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You decide on a new world!

Jul 20, 2009
This ides doesnt sound so bad i think of it as an smart way to learn their spells better and i believe that everyone can learn from there spells also i think this will be great for people who really like the game also i think of it as if i want to do it sounds really great

Life Grandmaster(50)

May 08, 2009
My idea is based on the tough and annoying golems.(I know the following ideas sound a lot like dragonspyre).

After dragonspyre, the dragon titan escapes with the Krokinomicon to a small world called Golisiom.Just like Dragonspyre, he comepletely destroys it and the peaceful golems that live there.Now the world is a big junk pile. You get there though a spiral door to the last surviving village. There you meet Golem 480548 and he tells you everything.

After many side and main quests,you are asked to defeat the Junk Monster 12,000 health storm to gain access to the last time machine in the world.A golem called Golem 551349 warns you this will be a deadly fight.You go in and find yourself in a ring, and in the center is the dragon titan.(Your single glimse of the land before the destruction occurs you see plains of grass and flowers) Unfortunitly, there is no way to the center and you witness him say a spell from the Krokinomicon and the world becomes a junk pile right before you.(Remember, when you first come here he is already gone.)

Suddenly, a large peice of scrap metal falls from the sky and makes a perfect bridge.You fight him 60,000 health Fire and is the first enemy to summon 7 rank spells.

When you defeat him, he escapes with the krokinomicon and you return to the present.Just when hope is lost, you see a shadow and Malistaire ghost appears.He says"The Dragon Titan has fled to the mystical world of Celestia.To get there you will need this key" and vanishes.

The reward for the quest was 10,000 exp. a training golem(possibilities) and a special dragon pet that gives your 7 rank spell.

Whew... well tell me how you like this idea

May 22, 2009
i think that at malistare they should have julton, jade oni, malistare, and gurtok demon and also all the crown items that have cards should go back to gold items they were better that way

plz find me Ryan nightstone lvl 50 fire, master of fire

Jun 12, 2009
you should do an opposite world like, Merle Ambrose is evil and Malistare is good. and everything would be backwards(but you'd still be a wizard)It would be called Wizard 102

Jun 12, 2009
daddywizard101 wrote:

Could even wrap up with a third world where all the cards come to life, and in that world battling off the animates of the cards with such things as the frog, fireballs and others as the bosses.

I see a problem with that because what about the spells like meteor strike? how can you fight that?

Jul 11, 2009
wisars wrote:
As someone that's 43 years old I really like the imagination shown in this forum.I'd really like the toon town and worlds for each class of wizards.I would really like to see a Japanese style world

Something similar to that: Mooshu! :)

Jun 07, 2009
Hmm... Well most of the Wizard101 worlds take place in the past:

Wizard City- Medevil Times
Krokatopia- Egyption times
Marleybone- Old world London/England (or in genreal, Europe)
Mooshu- Old Japaneze/Chinese Culture & Wars
DragonSpire- Acincent City (Once ruled by the mighty Dragons, of course)
Grizzleheim- Idian Tribe/Viking Era (Which I belevie is owned by the Fearless Titain, or Ice Giants)

Really, I've had two new ideas for new worlds:

And UnderWater World, Where the Tritions once ruled -why not? When they're already a Dragon World, and a sign of the Titains in Grizzlehiem? I bet most would all it Atlantis- maybe even make a story line out of that. Like Dragonspire, you would be helping the Titains to Repair their Damaged city in hopes of Storm rising to the strong magic it once was.
Of course, you can change the storyline to just about anything, but if you ask me, Atlantis-based world for the Tritions sounds pretty cool- who wouldn't want to experiance being underwater? Maybe we could even make our wizard transform into Mer-People, and well, the rest is up to you and KingsIsle.

Another Idea was to Be in a Presant, or even a Future world. -And maybe even a Past world. Or maybe all of them wrapped together! Maybe Merle found a way to trasport yourself into random times in random worlds, maybe evne back to when Dragon, Titans, and Tritons were sung into life! (Or maybe to see the Death school before it was sunken By Malistare- Maybe even see Malistare in the actual school itself!) The presant world, would be like the one we live in today. Cars, Place, regular people, -it's just an idea, but it'd be cool to get a glimse of OUR world, the one which we CAME from in the beginning. (Remember when you started playing? Merle and Gamma where looking into the spiral to see our world, why CAN'T we go to it??) And the Future, which can include all worlds. (hehe, maybe even a few hover cars, and future-looking outfits, mounts, and pets! Speaking of which, maybe the Presant can have modern-looking clothes like we wear everyday!)

With a little imgination, it's easy to expand the spiral, and I hope to see at least one of my ideas come into te game -I'm sure each one of you liked these suggestions.... can I get a WOOT WOOT!?!?! :D

Mar 31, 2009
lavepen wrote:
i got one crazy i dea for a world.

one could be like a forest and you can make tarzan gice quests and stuff. they did it with the wizard of oz in unicorn way, they can do tarzan. and the evil people would be like monkeys and gorrilas and hippos and they can make evil humans that capture poor little baby animals and you got to destroy them and other stuff. so thats my idea for a world.

- Ian DeathShard
yeah thats kingdom hearts not an idea

Jun 14, 2009
I got a good one. how bout a world of candy like candyland.
gingerbread monsters would be storm.
cotton undandies would be fire.
candy choppers would be ice.
sugar spiders would be myth.
rotten ghosts would be death.
teeth crunchers would be life.
ice cream men would be ice.
gum eaters would be balence.
gummy bear clones would be storm.
mint punchers would be fire.
juju fish would be life.
candycane citizens would be death.
belly achers would be balance.
chocolate gobblers would be life.
jelly bean crimanals would be fire.
and licorice
tangelers woukld be death.
the main boss would be balance and his name would be sergant sugar. the worls name will be sugar land.

Mar 14, 2009
What about a Santa clues world where the merle tell you to go to the ice teacher she has a quest for you then she tells you that and evil force is trying to take over the NORTH POLE! or ICE KINGDOW! so santa clues is taken over a new force of balance because evil was destroy now a part of good need to be destroy "is mainly how balance works" so a new balance boss try to give balance but his doing the wrong thing and you need to stop it! and lvl should be increase lvl because then the games is boring like quest got only stuff to win not really exp. wish is not really what wizard or players ar try to get most of the time. I HOPE YOU LIKE MY IDEA! pls respond to my teachers i would like to see that you are really check what we say plz respond is k if you dont like it! :(

Jun 12, 2009
I think a good world would be something that takes place in the sky, with bird or angel like people.

Or ancient greek themed area, where you can compete in games, that would be so cool.

I've also thought about a place where it always rains and there's a lot of water to deal with in the area, kinda saying that its a place of storms.

Dec 19, 2008
Well i think that there should be a new school like space or wind(air).

Dec 19, 2008
Also i think there need to be higher levels like 60. And also a world like on another planet like mars or pluto.

Sep 13, 2009
How about a world that is a layered world. You fight, and if you die , you automatically get sent to a different "layer". If you survive that...then you
are allowed to return to whence you started. Pretty complicated and would certainly keep one busy for quite a while. Sort of two steps forward one step back. I got the idea from a character in Stephen King's "Gunslinger" series:
"there are other worlds than these gunslinger"
In one book a character dies, but the main character knows he still exhists in another "layer".... and they meet again.
The portal could start out in a simple abandoned warehouse...or old library .....or maybe it's a secret door in one of the exhisting libraries. We must explore to find the secret door to "layered world". And maybe one door in a certain library....bwaaahaahaa.
Ride the Vampire/Werewolf craze that abounds.
Bad Lands/Western Ghost Town
Martians or Other Galaxy...maybe they crash laned and made the spiral home.
Just get busy...I love Wizard101...my whole family is hooked!!
Hooked....hey.....Pirate World...LOL

Jul 06, 2008
I think that Celestia (if they come out with it) has a chance to be based on the 12 Zodiac. Would be interesting, since I like Sagaterious (spelling sorry). The bad part, his image has been used in the school of life as the Centaur heh.

Mar 15, 2009
I too have a grandmaster and working on a second, also almost finished all the possible badges. I really like this game, but I would love some new worlds to explore and higher level challenges. Maybe the higher level worlds could have more challenging puzzles/clues in them as well besides just the fighting as a way of getting training points, gold, items etc. If you compare the levels of school to our educational system. Reaching level 50 would be like getting a high school diploma. Now it's time to get a college degree! Maybe that would be to level 100?????? Now that would be awesome and challenging!!!

Sep 09, 2008
some new worlds that wizard 101 could put in are.

old dungeon and dragons theme
spooky theme not like dragonspire though like a hollowen type one
normal house every day stuff theme but then something takes over the world and blah blah blah blah blah you get the point.
since marlybone was a dog world you could make a cat world

those are just some ideas for new worlds so coment

Dec 13, 2008
Well in the story you have the Gobblers get chased from their world, so you should do one were the witches have taken over Gobblerton. Plus maybe
Eagles or Hawks in a world or a world with the Ravens have taken over. A Greek or Roman kind of world would be cool. I'm not sure if you can so an underwater kind world.

Dec 12, 2008
um what about like a cloud like world where everything floats above a gigantic war between humans and hawks below and the hawks need your help making a treaty, or maybe like a world thats only visible for a certain school once they make it to like level 75 later on in life....

my last idea is a world that ambrose had made for the best of the best wizards where you find all of them like the grand wizards of all time like the raven, bartleby's sister, and ambrose, and malistaire as a spirit, happily living with sylvia once more... etc.

May 31, 2009
a new idea for a world could be a place called Black Moon and like there are evil unicorns prancing around and when you defeat them they drop really good stuff and then the last boss of that world is like a Huge Pegasus thats black and her name is Black Moon, like the world. and she could drop like a pegasus pet (plz add a pegasus pet and mount for that plz kingsisle) and the pet could give you a healing card PEGASUS and it heals everyone 850 health. thats my idea for a world and we could also for defeating the last boss, use a white pegasus and fly around and shoot fireballs at Black Moon lol thats my idea

May 31, 2009
oh ya and another world could like have all the greek gods and they give you tasks depending on your school like athena could be the person that gives ice tasks poseidon for storm, and so on. and hades for death ad aphrodite for life (im getting carried away). and the world should be called Mount Olympus (might have spelled that wrong) kinda like in percy jackson books and you could meet percy jackson and annabeth lol (i am getting carried away again, but plz add percy jackson kingsisle and this world)

Aug 06, 2009

i have an idea that there is a world called ' trounce ; the world is a place where there is an all new type. the type is called unbalence wizards. they use the arts of myth,life, and death. the world will have many creapy crallers.the prince of the world is being controlled. merle (headmaster) will send you there at lv 15. you dont get exp. instead you get rare items. at lv 35 you will get a staff called sandstorm staff for free. it gives a spell called (your school name) blast. it cost 7 pips.does 650-725.

from your fellow freind Duncan Shodowthief

can you give me your opinion or give me a bigger idea

Jun 01, 2009
I think a world filled with undead, just to bring the death class into picture.

A world with mountains and it's really icy and you have to save the frost giants from extinction.

And a deep jungle world were you have to face snakes and save monkey people.

A world with a huge canyon and it's people are all western.

A world were it's wizard city but way back into the past.

A wizard city but way into the future.

These are some ideas I would love to see in the game.

Ryan Skullglen Magus

Apr 02, 2009
How about an ancient Mayan/Aztec realm.

Here's how it goes. After you beat Grizzleheim, Merle Ambrose sends you to an ancient realm no one from Wizard City or any of the other worlds has been to since before Malistare was even born.

So you go there only to find it a wasteland of ruins, canyons and fissures. You head towards a large ruined temple in the middle of what used to be the capital city. There you find a large crystal with the spirit of the king inside of it. He cries out to you and when you move towards the crystal two warrior spirits appear and attack you.

One is called Temple Defender and is a rank 6 Elite Death. The other is called Temple Warrior and is a rank 7 Storm.

After you beat them you go up to the crystal and free the king's spirit. He tells you that this world, Amayaz ( of course the name could be changed ), was once a beautiful tropical world full of happiness and serenity, until the serpent lord, Quetzalkalas, came out of no where and started to corrupt the minds of important figures like the king's advisor, Maziga.

Quetzalkalas used people like Maziga to easily take control over the world of Amayaz and soon he started an army. You see, the world was divided by a great chasm, one so large and vast none could build a bridge across it. Quetzalkalas had to try.

He had taken the East side of Amayaz. It had been easy as the East side had no army, no defense. The West side however was the army captal of Amayaz and Quetzalkalas would need to overpower their warlord Garizanias. He was a skilled war veteran and had stopped the Undersider's attack on the West side twice.

The Undersiders were a group of mole-like people that lived under Amayaz. They had tried to take control twice before and almost succeeded. So Quetzalkalas devised a plan. As his army built a bridge across the chasm he joined forces with the Undersiders and after a long devastating war he finally took over Amayaz.

He however could not handle taking care of the damage and disappeared to who knows where.

The king's spirit asks you to somehow go back in time and prevent Quetzalkalas from taking control. So you go back to Wizard City and ask Merle Ambrose how you could go back in time. He tells you how but how it will be dangerous to take on Quetzalkalas when you get back in time and it all kicks off from there.

Dylan ShadowTallon Lvl 44 Diviner

Jun 01, 2009
I think a jungle world were you need to save monkey people from snakes

A pirate world were the bad guys are skeletal pirates. and you need to rescue the people who are stranded on boats.

A western themed world were you have to help the sheriff defeat outlaws.

A world were you are underwater and you need to save the sea people.

A world were there are huge mountains and you need to save the frost giants.

A world that is wizard city but when malistare and merle are kids.And when you get further you go to the future ahead of the present, and it's kinda like a doomsday thing.

A world were you need to save a ancient tribe of mutant dog-like creatures
from hunters.

A ancient greek world were you need to save a clan of reptiles from a earthquake that is coming.

Hope you liked my ideas.