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You decide on a new world!

May 05, 2010
Maybe there should be a world for each type like stormlantis,iceward, deathlon,mythtopia? my ideas. deathlon would be like a dark world like sunken city or kind of like triton avenue. mythtopia would be like krokotopia but with more like columns and more cyclops. iceward would be snowy like collosus blvd. And stormlantis, idk...

May 08, 2010
HEY Destiny here!!!

This is a verrrry good idea, I thinks there should be a "Sky City" or something like that. The enemies could be little clouds who shoot lightning

-Destiny Fireheart

Jul 11, 2009
mikells wrote:
I'd like to see an Atlantis-type underwater world in which Tritons and Krakens walk around and the boss is a Neptune-like figure. I think that would be cool.
we already got that its celestia

Apr 27, 2009
DanielThunderFlame... wrote:
cameron225 wrote:
I think it would be cool if one world was earth and we got sent to defeat some more enemies there because they are trying to take over earth and you could go too a bunch of famous cities or somthing like that...

Amber Stormsong (storm)

Amber Soulhunter (death)

Taylor Emeraldspear (life)

Sierra Mythcaster (myth)

Amber Sandrunner (balance)

No offense but thats not good
rong answer its a great idea the natives would freak

May 29, 2010
I Think They Should Really Have A World Of Mythology Where We Get More Mythological Creature Spells From Different Countries
Like We Already Have Medusa For Myth
And Ra For Balance
So there would be like school spells then some you could quest for too that arent school specific at all
I dont know its just an idea
Thats my want i really want idea others could be like
You did water so do worlds of earth air and fire?
Also it would be cool if you could make it to where you could reset any world you want whenever you wanted to just to experience the quests and stuff again

Feb 13, 2009
I was think for a new world idea (for once) and thought of all of the worlds have different places on earth so i thought why have it in the spiral why cant we have it outside of the spiral in space so i got planet zorocks (zor rocks) well if its not good then you can think of one

Apr 24, 2010
likeluigi123 wrote:
melcookie925 wrote:
Maybe there could be a western world, where you fight lizards, cowboys and rats.
you fight rats in mb
well you could fight WESTERN rats in this world

Oct 11, 2009
A new world I suggest for Wizard 101 is a world full of Storkes and other birds, like Mr.Lincoln; it could be called Avienopolis of Avieon.

Oct 30, 2010
One world could be a world with american patriots trying to fight the british or a kingdom in the sky or on the moon

Oct 30, 2010
The incas and myans and aztecs idea isn''t too good. They use humans as sacrifices

Sep 17, 2009
My new idea: chromone (or something like that)

It is a world made up of mettalic floating walkways with clear blue sky all around, the story is of a alien (likt the ones found in celestia) wants to summon the raven lord, bartlebys sister, to rebuild bartlebys eye. You have to advance through the mettallic streets of the strange alien utopia and at the end of each road you go back in time to a different world (e.g after first world you go back in time in grizzleheim to find an ancient raven feather) but the owls are trying to stop you as the raven lord created the owls and then took the name of the ravens. In the end you have to do a tower facing the people you allied with through the story, like the king of grizzleheim, curator of marleybone museum and leader of order of fang and then you summon raven lord and make his eye. new schools are same idea as my other post as i think they are pretty good. 8)

Feb 07, 2010
Call me old fashoned but though Kingsisle has become so skilled in environment building, this is somewhat beneath them, I was kind of hoping they could go back to the basics, with the same set building system they had when they first released Wizard 101, when the streets of Wizard City, the temple halls of Krokotopia, the rooftops of Marleybone, the dirt trails of Mooshu, and later the ruined streets of Dragonspyre were built from modular peices, such as a straight, a corner, an intersection, or a dead end with an instance, sort of like building a model train layout, with monsters instead of trains, and an oversized "costom" peice somewhere among them, such as the four falls mill in Wizard City's Triton Avenue, or the prison towers in Marleybone's Newgate Prison. Yet on the day they released Grizzleheim, those days were over, Grizzleheim was all "costom" peices, and Celestia was made on the same principle, dooming us to have to figure out how the monsters move in every single part of the world, instead of just the first time we enter the worlds combat areas, and then in each individual costom peice. Not only would doing this make it easier for us players to navigate, It would also speed up the process of Kingsisle actually building the world for the set builders would only have to put the real work in the costom peices. So Kingsisle, If you can spare the effort to take my advice, go back to that system, It would be benificial to both players and you alike.

Feb 05, 2009
If i was to fight my self in a world on wizard 101 ...He would whip my behide 0.0 yea...his fire res 40 fire atk 28 acc 6 Health 1987 Dont u think he would beat YOU up? 8)

Jan 03, 2010
lomeda wrote:
I think the storyline should have a new evil lord/lady when Malistare is defeated; say if he and Syliva Drake had a daughter/son before his wife died, and he took her/him with him when he blew away the death school, and they've now grown up into a teenage wizard and are confused and angry and want to kill you for killing his/her father.
There could be a new world that was poor and ruined by magical wars, but the monsters never really left. There'd be ice monsters that were hiding under the iced-over lake, and it collapsed when you stepped on it(fighing underwater. hmmm, intresting prospect. magical breathing potions?), and fire beings would come out of the fireplace at the signal of a speech from a NPC...and stuff like that. Just a random thought(or several).

that would be so super cool!!!!!!!!!!!! but also maybe syliva could be under a spell and she is evil (her ghost) or she helps u take down her daughter (yes daughter we need a beautiful but evil Very Evil bad guy and she is tring to make this all powerful gem that can distroy worlds and she needs all of this diffrent stuff and u take it and make one of your own and turn her good because she was very sad when her mom died and u killed her dad so she was overwellmed with rage and conffusion also her dad hid her from the world (maybe her name could be something like Sivlana --like Sylivia--) and she makes her base a world like it is all dark and dreary and is depressing and she could help u fix the mess she created and she could be like i said beautiful tall black hair red then blue eyes and she would be a death (like her dad) and she could be REALLY hard or not that hard but still..... it is an idea!!!!!
Catherene DragonDust
Level 38 Conjuer

Jan 03, 2010
celia769 wrote:
I've read through the thread and did a little thinking about it. Many of the ideas here are good but most of them seem to fall in the same kettle. And that kettle is whatever area of fantasy fiction you're particular to that hasn't already been covered.

Aztec / South American mythology world
Transylvania - Dracula's Castle (for the Death School lovers and Horror fans)
King Arthur world with the focus on knights in shining armor and weapons.
Hades world- where things really go to heck

and others that are just as interesting and valid.

But, in my mind, none of them seem to progress the story of the spiral much.

The best idea I've come up with is a world where magic is dying or is already dead. The setting doesn't really mean much to me. I suppose it could be technological in base but it really could be any setting.

The creatures there eat magic or are immune to some forms of it.

Now that would be a challenge to Merle Ambrose and his army of wizards.

Perhaps some creatures are immune to spell traps, others are immune to a particular school, or worse, spells of that school actually heal them. Perhaps some creatures are not immune but has a chance to refect your spell back at you.

Perhaps the instability of the land may cause your spell to misfire (attack unintended target) or even change the nature of the spell itself.

Perhaps the land itself constantly drains your mana in slow increments.

Perhaps in order to beat the realm, you have to incorporate some of the nature's realm into your own magic. Technology wands and athames that are non-magical and more effective against the creatures. Cloaks that hide your mana from the environment. New spells that disrupt the creatures' nature or help control the chaos that is brought into your spellbook.

In all the previous worlds, magic is the status quo. It makes sense that the next world would shake that up.

Or maybe I'm an idiot. Anyway, my two cents worth ...

i think that is a cool idea but maybe the headmaster sends us to our world and we must try to get our world to belive in magic and we must battle powerful world leaders or people who REALLY dont like us and we eventually set up colinies in the world and we make a Dragon School of Magical Arts. that looks a lot like ravenwood but with a balance and a new death school and maybe a special spiral door and a classroom about the history of the spiral and about the worlds

Aug 18, 2009
i think there should be a place where its like you finish celestia and you have to talk that death tree in the dragonspyre acadamy and he says you have to go to all the doors with the schools on them and fight a monster from each school to get peices of the spiral key in the dragon spyre acadamy and when your done the death tree tells tells you to go talk to the death tree in nightside to get the fix the spiral key and he tells you to go ask dworgan to give it for you and you go to the spiral door and you see a new world called The Underworld. tell me what you think. :-D

level 60 legandary fire

Andrew Ghosthunter

Aug 17, 2010
What if they came up with a world sorta like futuristic? like rockets and computers and evil scientists, lol. It would be sorta weird using magic in a futuristic world but it's still a cool idea.

Myrna Dragon
Grandmaster Thaumaturge ~ Level 50

May 04, 2009
I think it would be good to have a world for each different school... for example
Krokotopia- Balance
Marleybone- Death
Mooshu- Life
Dragonpyre- Fire
Grizzleheim- Ice (sort of)
Celestia- Storm
???- ???
Now we need a myth one, that would be really cool. I think they should raisethe level cap, but no higher then 70 because it took me forever to get to 60 so imagine how someone who is brand new to the game would feel when they see how hard it would be to get to that level... It would be cool if we got some new spells though and give u more oppotunites for training points...

Just an idea!

Feb 07, 2010
Does anyone know how to get to level 33 and how to get the phoenix spell?

Aug 06, 2010
my ideas are as follows:
1. an african jungle world
ruled by leo the king of jungle
pets of this area: lion ,zebra ,iron golems,
story: marley bone had sent a request for wood from this world but when there the clockworks went mad and the marleybone ians had to flee except
for the inventor who you must free from the boss choputer the wood cutting bot
i hope you enjoy my first idea

Nov 10, 2009
Havent been on for a while but here is a different idea for Mistica.

Its a side world, (lvl40+)And the centaurs and fairies are there, and malistaire helps you get to it once you complete mooshu cuz his spirit comes back in time after being defeated and contacts you after you complete MS,
and he says to meet him with the headmaster. You walk into his office and malistaire is sitting there and a few others ( the lvl 40+ that have been contacted) are waiting. Malistare then says he has come back to warn us before we defeat the present him. Him and Merle wave there wands and we all disappear in a flash and appear in a grassy area in front of a green castle that is huge. There are happy things running around, children, satyrs, fairies, and all kinds of things. You then hear a scream and a flash come from the top tower and best decorated, the princes room. There is a wraith in there sucking out some things soul, but not the prince. ( you see all this because Merle teleported you in ) The prince sees you and takes a sword with a griffin handle encrusted with emeralds off the wall and holds it in the air, and the wraith shrieks and glows green, then disappears.

Prince: Sorry about that. My dad Aslan told me i should stop with the experiments but i didnt believe him. Thank you for scaring me so bad i grabbed the griffin charmer, or we all would be soul less by now. -prince gives you 5000 xp - prince: I am prince Shane of Narnia and Aslans country.
I see my old teacher Merle has brought you here to help with the problem. The 4 kings and queens are gone. ( the pensieve children from narnia ) I know this isnt like most quests, but i will be joining you to save my cousins.
- prince is suddenly in warlord armor and becomes a character - Lets get going then. - he holds his sword up Then malistaire and merle disappear and they are in another field, only this one has dark storm clouds above and it is slightly raining. The prince runs behind a rock and waits for you, then points to a darkening castle of ice. The palace of Jadis. - prince: here ride these. - prince waves wand and a mount sign appears and if you except then the mount of your school is there. - Prince: now we are equal speed. - prince runs to castle and you can barely keep up on the mounts - you get 2000 xp for coming this way and the prince starts chanting - the gate quietly disappears and you walk in - prince: you all go up the middle way and look for guards i will go look for her chamber. - he disappears - a few moments later when you are at the top you see to huge ice guardians and you have to battle them - after battle the prince says: get down here and go striaght through the main tunnel. - after you are there the door opens and the for kings and queens are tied in chairs and Jadis is twirling a stone dagger - the prince joins the battle first and when you join you see he has 500,000 health and is rank unkown from power. but Jadis has 20,000. Jadis is an ice, and Shane is life. He casts unkown spells, one with a huge lion that heals all friends and does 2000 damage to enemy, a griffin that slashes and the enemy is stunned and damaged 1000, and serpants of many colors, and jadis keeps freezing the other players one at a time so one is out while the others attack, and when your done and she is defeated, each child presents you with a spell, a piece of armor, or a pet. Then Shane comes over and says: For freeing my cousins and helping me, I grant you full power. x prince gives you your schools pet, armor, house, and card.

This is were i need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life school:

spell: a huge lion named aslan, and it does what the prince's spell does only 800 damage and heals 500 wtih a 300 absorb.

Home: a huge green castle with a main hall that leads to the throne room, the dining room, the kitchen, and the rooms. the throne room is huge with a great golden throne, and a secret door leads to the back
garden. there is 4 bedrooms, and the kitchen is filled, and the dining room has a table with a big filled flower pot in the middle.

Armor: hat gives griffin spell the prince casted only it stuns the first enemy and slashes with 600 damage to all enemies.
robe gives the aslan spell
boots gives dragon like charm. a huge green dragon appears and heals all friends by 400 +600 over time.

each item gives 300 life, 10 resist, 30 accuracy, and 20 strength. The pet is a lion that gives aslan spell at baby,200 life at teen,
20 power pip chance at adult, griffin at ancient, and dragon like charm at epic.

Please help me with the other school ideas!!

Jun 20, 2010
Mariexz wrote:
There should be a europe middle evil times world. There could be a large manor with a castle and the merchance and peasants and serfs. All the merchance could ask wizards to travel to get new things for them to sell like troll skin then you have t fight some troll. IDK just laying down some ideas. O and maybe in the castle there is and evil dragon and the king and the king turns out to be in league with the dragon. YEa because all the people you talk to you can always tell wether they are good or bad but maybe the king could look good but turns out evil. just thinking.
huh i got some ideas for that. when you go you go out to get the dragon the princess is all like " help a dragon took my father"or something but first you gotta save the princess first and then your the ruler of OH I JUST FIGURED OUT THE wait no i didnt ... :?

Mar 25, 2009
ShadowTwisted wrote:
Ok, I noticed a bit of a trend going in most of the worlds of Wizard 101 in that they are closely similar to older civilizations

Krokotopia - Ancient Egypt

Marleybone - Turn of the Century London

MooShu - Dynasties of the Far East

Dragonspyre - Pompei (just an idea)

With this in mind, I developed my concept for a new world. A world that mimics the cultures of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans. Set in a tropical rainforest, the player would arrive, of course, at a dark time for the locals, monkey people. The ancient rituals to satisfy the gods had not yet been performed for some reason or other, and guess who gets to investigate why? I know little about the gods of the culture outside of Quetzalcoatl, their god of thunder. That's at least a start, though.

I like that idea! its kinda like floating land i think its cool!

May 07, 2009
I have came up with an idea everybody will like any nobody has come up with yet! this is how it goes there are people in each world. you pick a transformation and learn it when you learn it there is a special page in your book its marked all the element not including star moon or sun so if the person trained a fire transformation he would go to a page in his book the page would have ice fire and storm on the outside myth life and death in the middle layer and in the middle is balance he would click the fire part and be brought to his fire transformations and he can put it off and on at anytime he wants and it never runs out BUT there is a catch when you learn a transformation it costs a bundle of money also you can only learn the transformations that you have already learned as a spell these are the prices i worked out

level 1-10 transformations 3000 gold

level 11-20 transformations 7500 gold

level 21-30 transformations 20000 gold

level 31-40 transformations 40000 gold

level 41-48 transformations 80000 gold

level 58 transformations 120000 gold


fire:fire cat,fire elf,sun bird,helephant,fire dragon,efreet

ice:ice beetle,snow serpent,snowman,colossus,frost giant,ice angel

storm:storm snake,lightning bats,kraken,stormzilla, baby triton(in bubble)

life:imp,leprechaun,seraph,centaur,forest lord

myth:blood bat,troll,cyclops,minotaur,orthrus,Medusa

death: evil pixie,ghoul,banshee,vampire,skeleton pirate,wraith,scarecrow


you must be have learned the spells before learning the transformation of it and its not CROWNS if you make it into a potion that has time i will not able you to use my idea w101

Feb 14, 2009
i got an idea for a new world...terraquake!
ok, so here's the storyline: after beating celestia, merle contacts you and tells you that he has figured out that morganthe is building a machine to destroy the spiral! so he sends you to an ancient world where morganthe has recently been spotted. after going to the world and speaking to the leader of the inhabitants, ( which are hippo miners ) you discover that an ancient race of rock-and-lava monsters have been eating a new source of food since their endless supply of gold nuggets "mysteriously" vanished: strange multi-colored power crystals that, when eaten by the monsters, cause strange tremors that make the miners buildings on the surface collapse. it's up to you to do the three main goals on terraquake:
1: find the source of the strange crystals and destroy it.
2: capture all of the mutated lava monsters and turn them back into normal rock monsters.
3: find and rescue the head miner's daughter, who has been kidnapped.

along with all this, there is a new secondary school of magic: crystal magic!
it involves stealing pips and lowering the chance of power pips for your opponents.

final bosses: the crystal king (crystal school, rank 12 boss, 15,000 health; the source of the power crystals and leader of the rock monsters), and erruptor ( fire school, rank 12 boss, 15,550 health; leader of the lava monsters).

well? what do you think? KI, please consider this!