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You decide on a new world!

Nov 15, 2008
nullfor your first one i like x cough cough celestia cough cough x

Dec 17, 2010
nullMore storyline for Shadow Web!! Here it is: After you defeat the 6 Shadow Weavers Samuel thanks you for saving his corn from the bugs. He then tells you that the path to the dark meadow is very dangerous. He tells you that you must pass the Black River, go into the haunted forest, and climb the Shadow Mountain before you can find the dark Meadow. When you go more down the dark road it starts to be covered with more and more dirt until you can't see the road anymore. When you exit the Dark Farm you find your self at a river with completely black water. Samuel tells you that you need to build a bridge to get over the river. So you have to go defeat some Shadow trees, for the wood, and then you have to go back to the Dark Farm and defeat some Pesky Spiders form some stolen nails. When you come back from the Dark farm with the nails, you can't find Samuel. You look over the river and see that the shadows have taken him! You try to build the bridge as fast as you can so you can get Samuel back, but before you even started building the bridge the shadows took him into the Haunted Forest. When you finish building the bridge you hurry across. When you get to the other side, some shadows are blocking the path to the haunted Forest. They tell you if you can beat 15 river spiders they will let you pass. So you go down the rive to see if you can find some river spiders. You do so, and when you defeat all 15 the Narrator says "When you defeat the last River spider, you see that the river starts to louse it's blackness, and starts to turn into a normal river, and all the dead grass and plants around it start to come back to full color." You go back to the Shadow Guards and tell them that you defeated the river spiders. They are about to let you pass, when Morganth Teleports to them. She says: "Young Wizard? I thought I teleported you to the Lost Island! No matter, you will be defeated at this spot! Guards, get him!" (or "Guards, get her!" if your a girl wizard) So you have to defeat the Guards, witch are both bosses and are . Once you defeat them you enter the Haunted Forest. It's very dark here, and you can see lots of ghosts roaming around. When you get in the narorator says: "You see a ghost that looks like she could help. You should talk to her." So you go up to her and she says "Oh, another living thing. Why are you, so full of life, here in such a place like this, filled with the non-livving?" You tell her that your guid, Samuel, was taken by the shadows. The ghost says: "Oh, they will probobly hide him from you, unless you defeat the Pourple Troll. By the way, my name is Mary. If you help me i'll help you defeat the Pourple Troll. Defeat 8 Bullying ghosts, then we will make an agrement." So you defeat the ghosts and go back to Mary. She says "My friends have told me that the rock lord is blocking the trail up the Shadow mountain. He's not at the mountain, but he can control the rocks around it." Thats all for today! By Nicholas Hawkspear lvl85

Mar 30, 2009
It's very fun to read the very first pages of this post and seeing people discuss rumored worlds such as "dragon spire" and "grizzlehelm" and seeing how kingsisle really did take our opinions and use them for worlds. Thanks for that.

For the rest of the spiral citizens, these ideas are awesome! I'd love to see some of these worlds, especially a Wild West one (although I think there's one in pirate101). Speaking of that, I'd love to see some of the worlds in pirate101 appear in wizard101 too, like monquista and pirate island.

Anyway, I'm much more excited to talk about worlds I can sense are coming. I think the next world is one of two things: honey I shrunk the wizard/bugs or ice age.

Lvl 100 is 50 hard earned levels since we met morganthe - the same amount of lvls as it took to defeat malistare. As such, it would only be fitting to see the bug world where all these spiders and shadow weavers originate. Still done buy it? There's a whole bunch of insect pets for sale in the crown shop, hinting at a new world ;)

Ice age I think is coming next due to the new mounts and all the winter-esque things appearing in the crown shop (winterbane?) maybe it's a hint at a new world with mammoths, penguins, and saber tooth tigers ;)

Which is coming? Not really sure. But both are eventually, I bet. ;)

Jan 30, 2013
I would like to see where the Gobblers in Wizard City are from!

Jun 04, 2011
I would like too see a dark based world, like a opposite version of wizard city, named The Moonlit Relm. The trees are dead, tents are torn up, and your pet seems too be affected by it. You gain access to the world by talking too Gamma and getting a mission to go into the spiral model in the tower to find a lost wizard that has been there a year back and has never come back. When you get there everyone seems reversed, Gamma is a dragon named Thorn and Prof. Ambrose is missing. Monsters are the good guys, most wizards are of the death school an are shadowy evil enimies. Thorn (Gamma) says "Welcome home, my frie- w-wait who are you?" "Help a WIZARD got in!" and you get attacted by 4 lost souls. After you defeat them and travel through the world(the normal stuff), You have too fight a dark Ambrose, he gives up and shows you the wizard he has kept hostige. They are tired and hve a headake but are not harmed. That is my idea of a world!

Anna Ghostheart "Scribe of the Howl'n wind"

Mar 13, 2012
nullUm.. there is already a fire spell called Rain Of Fire; it's a few water-moles doing a tribal dance and a volcanio blows them away and attacks all enimies and then leaves a over-time-thing

Dec 26, 2012
New worlds are always fun, even for people who aren't high enough level! At least you know they are there! Here is my ideas:

  • A blue-purplish area, with giant glowing mushrooms! Everything is sorta dim and the sky is dark. There could be mushroom people, and the names would be funny.
  • A world like a giant garden! You are like a bug to a flower, and you can climb out rose stems and fight bugs. The inhabitants could be ant-like beings, and the cities and populated areas could be anthills, all underground with weaving halls.
  • Clouds and rainbows! Unicorns are up there, and seraphs and things like that. Rainbow's connect a bunch of clouds together for populated areas, and for dungeons, the clouds the dungeon is on could be black with red cracks, and they could be demons trying to invade the seraphs world!

Hope you like my ideas! I tried to be different than the rest. If my idea is like someone else's sorry didn't mean too!!!

Jul 05, 2012
nullI really like this imagination. The school worlds would be cool! Also the amusement park worlds. The medieval theme is kinda in AV already. but the amusement one is my favoritre

Jul 05, 2012
nullI really like this imagination. The school worlds would be cool! Also the amusement park worlds. The medieval theme is kinda in AV already. but the amusement one is my favoritre

Jul 04, 2012
A forest themed world. It has really tall trees and trails and stuff. It is always raining but the sun is showing.

Nov 23, 2012
Personally I think there should be a world called Skypyre which would be a sky themed world with clouds
and stuff the enemies would be different tribes of birds such as the eagle, hawk and raven tribes

I also think you should make a world called malistaire's fort where you have to build a defense of roaming
neutral warriors and warlords if they want you to recruit them they would fight you if you begged
you'd use them to fight in a 1,000 vs 1,000 battle. Of course with you and malistaire being the strongest of each team it would be an epic battle

Nov 15, 2009
A world with clouds instead of floating rocks... ice / storm?

Jun 01, 2012
nullI think there should be a side world for lvl. 30 wizards. It could be based on a beehives filled with rank 6 killer bee monsters.

Jul 19, 2009
I think we should explore the world called Mirage, mentioned by Nalia Dunestrider in Wysteria when you are introduced to the other competitors. She says she's from a mysterious world called Mirage that not many people know about. Maybe Merle tells you about a new world that has just been located and is crying for help! He tells you (The young wizard) to go there and see whatever is the matter. You then are able to use the world portal to get to Mirage, which can be exactly as was described, sort of a desert-y world with thieves and things, and there could be enemies such as the Cat Thugs, and other enemies that are sort of desert-y, thief-y, Egyptian palace-y sort of people. Maybe they could have a quest line where someone is trying to take the throne and sometimes you meet up with Nalia to help finish the quest line, like she could help in at least one or two battles. Though make this world sort of near the Wysteria level, so it could sort of be a follow up. Maybe you could make all the worlds the people who were contestants in the wizard cup. Then it could sort of be a follow up to Wysteria. Thanks, that's all. I hope you consider, and tell me if you like this, because then someone at KI might make this a reality! - Blaze Battleblossom.

Nov 12, 2010
A future world based on robots and machines. Perhaps Dr Von Katzenstein created this world long ago. Probably this wizard is sent there because A robot named Kevfrost plans to conquer the spiral.
A another world is a spider world which Morganthe lives at. Then the wizard gets sent there.
Kevin Moonleaf (Level 45)
Richard Summerblossom (Level 20)

Jul 15, 2011
Hi guys. I recently did the Wysteria quests, and I was thinking, Mirage should exist in this world, but not as a world itself, but a zone in Krokotopia. It should be a mysterious island that cannot be found in the encampment, like you can't see it. So anyway, here is how I thought it would go; Alhazred would contact you about finding a hidden portal located in the Tomb of Storms, but you cannot go through it without gathering fire, ice, and storm crystals. Once you have defeated the keepers of the crystals, you will then go to the Tomb of Storms, and place the crystals in three slots. Once you have done so, a portal shall open, and it will lead to Mirage. Morganthe would send a general there, and you'd have to help everyone to defeat the commander, since Mirage is plagued by Morganthe's forces. Mirage would be unlocked at 90. That's my idea folks, i'll see you later!

Aug 13, 2011
I think a fairy world would be cool, with trees you can walk into and you can be turned into a fairy for some quests because the the fairies and their buildings are so small, and there is also lots of sparkly and shiny stuff.
I think it should have a different place with all the different types of fairies like, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies and fairies. - Destiny

Night Dreamer - Level 34.

Jul 06, 2012
I love all of the great ideas! However, (before I say anything about my idea if you read a certain Greek myth you"ll be able to understand my idea) I think there should be a world that is completely a labyrinth that leads to different rooms that has special hidden quest or bosses.

I know we already had fire cat alley but what about a world that adds in all of the other elves, like the ice and storm ones. They could be the good guys and death elves could be the bad guys. ( There should be more I just got that idea off the top of my head.)

You're welcome to add on to or comment on my ideas.

Victoria Legend flame Level 63

Dec 01, 2012
It would be awesome if there was a world in the clouds and you have to save them from the bird boss wich is destroying them.You will get a pet when you defeat her.A icetail panther(like an tailstorm one or whatever its called but light blue)

Nicole lvl21

Jul 28, 2011
Nice idea!

I like how it would be in KT

Angela DS

Jan 27, 2012
- An old time wild west world
- An outer space world with aliens as the monsters
- A futuristic world with things like robots as the monsters
- A current-world with other wizards as enemies. This could be the final world KingsIsle makes where everyone turns against eachother. Its only you, Ambrose, and Gama that still believe in piece while everyone else as been turned to Morganthe's side.

- Nicholas Ravenblood
-Seth Lifeblood
-Nicholas Storm

Jul 18, 2010
Mar 14, 2009
there should be a side world where pirate101 and wizard101 meet. In this world Kane (leader of the armada in pirates) has come up with these new robots that work as wizards. But he has issues with them working at first then Morganthe comes in a makes a deal with him she will help him if he helps her destroy a wizard (that is you) . Accepting the deal she casts a spell so the robots work. Now there are these all powerful robot wizards wreaking havoc. You then go to this world and fight your way to the battle fortress/factory and defeat the leader of these robot wizards. Defeating him morganthe is now enraged since Kane failed she then breaks the deal and takes her magic from the robots destroying all of them. Stopping the destruction of this world and Kane from killing you. He wants revenge but is destroyed by your pirate101 counterpart (not yet released obviously) before he can do anything.

And on a side note admins should start commenting on these i want some feedback on our ideas even if you don't use them

Jun 17, 2012
you should make a world that is like greece or rome
or a world that is always playing tricks like mirage! as mentioned by nalia dunestrider (you compete with her for the spiral cup) or you can make a world that has never heard of magic and just fights like hand to hand

Jun 02, 2013
nullWell the steampunk thing you mentioned ( I think I actually posted that!) would kinda be like Storm because it's like electric and stuff. Good point!