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You decide on a new world!

Dec 20, 2012
nulli would love the bug idea! that would be awesome!

Valerian Hammer

Jun 20, 2009
i wanted to share my idea for the next world in w101. i think kingsisle should delve into the largely unexplored area of the world before the titans fell into an eternal slumber. this would be a very interesting turn of events because it would provide great oppertunities for every school in the game i will now explain why. for storm well the storm titans would be an amazing twist and then same with fire and the dragon titans then with ice and the ice giants. the spiritual schools myth life and death are created with aspects of the elemental schools so this would allow deeper explorations of their magics because storm and ice make death, storm and fire make life, and fire and ice make myth. balance is derived from all of the elemental schools and the spiritual schools so with the elemental magics derived from the titans and the spiritual magics created form aspects of elemental magic then balance too would be able to explore new ideas. it would even make the astral schools a chance to get more major spells because the world was much diffirent before the titans fell asleep and could have even direct connections to the moon, stars, and sun so this would be an amazing turn of events for all of the schools. this also would be a great time to bring in the ultimate spells for each school leaving them with devistating abilities or even game changing. this would also be a great time to add new mounts, card packs, potions, etc to the crown shop so this kind of world would be good for the entire game in my opinion i am not saying that kingsisle has to do this but i think it would benifit them and the players alot by doing this thank you for your time if you finished reading this. ;)

Jul 19, 2009
Ok so not much of you know this but I am Ian strongheart a level 77 wizard. So new world, will there ever be a new world? Well my answer to that is: Maybe not. There where some possible world's though. Such as Polaris, or Bunaria. Polaris is more like an outerspace theme world but more set to all the world's of the spiral. Bunaria however, is more like a WW1 themed world where you have to be level 90 to go there. Bunaria also let's you fight morganthe which is pretty cool. So here's the question: Will there ever be a Polaris or Bunaria?

Oct 01, 2012
i know this might not be read but here it goes:
so i think there should be a amazon world which has multiple lakes and rivers
the whole world is getting changed, the trees and the water is getting polluted and when the creatures drink they go insane the native inhabitants are surving on a small pond which is about to be over taken by the spreading evil created by morganthe, in the end you battle her and when you defeat her she will disappear and you will hear laughing echo through the cave system

within this their would be new spells i havent decided on any elements except ice
which would be:
pure eagle ( there will be a pet as well for it) 11 pips, attack all, 1500- 1000 over time,
so you talk to lydia then she tells you that she can not give you the spell unless the counsel wishs it, so she sends you into Amazon where you go to a lake which in the middle has frozen as you get closer you see 4 frost giants, 2 snow angels and a lord of winter talking about if you were ready and about what morganthe is doing
then they say they wish you to learn how to summon the most powerful ice titan (pure eagle) it is huge and pure white and it gives you it's pet version and the card
thank you for reading

Apr 27, 2012
I would love a world where we are giants!! The bosses are tiny, but hard!

Jul 18, 2009
It would be cool to have the world that we came from..."Earth." There could be your "family", and America, and Haywire, a place were all the mechanical things went haywire, and were attacking you, and "Mudkill" a place with Babbling Brooks and Oozing Mud. Mounts could include cars, bikes, motorcycles, german shepherds, etc. Houses could be millionaire houses, apartment buildings, etc. Pets could be guinea pigs, dogs, cats, mice, haywire telephone, leaf buggs, etc.

Jul 08, 2010
i think they should make a world that is like a rock star kinda place like emo or gothic looking

Jun 22, 2011
I have a bunch of ideas, but this is my best. A Greek/Roman mythology thing, where each school gets represented by a god or goddess, for instance Zeus would be storm, Hades would be death, Aphrodite would be life, Hephestus* would be fire, etc.

*I have no idea how to spell that.

May 10, 2013
I don't know if anyone will read this but i'll say it anyway. I have a great idea that would make King a lot of cash and i think players will enjoy this too. You ready, her it is. EVOLVING ITEMS. Members items would evolve automatically to the next tier whereas non-members would have to pay like 5,000 crowns to get to the next tier. This would be for premium items only (e.x. the true silver armor from majestic pack). I hope this idea gets implemented because i got some ultra-rare items from packs that are basically useless in a few levels.

May 24, 2009
Hey all you wizards out there,
I don't know if you peoples have thought of this yet, but, what I think the new world should be (After Azteca)........Earth! We could wear Earth clothes (Real life, normal, clothes), and we could battle, real, people! That would be totally awesome! The storyline would be: Morganthe came to our home planet, to destroy all the Wizards, from the start, destroy us (the "young wizard"), and then, once the Earth is destroyed, she'll build her NEW shadow empire there, but, of course, that won't happen! This world would be for Levels 90 (Promethean) -100 (Insert level title), and thus ending the Second Arc. I don't know if you peoples, have noticed, but in the 1st Arc, there was five worlds, so this new world (Earth) would, most likely, END, the second Arc. And I don't know about you peoples, but I am kinda sick of Morganthe, she is annoying! It's all about her! She has no real reasons for her goal, other than she is PLAIN, EVIL! I hope you peoples think it's a, good, idea. Post your comments below, and if you don't like, that's ok, and post what you think would be a good world idea! :)


Nov 01, 2012
nullThis. And its actually kind of plausible unlike some other ideas here.

Jun 16, 2011
nullA world of ancient Greece would rock. Morgathe is working with kronos to over throw Olympus. each school represents a god. and that would be their spell, life would be Aphrodite. she would use her beauty to stun the enemy for three rounds and do 1220 damage.
death would be Hades. he would stand in the middle and summon dead warriors to attack. damage would be 1245 and half
balance would be Athena.she'll throw a sword which will do 320

ice would be any Greek god that represents ice.
well those are just ideas at the top of my head

Jun 16, 2011
I love wizard 101. All the new worlds and mounts are some thing to look forward to, but waiting for them is a drag.
New worlds are epic, and so are the mounts. Tell us your worlds, like some I've been hearing allot like the gods and goddess worlds. Tell us your ideas.

Jul 28, 2011
This is one of those ideas that is simply clever and creative. Never in a million years would I have come up with an idea this good. The only thing I have to say is that KI may have to change the names slightly of the real people, IDK why, but usually this happens. LOL I can so imagine my wizard wearing human boots and jackets. The boys could have baseball caps.

Nice idea kylek2000!

Angela Dragonstone level 84

May 06, 2012
I think KI needs to make a world that used to be filled with powerful magic.But the world was destryed and it is now a bunch of floating rubble! The magic that was on the world still exist and Morganth is trying to take it! you must defeat her, therefor ending the second arc and starting the 3rd

Jan 14, 2012
That is a very great idea. I Totally agree with you,

Jul 30, 2012
A new starter world available to players that have a wizard Lvl 50+ would be really excellent. After several wizards the Wizard City & Krokotopia worlds are very.... well once you have done them several times...

A new parrallel world designed to be more challenging for experienced wizards that allows you to start a new wizard and level up then inserts you into a later world (Marleybone or Mooshu) would be really excellent.

Dec 08, 2012
nullI think there should be an Air temple world. If it is on pirate101 my bad... i just think it would be amazing
like we could have trained flying mammals flying around it.
And there should be this boss name Windshard and he could be malistaire that came back from the dead and took the body of a human that ruled the air temple.
I think it would be really amazing.

If you could make this i would never stop playing wizard101.
If you made it could you make it a long world in the spiral so that people who finished the last world could be occupied until you make new ones!

Thank you for reading this.

Seth Firefist

Mar 01, 2013
Super Paper Mario has interesting worlds.
World 1 is covered, Introduction.
World 2 is covered, at first it is a pond level, then, it's a giant mansion, so MB has taken over Buildings.
World 3 is like a pixel land, so why not? The boss there is a giant talking lizard that is a complete nerd and steals your companion. So you can have Anti-Minion?
World 4 is Outer Space. Seems interesting. There is a Top-Down shooter in it.
World 5 is Land of the Crags. It's basically a prehistoric land where Floro Sapiens steal the Crags.
World 6 is supposed to be a duel of 100. At the 25th duel it gets sabotaged by Mimi and the world ends and you have to fight a boss after that. Unfortunately it's a short level.
World 7 is called Underwhere and Overthere. Underwhere is supposed to be where you go when your world ends and if you are good person, you get to go to the Overthere. The Road is very linear, but there are parts when you need to do small quests to progress through it. In the Overthere, a beast from the Underwhere escaped and managed to get inside the temple in the Overthere.
World 8: A boss stage, where all the enemies are bosses.
^^^ Remember this! ^^^

Jul 28, 2011
A world: a place with mountain based areas, a bunch of rocky terrains, and you just keep climbing!

Jan 07, 2012

Mayor Stormfall

President Stormfall

The ghost of Mr. Stormfall


Done with Updates.

Sep 27, 2010
I think it personally should be a world of war. As Ambrose has said on the last quest of Azteca ("I must gather the forces of light") since morganthe is evil, she and her companions could be the dark forces. It could be a nice thought to actually be in a war!
-Trevor Spiritshard Transcendent Necromancer

Jul 01, 2012
Would there be a new world on king isle because after azteca there got to be ond last world to reach level 101

May 03, 2009
dwenmann on Jun 1, 2013 wrote:
Would there be a new world on king isle because after azteca there got to be ond last world to reach level 101
There are still many chapters to come. '101' means 'all about'. This game is 'all about' Wizards, thus Wizard101. And the world that level '101' will come about in is the world after the next. This next world will be level 91-100. The next world after that will have levels 101-110. Someone already posted something like this and we all panicked, but Professor Greyrose assured us there were many more chapters to come.

Scarlet Hawk
Promethean Necromancer

Oct 24, 2010
dwenmann on Jun 1, 2013 wrote:
Would there be a new world on king isle because after azteca there got to be ond last world to reach level 101
There is no 'last world'... the game will continue indefinitely, as confirmed by Professor Greyrose.
So, yes, there will be another world.