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Wizard City Library Expansion

Mar 25, 2011
Every once in a while, I enjoy taking a step back from looking at other wizards and hoards of monsters to really take in the scenery around me. Like, if I am in any of the streets in Wizard City I enjoy looking for Bartleby's HUGE branches stretching over Ravenwood and the Commons.

One particular place I am found of is the design of the Wizard City Library.

It is a lot smaller than Dragonsypre, Wysteria, and even Avalon's libraries. You are able to look down the halls of the library, showing extremely tall bookshelves and never ending paths between them. Unfortunately they are blocked off by rope stands .

I really think this is a great opportunity for Wizard 101 to further develop some of the more original areas of Wizard City, instead of thinking up new areas outside of it. Not that, that isn't great or appreciated, but look at all the potential!

Maybe there is an eerie backstory to why it was closed off to students? If not, could there be some sort of boss fight put in there? Good chance to throw in another skeleton key boss for more special drops and items!

Even just adding small, little tables, chairs or maybe some bean bag cushions could really make the library more popular and even create a new area for wizards to meet up and hang out.

Ooo! How about adding a couple books on the shelves or tables that wizards can read, just like the ones in each of the schools. Short little fables or even more history on Bartleby's children!

Anyway, just a suggestion but I really hope this happens!

Feel free to add your own suggestions on this topic! The sky's the limit. Let's just hope it's in Ambrose's budget.

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Jun 11, 2016
Yes! Just YES!! Please make it happen, KingsIsle, make it happen!!

Jun 01, 2013
yes those are amazing ideas. Like the wysteria library that you have to do quest there and defeat a wildclaw boss. and yes would be awesome some quests about why they restricted those areas. I really hope they do something else there too, I love reading the history of magic and the spiral, may be add a book to understand more from old cobb or something like that.

Apr 07, 2011
If I may add my thoughts, I'd love to see the Wizard City Library expanded and made a little bigger.

I would also like to see a Library in every world if that is possible.

Sep 17, 2012
buzz123432 on Jun 27, 2016 wrote:
If I may add my thoughts, I'd love to see the Wizard City Library expanded and made a little bigger.

I would also like to see a Library in every world if that is possible.
This would be a great way to work a "Librarians" quest line into the story. The way they did with Dr Who and the B.O.X.E.S.

Mar 31, 2009
I also love this idea! Krokotopia got Ra, maybe there will be a future monster....

Apr 18, 2014
A wonderful allusion might I add; The library in Hogwarts in Harry Potter had a restricted section that was closed off just like the Wizard City Library. Maybe it must be a section that only Ambrose or other select few wizards can access.