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When others join my fight

Apr 05, 2012
There have been a few times when both myself and the last mob are near defeat; I just have to cast this one last attack...I've boosted it up with treasure cards so it's at 115% and can't possibly fizzle.
It's cast!
It's about to hit! :-o
And then someone else joins your fight or ports in on top of you. :x
Which of course brings another mob. :(

And of course the person that joined has menu chat only. :?
Then the new mob hits you, and you are defeated.
And of course the person that joined has no interest in healing you. They are only there for the kill count.

It would be great to see a new option in the game play menu that makes it so only wizards in your group can join your fight-in-progress.
Or, when someone tries to join, it asks you if you want them to join.

What does everyone else think?

Jun 16, 2009
Jul 14, 2011
Something like that would be nice.
With so many wizards on it seems like people could camp on a place and make people wait all the time.
Sure you could change realm if someone was camping on a spot, as in farming certain places, but there are a limited amount of realms.
Your idea is a good one but I doubt they will do something like this.

Jul 24, 2011
May 19, 2012
I totally vote yes to this, but if it is implemented, I think it will require implementing a timer or something that prevents people from camping a spot.
If there are only two or three fighting rings in the area, and people are camping them, it will make for completing quests impossible.

If a timer is implemented, that prevents them from jumping right back into battle again with another monster, then more people can participate in battles and it will encourage more people to group up for those kills, while at the same time, preventing people from coming along at the last minute like that, and getting you killed. The timer only needs to last a few seconds, just enough time for someone else to jump into battle before you can go into battle again. Considering you may have just spent the last fifteen to twenty minutes in battle, then find yourself defeated because someone rudely jumped into your fight, thereby costing you your experience and quest update...well, this is totally unfair to you.

If no one else is around and you are trying to get a quest done, then suddenly there's like ten people there needing the same monsters, but you are nearly dead and don't want additional monsters coming into the fight, it would be nice to have that message pop up, asking if you want to let so and so jump into the fight, so you can decline it.

If they ask why, you can politely tell them that you don't mind grouping with them to fight the monsters, but if you had let them in at that moment, it would have meant your impending defeat. Meanwhile, if someone is camping the place, they will just have to wait their turn to jump into battle again.

With a timer in place that prevents you from jumping right back into battle, it will create a round robin effect, which will in turn, give everyone a chance at battle, even if they don't want to group up with others. If you have to wait until you can go into battle again, so be it. It's the price you have to pay for not wanting to group with others.

I also think it would be nice if there was a way to 'Dismiss' your minion. I have been in a few battles where there were others who came along and would like to have joined, but there was no room because of minions. Dismissing a minion should not cost any pips, since it is not providing you personally with a benefit, such as more pips or more health. It will not refund you the pips you used to call it either, since it is your choice to dismiss the minion. A small button to the left or right of your experience bar is all that would be needed. Or better yet, allow requests to join the fight to come through when a minion is up, and if there are no other spots, let it automatically dismiss the minion, if you click yes to accept.

Jun 01, 2009
Hey hey hey, its me again. And just lemme say straight up, i agree with you 100% its happened to me allot of times and it makes me so mad when i die and they just leave think it doesnt matter anymore when they know its their problem instead of it just being yours. Being completely honest I delete people who do that to me that dont appologize, cause i'm forgiving. But if its someone I hardley know, it really doesnt matter. Bt like I said I couldnt thought of a better idea myself. Your a clever one to think of an idea like this. See you and my friends around the spiral.

TristanDarkBlade Archmage Ice

Jun 03, 2012
Wow, I thought I was the only one who wants to scream when it happens. I am a fairly new player so I thought maybe I was missing something that caused it to happen to me, so it is interesting to hear others experiencing it and coming up with solutions. I also want to add that on occasion I am not paying close attention and get pulled into a duel. I feel so bad but can't do much but apologize- unless I am missing something here that I should be doing to get out of it. I agree there should be a way to signal whether you want help or not.

May 06, 2009
I hate it when that happens too !00% agree ill be testing a new spell like dimension shift in unicorn way this lower lvl person joins and i am like "plz leave dude" and he said no and i had a long fight with him

May 21, 2011
yes, i hate this. i also dont like it when you are trying out a new spell so you do it on ghosts and a level 1 wizard comes and hits them. or whenpeople you dont know come and join, dont ask at all then after the fight ask you to add them.

Apr 05, 2012
I'm glad to see I have support! Thank you to everyone that has posted here.

I have made it clear to everyone on my friend list that the need to ask before porting to me. I have lectured one or two of them for doing it. Since then, anyone that wants to come to the zone I'm in has asked politely if they can port. If I'm in a fight I ask them to wait a moment, and I let them know when I am free.

Perhaps with enough support KI will add this feature. *crossed fingers*

Sep 04, 2011
I love this idea, i hate it when people join my fghts. go for this idea

Nov 10, 2010
Great idea. i like the one where it would ask if you mind them joining. good thinking and this should be taken into consideration. come on KI this is a good idea :)

Nov 26, 2011
I totally support your idea...I hate when mutes or someone who just joins and flees joins my battle.

Jun 09, 2009
This is a great idea! But if this ever happens, then they should make it so you can't walk over the battle circle, cause it would get annoying if people who can't join, can walk over it as much as they want.

Jul 31, 2011
Great idea I also agree! Maybe have a "lock battle circle" option when beginning the battle. That way no one can join, BUT like other have stated there needs to be a way to prevent people from camping out in a spot and not allowing other players a chance to complete their quests, especially the dreaded collect quests, lol.

Many wizards would be kind enough if you ask them if you can join their next fight and possibly even not lock it, but then there are those who only want to solo, or are just slightly selfish who do not want to allow others to join for the pure control issue aspect.

BUT all in all I love this idea!

Apr 05, 2012
My sister suggested that there should be a level gap that is allowed in to a battle. Something like five levels higher and three levels lower than yourself.

This would keep the battle more balanced, people that do decide to join would be of more help.

Another idea is to disable fleeing. That would make it more challenging for everyone!

Nov 21, 2010
Its seems that the idea absolutely flawless. Lately I was looking for random group to fight in Avalon but I found nothing so I started a fight myself and at my last hit another person joined bringing fresh mob which attacked me of course. later at made another hit killing him but .... suddenly another joined the fight bringing fourth mob which yea attacked me. Am I got mad? Not really. I done my quest faster since the mobs most likely to drop for quest when the group is bigger. The players who joined that fight were completely useless of course.
Testing spells is better inside dungeons blocking porting.
Solo is good at realms which are almost empty. For pure solo I suggest off line games.
Blocking is very selfish at free to play areas - they very crowded, imagine new players trying to figure out why they have to wait for one player to finish his fight. They will say the game is horrible and quit.