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You decide on a new world!

Aug 03, 2009
maybe a mythology themed world! like there are floating houses and the monsters are based off of all kinds of mythology like Greek and Egyptian! Like you can fight Mummies or Chimeras or a Cerberus!

May 18, 2009
i think they have a world planned already
which comes with three new and ADVANCED magic
star-this magic would be for fire and life wizards
moon-this magic would be for ice and myth wizards
sun-this magic would be for storm and death wizards

this magic would only be obtained by those wizards who have already mastered there primary school meaning that only grandmasters would have the possibly to learn this new ADVANCED magic

Aug 29, 2009
Sep 11, 2009
i would like an atlantis type world and there are krakens and tritons (mini) as enemys and bosses and the storyline is like neptune is diseased and you have to purify him by beating him and he's storm and the quest givers are like squid/ppl theres a bit of land theres a cave with blood bats in it and theres a island you have to use a boat to get there and the enemys are skeletal pirates on the island you use a potion before going into the water tho but before you face neptune (diseased) you have to beat a storm lord and the myth roman world the last boss should be zeus ect. and the pets shoould be minotaurs (mini) and medusa (maybe) and in the atlantis idea the pets should be mini squid mini kraken mini triton mini storm lord and mini i hope you like my edit to the atlantis and roman etc.! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sep 11, 2009
no offense but i don't think its fair that our teacher (i'm death) is the most evil guy in the game (mallistaire) - aarondeathflame death pet (goat monk) lvl thirty five :D :D :D :-) :-) :-) :) :) :) WORLD OF HAPPIENESS! LOL!

Sep 11, 2009
i think when you first to get to my idea (world) you talk to ambrose then he tells you to go to the hedge maze then you talk to lady oriel then a portal appears and you go to a seraph world! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jun 01, 2009
How about a death themed world, i mean all we have is the sunken city!!

Dec 20, 2009
I think this world will be awesome.

World Name: NecroHaven

Main Area (Like The Commons): Deathville

Other Areas: Darkened Town, Bat Island, Underground City, Pyramid of the Dreads, Necroshpere, Dark Tower, and more.

Monsters: Dread Bat, Dread Bear, and more.

How to get there: Merle Ambrose is going to send you to NecroHaven after you finish all the worlds. Merle Ambrose is going to tell you to investigate the Undead's return, and how the undead is going to rule that world, since they failed at the other worlds.

I hope you like my idea! :)

I am a level 19 Death almost to level 20.

Mar 01, 2009
Kolee wrote:
There should be a Greek Mythology world which would be like:
Good Guys:













Bad Guys:
Roman Soldiers

Storm Elf

Storm Evil SnowMan

Storm type Monsters etc

I like this idea. i would love to go to a Greek Mythology based world. i love Greek mythology.
there could be a lot of quest based in this world.

I also have an idea. i would like to see a world based off the Trojan war. With like Achilles, Hector, Priam, and Paris. You would have to help settle things between the to the two nations (if that what you call them).

I hope you like my idea.

Mar 07, 2009
I like the idea of an underwater world. It could be like Atlantis. Then you wouldn't need any special suits to help you breath because the entire city would be inside a magical dome thing that kept the water out.
The bad guys could be like walking shark men,krakens,and evil squids that-like in Wizard City-have taken over different parts of the city and are trying to conquer the entire city. Your mission could be to help the Atlantians drive back the bad guys and figure out their master plan which would be to destroy the magical dome over the city so there would be nothing to hold back the water which would then destroy the city leaving the Atlantians defenseless and allowing all of the bad guys forces to defeat the Atlantians and take over that entire world. This world would come after Dragonspyre.

Feb 08, 2009
might as well gave me a blank check, lets see,
a anti-version of all worlds, where instead of you fighting all of the evil guys, you help them, and the head master and all of the good guys are evil, even learning anti versions of all spells, a death healing spell like a demon unicorn, that would be cool, and a ice flame, for ice or fire, i dont know, you decide.
a time traveling part, i saw the one in dragonspire, while it was cool, you could do so much more, ambrose (sorry if it is spelled wrong, cant remember names for the life of me) found bartlebe, again, sorry if i mispell, and founded wizard city, you could be sent back in time to when that happened and help him by clearing out the things that are hurting bartlebe, you could even meet malestare, again, sorry if mispelled, and his wife back when they teached, even learning spells from them, and other people, dont want to make it life and death only, maybe evne the headmaster will teach ya some. and in krockotopia, ya can be right as the krocks came, the others, i have no idea, maybe a young detective aprentice sherlock bones, again, sorry if mispelled, and i am getting too deep, now lets see here...
i have read of a swamp, aforest, and a ocean worlds, why not mix them, center has part of all three, a beach, a grassy plane, and a bog, like a tropical island, and the frog, profesor balestorm i think? could be from there and you could meet his family.
now, i have read of a future world, well, closest to our world is marelybone, and i dont know, but maybe add another time crystal that will warp you to maybe, i dont know, 2056? heh, guess it doesnt really matter, you decide, the o'leary gang has finaly taken over, and bones is around sevendy-eighty, and out of the picture, but you become his apprentice, and stop the gang all together.
now you have a spirit world in mooshu, so, why not have a world that is entered through there that is full of undead, not all evil, i mean, just because he LOOKES scarry, doesnt mean he is, a cop got fired just for taking in a guy because he didnt like the look of how he walked, so, yeah, could throw that in there somewhere.
heh, i just thought of a funny dragonspire time thing, go back into the past before the attack, help fight it off, go to your time, the other worlds all in ruins, then ya go back and fight for the evil guys, turn everything alright, oh yeah, might want to do the krockotopia after this, learn to keep things in order(and this is where the time crystal is at, at the end of past dragonspire, ya get a pcket one)
k, anti? check, time? check, tropical island? check, future? check, spirit? check, what am i forgeting? ah, yeah, i already asked you guys to put this in back in the test realm, but, i am saying it again,
the world your wizard is from, and i already typed the plot, and that was too much to remember, so, i am going to be lazy, you look it up, k, NEXT?
you already have a cyclops lane, why not a whole roman style world? the greek gods, mt, whatever it is called, hercules, i think that how ya spell, and a underworld section also, it is three in the morning here, and i am out of ideas for story, let your minds go wild, but not too much, mine is, and now it is having a, well, dont want to type that, now do we? k, next is the last, for now,
i told you of the whole time thing, how about going to before the world was split into the spiral, like, have a section of desert, seein the green manders, pre-historic, neanderthal(one l or two ll's?) people, dinos, and the such, and the dragons, titans, and the tritons, and ya fight for all three of them, well, it is getting late, and how much did it type? like i said, might as well gave me a blank check.

Mar 16, 2009
i think there should be a world were we first came from but they are enchanted by an evil force trying to take over ( maybe malistaitre or someone even stronger ) but merle ambrose asks us to try to defeat him and like he said when we were all lvl 1 we could fill his shoes one day ( or we can get a bagde that says headmaster :) ) but of course kingsisle will have to make new characters me ex. etc for the new worlds to happen so if any of our ideas are even picked it is gonna take a while for kingisle to make it happen

another world can be a world TRAPPED! in midevil times by a evil witch/wizard but when you defeat the witch/wizard ( should be at end of world ) it gos back to present day there should be nights dragons monsters
and anything else midevil that i cant think of lol

Mar 16, 2009
hi my name is kevin hex glade lvl 48 wizard what is celestia???????????????
i hear about it but i dont get what it is some say a space kinda theme then they say its when malistaire and wife come back to life!!!!!!! ( i thought his wife was a good person :( why would she turn evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? )
o and plz reply and tell me what this world is PLZZZZZZZ

Apr 24, 2009
Now I say that we should make it that there are more worlds or world and at the last world you fight malistare's ghost and there there are the manders the dogs the cows merle ambrose gamma and all the proffessers and there is one of those mini movies you know how it like shows a short TV show to show what happened at the begining to show EVERYONE fighting malistare's ghost but lose so you do about 5 quests for every group (all manders are 1 group and all dogs 1 group and all cows are 1 groupe and gamma and merle ambrose are a groupe and all professers are 1 groupe but professers and merle ambrose are not 1 groupe they are 2)then merle ambrose says after all quests done you are stronger then them all so you go and battle malistare's ghost then when you beat malistare's ghost it gets sucked up in a vortex and right after it is gone merle ambrose appeares and he teaches you a new spell then he celebrates and all the good guys party and yes you go to and you play at the party and then the credits appear and you beat the game. I have no ideas for a name.I am only to marly bone and only level 28 and I thought of all of that and my name is blaze green.P.Sthis is a idea for baconater.

Dec 13, 2008
What if there was a world where Wizard City was in the time when the cylcops, the tritans and the (people whos name escapes me) (see wizard city history volume 1-2 xD). A world where there is a duplicate version of wizard city and they are very behind in our history. The evil mastermind who helped create the spiral(he drank a potion(Eterniso) that made him live forever) had mysteriously dissapeared. Merle Ambrose had searched through the spiral with Cyrus Drake and found the world being torn to shreds because none of the founders have been there to help control the world. THe master mind has been sent into hiding and no one has seen him. Merle then sends the 'chosen one' to find the mastermind to make him turn the world back the way it should be. Then it all goes from there, but thats just the look of the world

Aug 13, 2009
How about a world with a war in a rocky mountain range, with a bunch of rocks, towers, castles, battles, warriors, and brutal Death Soldiers! And maybe ... A range of Grizzleheim Warriors that is teaming up with wicked mad, and foul Treants ... OH! And the Zeke quest there would be ... one Yardbird, one Smith, one Blue clam, one Stone Rose, and a bunch of Undead Soldiers! There will be quests ranging from 5 level people, to level 50 people! The many places there will be, Cragomere's Pass of The Death ledger, Blaghw's Strait of The Raven, Moonstrider's Secret refuge, Rotten Woods's Mountain O' Fire, Kraken's Underwater City, Triton's lost Kingdom Of Atlantis, Balancing Roads of The Valor, Temple of Balance, Temple of Storm, Temple Of Ice, Temple of Fire, Temple of Death, Temple of Life, Temple of Myth, The Passage of The Trickster, Wicked Wooder's Strange Mystery Chamber, Fortress of The Battle's of Mysteries and The Unseen, Queen's Castle of Royale, Prince's Kingdom of peace, Undead Brutal Troop's Evil Temple of The Mystery, Mountain of the Griffen, Sky of The Scary face, Spirit King's Throne Room of The Tricky Death, Fire Dragon's Sky Of Sure Doom and Despair, Ice Giants Ground O' The rocky mountain, The Krok's Sun Room Of Sudden Death O' The Scare, Cliff of True Life, Centaur's Forest of The Lifegarden, The Destroyer's Tomb, The Lost Library Of Atlantis, Battle Grounds Of The Blood of The Good And Bad, Malistare Drake's Final Tomb, Geyser Of The Final Challanger, Crown Of The Cliff, Throne Room Of The Final Fight, Moonstrider's Strange Desicion, Death Tamer's Fall, The Last Dungeon of The Grand War, World Portal To The Future Of This World, Future: A lava Demon Crawling World, Volcanos, and Tortured Warrior Spirits, And a very Mad lava Monster Spirit, With Burned Tree Men, and evil death that has a lot of hatred, This is the level 50 part! Next, In this lava world, you must convice the Barbarians to go back through the Portal, To save the people there. :-) :-) :-)

Jun 30, 2009
I have an interesting idea.

Bartleby and the trees of Ravenswood had mentioned that the First World had been united before the Dragons, Titans and Giants broke the world apart and Bartleby and his Raven Sister had united by the Spiral.

In addition, Shellus and a Marleybonian both mention the world Celestia. By any chance, can the Wizard 101 people add the world Celestia, that has the First World theme?

Ever since I have begun playing this game, I have wanted to go to this world. Maybe you could have quests to find the professors and have them build their schools before the First World breaks apart, in order to try to prevent them from doing so.

Since the wizard is sent on quests to prevent danger from harming the city, maybe attach the professors' home worlds through the schools. And entitle it "Finding the missing Professors".

Maybe place this after the finding of the Sixth School and have Gamma give you the quest, starting with the primary school of your wizardry.

In doing so, the student could travel via the schools to the places where the professors have been held hostage. And after you save them, you recieve a card (like the minion) that can aid you in your battles, with either Gamma or Ambrose enpowering the attack spells of the professor cards, which could be white.

Timothy Pealflower
Level 50 Ice Wizard
Somewhere in the Forum

A planetary themed world would be cool, and the creators could expand the points levels.

Apr 27, 2009
tec54 wrote:
I too have a grandmaster and working on a second, also almost finished all the possible badges. I really like this game, but I would love some new worlds to explore and higher level challenges. Maybe the higher level worlds could have more challenging puzzles/clues in them as well besides just the fighting as a way of getting training points, gold, items etc. If you compare the levels of school to our educational system. Reaching level 50 would be like getting a high school diploma. Now it's time to get a college degree! Maybe that would be to level 100?????? Now that would be awesome and challenging!!!

Awesome idea i got a lvl 45 and i am in ds but other worlds that are challengeing would be fun 8)

Feb 28, 2009
Hi and I have a idea for a new world, my name is erica fairyblossem :D and my world is going to be based on the medievel times (like where the knights and castles were?) its going to be called Medvally and the final boss will be... the knight of evil, he is going to have 20,000 health and his minion will be a enchanted (well I havent thought about it yet but this is worth a try )madam (lady). This all I have so post please! :D :D :D

I'm in fire school in case you want to know!

Mar 01, 2009
why not a world full of dragons not any thing like dragon spyre but more dragons such as fire,ice,storm and even life,death, and myth p.s. why is there such a school as myth?

Aug 07, 2009
i have an idea well i dont have a name but a world with people who are disqised as wizards but not and a shop the is hidden where u can buy a invisabillity cloak but it only woks for a short time and u can only use it once it a while and a pet that gives u 1999 health and 100 mana and a boss that is a dragon that has 5000 health and when u defeat him u get 50000 gold 300 crowns and a new wand that give u 100000 health and 9000 mana and there will be small sized krakens,blackhopes,rattlebones,harvest lords and bansees. but the most scarriest thing of all........ there will be evil twins of the teachers,gamma,and master ambrose. but there will be 100rds of pips flying everywhere so u dont die. the health of the people would be 100-400. and the rest place is a mansion. if u die u would be taken to a graveyard and u have to ask the angle to heal u but u have to pay 10 gold. the portal is u have to catch the train at the train station located behinde the giant dragons dungeon but u must have a pass from one of the people u have to battle like a wizard who is not one.there will also be a drink shop it has rootbeer,ice cream,pizza,fried chicken and ribs when u eat them u will regain health mana and maybe get a prize

fried chicken 20 gold
pizza 10 gold
ice cream 30 gold
rootbeer 3 crowns

my world is awsome i shall call it evil wizard city.
oh ya there will also be a saloon where u can change ur hair do and for lvs 1-5 u can change ur school

hair change 100 gold
school 50

wow i wrote a lot well

there will also be a spider circle its a large circle and spider gaurdens circleing around a dungen.can u get in the dungen before a spider gets to u anyways the is a tree of cards its like a all school tree he has heal cards like healing cat gives u 300 health and 50 mana cost 0 pips andminion cards like summon a kraken or dragon that can use naturale attck damge 5000000 pip cost 2

isant my world awsome 8) 8) 8) 8) :P :D :D :D :D :D :D

please reply on what u think thanks

destinyfireshade lv 14 fire type 8)

Nov 23, 2009
i would like a myth world that is it just a world for myth wizards to test their skills.

Jun 08, 2009
i think that you should realize that the makers are using a Roman or Greek mythology to theme the game such as the storm lord or kraken so the next world will most likely be Atlantis.

Mar 10, 2009
I think a world with an India theme would be awesome. Think Kipling. The music would be very cool.

Apr 25, 2009
I love the idea of a Greek mythology world as a Greek mythology man myself. I also thought all the other world ideas rocked to. Here is an idea, a world that was lush beautiful until malistare came and ruined it. there could have like trash bad guys and stuff on that note.
samuel jade blade lvl 27 necromancer.
P.S. just keep making wizard 101 better well i try to keep convincing my parents to renew my mebership every month