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Wizards being able to swim and dive!

Apr 20, 2009
I know we can walk in the commons lake and there are underwater places in celestia we can swim in but i think they should let us have the ability to swim in water and press the down arrow to dive underneath. I am not talking like at crab alley i mean swim up to the surface and swim down to the bottom without the screen changing and saying loading. Like in the commons lake it would be deeper and when we dive we can see underwater fish and seaweed and there could be some reagents there. Also with all the other rivers and lakes in wizard101. Houses too. My death house is cool but i wish i could swim in the pool (Even if the pool is green). We could dive and move up and down and all sorts of things. The river next to the kraken and the cave of solitude in mooshu and maybe there could even be a potion and we could swim in the lava in dragonspyre just maybe. There could be bosses swimming in the water and we would be able to fight them such as tritons swimming and we run into them underwater and we have a battle underwater. I would really like to see this someday. :-o :-) :)

Jun 07, 2009
Yeah me too.
I've seen Celestia and I can swim but I've really liked to dive in there; explore Celestia in the ocean or sea.

:D :-) :)
Destiny LifeBlossom

Sep 11, 2010
The whole game engine would probably have to be overhauled and re-written to make that possible. As it is, almost everything is on a two-dimensional plane, with some small liberties taken for ramps and stairs. Having a full, three-dimensional movement would be impossible to add with how the game currently is, not to mention that it would be a pain to enter duel circles (would they appear on the spot you are in? Would you be forced to the seabed? Or the air?); and monsters would be much more random in how they move around.