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Feb 07, 2009
Many of you may have expierienced this, But here we go. I have my wings on. Then I put on my Sword with my wings. But then someone needs my help, I say ''Sure I will help'' But then as I spoke, My Sword disappeared. KingsIsle please fix this ''Glitch'' Its now by far pretty annoying to put my sword on and on and on.
And for you trollers who are going to say: Don't talk. This thread is for KingsIsle to read, And other wizards. Not you trollers. You do nothing but hate on people and dont solve anything. Anywho, KingsIsle put consideration into it while working on Celestia.

Adam FireRider
Level 47
See ya' in the Spiral!

Thank you young Wizard. This bug is covered in the Known Bugs section of our website, linked at the very top of this page.

Feb 07, 2009
Thank you Professor Greyrose.

My compliments to KingsIsle especially to Professor Greyrose for Quick, Easy, and good service on players in need.