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You decide on a new world!

Dec 26, 2008
i think there should be a world where every thing is the oppiste merle ambro is evil there is even you but evil and you have to stop them before they destroy wizard city, and the last boss is you in evil.

Dec 08, 2009
I think they should have a prehistoric world but its s safari zone so the people you have to help are people from the other worlds who are on vacation.

James SandStone 36 balance wizard

Jul 21, 2010
i got it a world that is based onancient rome it would have centaur minotaur cylops etc... enemys. almost like a really big combonation of the myth house and cyclops lane. hope you like the the idea. p.s. you can fill in the other blanks. and you would get a sweet suit of armor like in ancient Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres also a Labyrnth Dungeon!!!!

Jul 25, 2009
The worlds of Wizard101 seem to be linked to various ancient civilizations, and my idea is that there should be a world that is modeled after ancient Greece. You could do quests for the various gods, or you could defeat them.

-Scarlet Silverwever
Adept Theurgist
Level 27

Sep 12, 2009
I think it would be cool to have a "jungle" world with monkey's. Something totally different.

Nov 16, 2008
hi wizard101! big fan, big fan. :D can you make the house I created myself? please
GODS HOUSE, there are four teleporters to teleport to four places a mansion, a tower, a forest, and a pool with fish you can swim with.
10,000 CROWNS

Apr 24, 2010
Here is my idea:
Name: Magic island
The final boss: The kraken squid( 20,000 heath rank 20 and I know that's immpoible to beat but he has no helpers)
Theme: A tropical island filled with palm trees, white sandy beaches, and light blue water.
Story: A island was moving slowley arcross the ocean. Then it flowed right over Celistia and stoped. It blocked the sun light and the people of Celistia got very cold. When they casted lightning to start a fire it just fizzled. So Celistia became a snow covered icey plian. The houses were knocked down by the wind. Many people got sick and could not survive. When Merle Ambrose found this out, he knew he had to do something. So he sent out his storngest wizards to defeat the rulers of the island, and keep the island moving. So when you defeat it, the island moves again, the snow melts in Celistia, and everyone is happy.
Enemys: Pirate matey( 4,000 heath rank 9), giant crabs( 6,600 heath rank 8), Stelaton priate ( 8,300 rank 8), Pirate captin ( 6,700 heath rank 9), palm tree monster ( 5,000 heath rank 10), crazed monkey ( 5,999 heath rank 10), jungle snake ( 7,100 heath rank 10), forest bear ( 8,400 heath rank 10) pirate parrot ( 9,400 heath rank 19) , sand monster ( 10,000 heath, rank 20). Now here are some of the bosses. Captin Mcgrenny( 11,000 heath, rank 12), Parrot teacher (12,000 heath, rank 13), Queen rainforest ( 16,000 heath, rank 14) and more. P.S. I know this sounds impossible but when you get to it you'll have spells that do 2,000 for 5 pips.
More info on it: It's the last world, you have to be level 69 or higher to teleport to it, you will be about level 80 when you first have actsess to it>( i know there is no level 80 but if this was a world, there would be)
I hope you like it.
From, melcookie925

May 11, 2010
I think having a world where technology and magic collide will be cool, plus some bosses could be from OLD video games to make it more unique. that one side is like castles and gargoyles and the other could be like an airport and more New York. the old game bosses will be like an easter egg [surprise] for some kids like me! :D

Dec 25, 2009
MikeStrath wrote:
My Idea:
A world that has seen massive magical conflicts and partially destroyed the magics of the world. Spells are limited to maybe two or three pips and even those only able to be cast by Masters or Grandmasters. Items have a chance of being destroyed (drained) so don't wear your best.

Task: Collecting various magical 'parts' to create some useful item (a new slot perhaps that grants a card?), finding an egg/newborn to bring back and raise in the higher magical areas, etc.

Bad side: The school forbids the students from going there, so no advances in your school work for doing so (ie, no XP), and detention if you are caught.

Initial quest: Overhear Merle A and another instructor talking about it, but without being seen....

Good idea! I think that would be really cool.Maybe without the risk of ruining your clothes though...

Dec 25, 2009
I think there should be exclusive school themed worlds, so a storm could go to the storm worl but not any of the other school themed worlds.And there, you get a quest where at the end of the world, you have to beat your professor.I hope you can comment on this idea, and add or edit it.

Oct 11, 2009
mikells wrote:
I'd like to see an Atlantis-type underwater world in which Tritons and Krakens walk around and the boss is a Neptune-like figure. I think that would be cool.

in case u havent hear by now the new atlantis world called celestia is coming VERY soon

Feb 09, 2009
they should make an opposite world for all worlds like the bad become the good and the good become the back like celstia would turn to lava and dragonspre wouldturn into water and bright and sunny. wizard city would be dark and evil bartleby would have the opposite eye and he would summon minions you had to kill.krokotpia would be grassy and lots of trees almost like a jungle pyramid. mooshu would be mideival knights and stuff not ninja's and cows. marley bone would be like day time every one is nice and every one good would turn on you and try to defeat you. and yea replay if you like this idea

- chris soulsword!

Jul 16, 2010
african safari very good idea

candyland would be good to let us see the place that Prof. Greyrose is from

gobblerton the land of the gobblers now driven away by witches

i like the golem world: name constructica

anti everything world not so much

prehsitoric land: love it ( raptor mount ) name: creatatious reserve

new idea: sub-arctic/ glacial land eg. opposite of dragonspyre
if you think it is too similar to grizzleheim tell me.

kingsisle keep rocking! :-)

Oct 20, 2009
I'd also like to see the Gobbler world (I figure everything there would be made of food somehow, since they think it's normal to eat EVERYTHING).

I'd also like to see an India myth themed world, and a colorful rainforest world (maybe with Aztec or Inca-type architecture).

Jun 30, 2010
I REALLY like the idea of a "Wizard of Oz" type of world, with unicorns and characters that seem nice for once instead of characters that are less positive. :D

Jun 16, 2009
I think there should be a world about the Greek Gods after Celestia. The world would be called Europha. After Celestia is completed Ambrose would call you to his office and give you a new spiral key. :)

You would explore the world when you get there. The people would look similar to Spartans, people who weren't warriors would wear togas, of Ancient Greece. The new lvl cap would be 100 which you earn the rank as God. Sometimes the quest givers will help you fight enemies.

Each school would have its own God.

1.Fire: Ares god of war
2.Ice: Poseidon god of the sea
3.Storm: Zeus god of lighting
4.Life: Hera goddess of family life
5.Death: Hades god of the underworld
6.Myth: Hermes god of travelers
7.Balance: Athena goddess of wisdom

Apr 27, 2009
how about a world called goozexelis where you battle invading snot snakes and get quests from jello giants they should also invent a school called goop

Jul 13, 2009
I think it would be cool if one world was earth and we got sent to defeat some more enemies there because they are trying to take over earth and you could go too a bunch of famous cities or somthing like that...

Amber Stormsong (storm)

Amber Soulhunter (death)

Taylor Emeraldspear (life)

Sierra Mythcaster (myth)

Amber Sandrunner (balance)

Dec 25, 2009
i think there should be a doomsday world that is death and the bosses would be like the bosses that u beat to win the world but they would back from the dead.

Apr 29, 2010
:D OK I have an idea that i think everyone will like, Wizard 101 needs a world Called Gaigantio Topilocious.

In this world everything is super size huge, and bad guys are very big and powerful. Also instead of having only 4 people at a time they should add 2 more spots for friends or other players to join in on the fights. Where as in certain areas their are only 3 spots for the monsters because they are so huge.

I only have one idea for a Quest name: This could be the name of one of the last quests on the world: CALLED: The MIGHTEST WIZARD!!!

I dont know of how the story line should be, but i am sure that the Wizard 101 Creators can be very creative with this idea!!!!

Thanks for The chance to give my idea, in order to make the game even greater than it already is, ILL BE SEEING EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GAME AROUND. Later....

Dec 23, 2008
Bayleef1006 wrote:
wyattavery wrote:
Hi i'm level 31 there should be a word were merle ambrose is evil. Theres is wizards that are evil. and a world were you get to be a gobbler and the prince gives quests

I don't want to be rude at all, but that idea isn't very good I mean not everyone wants to be a gobbler. Prince? Merle Ambrose evil? Not many people would agree with your idea. :?

Merle ambrose being eveil wont be that long about a world where some how thestory of malistair continue I think who ever fought malistair saw the hit he did on he's brother and he also put some king of mind control spell on it and drake become evil or controled andhe summon the titan and bring malistair and he's wife back to life and they flew up with thhe dragon in a new world in the air bur i have no idea how they should make that world
and the story continue you have to stop malistair from creating he's ultimate potion to control every body in all the world just like is say he would do to drake and rule the spiral thats my idea of a new world and a new story line that still involved malistair

cause a new story line with no malistair will be suck malistair is the whole point of the game

Jun 21, 2010
There's a world that has blood bats. Its somewhere in celestia.The area in which those blood bats are located is called: Floating land. And I to think there should be other bats!

Jun 21, 2010
Celestia is a underwater world that Halestrom Balestrom probally once lived. I think they should make differents kidns of worlds that a teacher represents. Like a huge floating island which only myth monsters roam. Kind of like Cyclops lane, but with higher ranks. Or maybe a frozen land that was frozen by the Frost giant or something like that...

Jul 12, 2009
plankmonkey wrote:
i think there should be a world that explains the zebra guy in golem court, like an african safari world where u fight lions and zebras and stuff. i would rlly like to know where he came from, its anoying me verry much.
Does that Baxby guy ever give you any quests 'cause he's always just standing around when I see him.

Aug 17, 2010