; I don't know what Kingsisle has planned for them. they could be planning to continue the Wizard101 story to level 150(But I don't think they are. But they still could be.). And they are making more worlds for worlds for Pirate101. so they could use those names for that. And there could also be the chance that those names are not even relevant and they're just names that were mentioned once or twice.

As for the new spells, I can only think of 2 ideas.

-Storm:Zeus' thunder bolt( not the same thing as the storm lord), or something with Poseidon, god of the seas.
-Death:Hades' fury(or something like that related to Hates, god of the underworld)

As for the rest of the schools, I can't think of anything.
- fire may have something related to Helios, god of the sun
- myth already wiped out most of them with Minotaur and Medusa
- balance may have something with harpies, winged beasts that soared the skies, stealing from people.
- ice doesn't really have any particular theme in Greek mythology
- life may have several possibilities, but none that I can think of.

Jan 14, 2011
I think it would be VERY cool if there was a world where Morganthe ruled the world ! The wizard could have been sent there when one of Dr. Katzenstein experiments went wrong. Merle Ambrose sent you there to test his time machine. Unfortunately it broke down while you where in the future (what a pity ). You find out that Morganthe has already taken over the world AND to make matter worse MOST citizens have been brainwashed. You find a group (dunno what name) of survivors. Together you have to rebuild the time machine. Need a say more?

Cody DragonShield, Level 34

Cody GoldenGem, Level 22