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Wizard Transformations

Jun 07, 2018
Hello Wizards, warriors, heroes and legends of the spiral,
My name is Daniel Deathcaster and I have this interesting (possibly unlikely) idea for Wizard101. I was thinking, what if we had wizard transformations, not like poly morph but actual transformations. For example, what if one wizard wanted to be a mermaid/merman, another wizard to be a centaur, another wizard to be a faun or even a fairy like the fairies in Unicorn Way, (but nicer). and so on. Personally I think it'd be a great addition to Wizard101 because it would broaden the imagination of the human mind and people could have fun picking which ones they like.

Also it could be like the magic mirror in the shopping district in Wizard City where, if they try a certain look and they don't like it, they can always come back and change it. My thoughts are that it would cost crowns rather than gold because most things cost crowns.

I know that some people may object to this, some of the administrators might say "it's not possible" but in my experience, anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Anyways, I hope this message gets approved and if it does, please let me know what you think.

Daniel Deathcaster
Level 56 Death Wizard

Jun 10, 2012
Great idea i always wanted to see more polymorph but a permanent form will be a really great thing for the game.
Sadly the story say clearly we come from earth at many key moment so maybe we could have something like an equipable form like mount.
(at any case nobody proved that Mermaids don't exist on earth so why not )

For the "no it's not possible" answer, if we can take any form of spiral creatures for one hour, we can keep it for ever, look at the mount who are associated with timer or not

Kane GoldenFlamme Storm titan and lord of New Celestia

Dec 14, 2008
Ok gunna start with how this is not likely to happen outside of more transformations added to the Transformation page in the crowns shop.
1: Gear of all kinds would need to be altered and messed with to allow for easier meshing with the new Character model.
2: Mounts would become quite a strange bit as that would require TONS of mounts to be added for those transformations
3: The landing screen class would would need to be altered as well

Now i do like this idea, seeing my now 10 year old character, Richard Stormwrath, become say an actual Storm Lord would be amazing, but that opens up a whole can of worms, or in my case wyrms cause i would instantly become a Catalan looking Mo Fo, So I dont think this likely to occur. Though them putting a pause on new worlds and archs to fiddle with things would be entertaining to watch

Jul 05, 2014

This already exists! Just go to the crown shop and you can buy several transformations with crowns and with gold! I would like to see that expand however, into more creatures! Like ones from Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, and all the other worlds of the spiral!

-Tiffany Hex

Jun 10, 2012
And why not consider these transformation as mount +40%? Some of the last mount were transformation into wind-ball so why not as some Wizard101 creatures

and ye we know polymorph exist but we speak about permanent morph

Kane GoldenFlamme Storm titan and lord of New Celestia