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What's the worst school?

Mar 30, 2010
orangebanana wrote:

I have a total of 6 characters, having all schools except for fire. I still maintain that Life is the easiest school to quest with. And the REAL downside to Storm is its incredibly low health. The fizzling disappears as you level up, and yet your health pretty much stays the same. My level 5 Ice has roughly the same health as my level 42 Storm. I love Death as well. You say death is the worst without its traps and blades. But is that not true about all schools?? I have a Level 37 Myth that i do not like. It's not any fun, the minions arent as good as they should be, and the attacks are only so so. So overall i would say that Myth is the worst school, because if you want to level a character up to Grandmaster, it has to be fun for you, and Myth is not. Storm is 2nd worst until you reach Grandmaster, then the issues are long gone.

Alexander, Grandmaster Life; Master Death; Master Storm; Master Balance; Magus Myth, Apprentice Ice.

Hi! Kymma here. it seems like everybody is choosing their school as the best school.... (oh yea i almost forgot why i quoted... lol you should start a fire char! :-) they are pretty fun and dragon is fun to mess with people who dont know you have it.. just a comment 8) ) i am not gonna say any school is best or worst because that would be putting down other schools. All schools are good and bad. and people cant say schools arent good unless they tried them out. i have a grand fire ice life... ok all but storm. I chose to not do storm because i find fizzling VERY annoying. And i like to count on my spell working and then when it doesnt i get pretty agravated or however you spell it Thats just my reason why i dont have it. I am NOT saying it is worst school cause i havent even played it before.

P.S. um idk why i put ps i just like it oh! ill just say nice for getting all schools grand (but fire) :D
the fire dragon is awesome and aggravated has two g's i believe

Matthew FireRider all Grands in Life, Death, Fire, Ice, and Myth also level 49 Balance. sorry storm

Mar 30, 2010
i have a comment. i dont htink storm is the worst school! woot i changed my mind. i played through my balance which i realized i stunk. low health and low attack except for judgement. ya you can go out and use training points to train shields so my new vote goes to balance.

Jun 22, 2010
sparks123454 wrote:
ugh do i have to say this? evry single school has an advantage here ill name the aadvantages

Ice- high health normal attack
Fire-all-around spells and health
Storm-high attack but low health
Myth-has alot of minions and normal attack
Death-it steals health and pretty high attack
Life-focuses on healing and doing normal damage at a time
Balance-can use judgement to ko many people

there you go advantages now do i really have to say disadvantages? i will then

Ice-doesnt have alot of attack
Fire-lower accuracy
Storm-lowest accuracy and low health
Myth-just focuses on minions
Death-some low accuracy spells
Life-has to team up to heal
Balance-doesnt have many attacks

there the whole pace of disadvantages and advantages

I totally disagree with you. ok death does not hava REALLY strong attacks. they have weak ones BUT they can suck health out.ice have the lowest attack so they are weak BUT they have nice health. Myth have medium health and third/second best attack. And they do NOT only rely on minions trust me.fire is sometimes weaker than myth and there health is very VERY similar to myth.
Sparks123454 is very bad info gatherer

Jul 28, 2010
sparky159045 wrote:
rarakelley wrote:
I think it's life because it does not have many attack spells how does it fight?

Hey i am life i am really good with it. plus wothout life we would all die all the time. ya i know it does not have enough fighting spells but thats why you choose a secondary school :D

agreed,im life and got seraph wich costs 4 pips,by that time the monster has a +25% thing and i got +40%.Plus i passed balance school so i got 3rd school and its fire,and i got sun bird so far.( i didnt get the balance last spell which gives +35% of getting power pip.

Jul 28, 2010
Jan 03, 2009
I have seen alot(and when i say alot I mean ALOT)of people say ice.but if storm or fire is your secondary you do HUGE amounts of damage.I soloed WC,KT,MB and am working on Cave of solutude in MS.I am more than ready for DS.I have had a level 52 ask for help in CL(call me a noob if you want because I dont care)and defeated the guy I drew in. in my eye storm is a great secondary,but doesnt make up for 70% accuracy and low health if you have it as a main,Ice is a bad secondary and a PERFECT focus.I am a level 39 and all of it came from MY quests.personally i think storm life and balance are best for groups and death myth and ice solo well.i am not sure about fire.

Cody Sparklemask
39 thamaturge
Believe To Achieve

Oct 11, 2009
Myth. Definately Myth. You have to double trap the enemies when you use Minotaur and Orthrus. Myth has normal health. Its specailty is minions, but in higher worlds, they're pretty useless. Also, its spells are kinda weak. :|

May 28, 2010
Look everyone, there really is no worst school each school has is strenghts and weaknesses (maybe except for death and balance) but all schools are great but storm though frustrates me alot along with fire because of there high fizzle rate but they have the coolest and most powerful spells though. I made lvl 60 legendary pyromancer!!!

May 28, 2010
Penguin4ever wrote:
mpetersen68 wrote:
balance, myth, and ice dominate PvP/ life is the most popular second school/ fire rules through its multipule all spells combined with damage over turns/ deaths ability to attack and heal themselves is a great combo/ which leaves storm low health and high fizzle rate seems like a high price to pay for the ability to do the most damage per pip. so my vote goes for storm as the worse school.


*heavy panting*

Okay, I just want to say that storm is the most fun school I have played. My first wizard was Ice, I stuggled to level because of my weak attacks. Second was balance, I got bored because I kept on using the same attacks. Then came life, it was fun and all, but I found it annoying that I barely had any attack spells. Then came my STORM. It was so much fun! Sure, the fizzle rate is high, but we can get clothest that INCREASE OURACCURACY! That's what most people seem to think about storm.

Our accuracy is 70%!!
+Grand clothest accuracy boost, is that around 15-20%?
+Treasure cards
Almost 90% or so!

Storm hands down is the most fun school I've ever played through. With its high attacks I found it so much fun to overkill bosses. It was fun to solo through, but not easy! It's simply the beginning of storm, until about MB clothes level, that its fizzles finally let up. I suggest if you think storm is the worst school, make one yourself!

So, my conclusion for the worst school is: BALANCE
Although it may be good in the arena, it's not fun to have people complain about you. Sure, it seems strong, but it gets very boring. I'm not saying it's weak, but I just don't see how balance could be so good in anything else besides arena. No offense, but this is my conclusion.

Jennifer Angleweaver
Rachel Rainhave
Master of Ice and Storm


balance is not the worst school and storm isn't either don't go messing schools that other people enjoy. If you ask me the worst school is life since it has only 5 attack spells plus the new forest lord though it is fun to heal :D

Aug 31, 2008
austinsm7 wrote:
well, i think it is myth. storm might have a 75% chance, but it is powerfull.
I am a lvl 48 ice wizard and i wish i chosen lighting for my secondary school

There is a way you can get your training points back to get new spells. you talk to the bird guy in golem court. you can buy your training points back

Mar 25, 2009
peaches2matt wrote:
What is the worst school?

i think the worst school is storm because of 75% chance hitting the opponent. what's your opinion

well i have a storm wizard who just started DS. i think storm is the worst AND best school
Worst-horrible accuracy and health
Best-High attack power and awesome colors!

Jan 25, 2010
I am sick of this! There IS NO WORST! Every school has advantages and disadvantages!

Aug 13, 2009
MoniandDian4ever wrote:

No storm is actually one of the strongest. Its attacks are more powerfull than other schools. To me i think Ice isnt pretty strong it just has a lot of health o. o

Tatiana ThunderBlade lvl 43 Balance-

i agree on that

Dec 19, 2008
ThePieMaster wrote:
FlipFredFredBurger wrote:
Glitter10266 wrote:


So, you're wondering what the 'worst' school is?
I think that all schools are good, except for myth.
Sure some of the attacks look good, but do they really do good damage?
Next worst school is probably ice.

But that's just my opinion.

Grandmaster Life Wizard.
No to sound rude but heres an idea to all who say myth is worst (including the person i am quoting) MAKE A MYTH AND YOU TELL ME ITS THE WORST.

(btw DEATH IS. Without boosts and their overpowered traps, Death is weaker than like anything)

For those I am quoting and everyone no school is the worst they are all good for different reasons, and bad for different reasons. In my opinion I do think myth is pretty bad... but also death... now that I think about it maybe not myth...
I do not like the myth school because I have a lvl 30 myth wizard and it is hard to do any thing it is only good for minions you do not really get any attack spells so it is hard to do anything on your own 8) 8) 8) :) 8) 8) :x :x :-) :? :x :-o :-o :-) :-) :D :D

Jun 08, 2009
they are all good at different things
fire: damage over time
balance:weakening and strengthening
death: draining to heal themselves
chase swifthand
lvl 40 pyromancer if the mind is like a candle then the heart is like a flamequted from falmea

Jun 08, 2009
darkxmelody wrote:
Hey :)

How about, there is no worst school!

Each school definitely has it's advantages and disadvantages. However, it is up to the wizard his/herself to decide which is the best/worst for them.

Percentage wise, Life, with 90% accuracy, ranks as most accurate.
Strength wise, Storm, with it's pip level two spells as damaging as most other schools pip three levels, ranks as most fight appropriate.

This is not to say Ice, Balance, Death, Myth, and Fire are not good schools at all. I have a Balance Wizard and love her, but others think Balance is dull. Storm may be strong, but I personally have anxiety attacks about fizzling!

Choose the school YOU think is best.

All my luck,

thankyou for proving my point

Chase swifthand
lvl 40 pyromancer
if the heart is like a candle the heart is like a flame

Oct 26, 2008
Stormycloud123456 wrote:
Hey! Storm is my school! I have storm shark and it's cool! Though it can fizzle, it is cool to me! :( It is not nice to tease a school.

Brian Thundercloud, Level 17

I agree with you storm is awe some.

Apr 09, 2009
I think ice is the worst school because the only good thing about it is that you get a lot of health.I'd like to see a legendary of ice try to beat a legendary of storm.

Sep 04, 2009
there is no worst school and to all those thinking ice is the worst school then you have a problem and need to try ice your self

for the ice school all you have to do is learn how to use the health and attacks right all you have to d is blade up trap them and i got a evil snowman to hit around 558 using one blade and one trap

Jul 28, 2009
austinsm7 wrote:
well, i think it is myth. storm might have a 75% chance, but it is powerfull.
I am a lvl 48 ice wizard and i wish i chosen lighting for my secondary school
Myth is strongest it had lots of health and better chance of working and is strong i think ice is worst its to weak!!!!!

May 09, 2009
austinsm7 wrote:
well, i think it is myth. storm might have a 75% chance, but it is powerfull.
I am a lvl 48 ice wizard and i wish i chosen lighting for my secondary school

actually it has 70% chance

May 09, 2009
Well i have one of like every character so i've expeirienced all of them and there really isn't a worst school

i'm speaking as a balance person when i say, " all schools have there own advantages and disadvantages so it's up to you which one you like and dislike'

Nathan DragonShield
Level 60 Balance
Jeffery FireFist
Level 48 Fire
and so forth..

May 09, 2009
Ok, as someone said earlier, each school has it's roles
here they all are,

Life: to heal others and stay alive so that your team will last long, cause if you cant heal when you die, your dead until the battle is over

Ice: tanking and shielding to protect your team, using tower shield and taking damage so that the others can focus on attacking or healing.

Death: looking after yourself and lowering enemy healing spells, now when i say looking after yourself is by using stuff like wraith and scarecrow so that the life person doesn't have to worry about healing you as much.

Storm: attacking HARD, using stuff like triton, zilla, storm lord, and leviathen too get rid of the enemy quickly so you don't have to waste cards healing and buffing too much.

Myth: clearing the path and additional "help", using earthquake, minotaur orthrus, etc. to get rid of shields and charms so they have to put them on again.

Fire: annoying enemys with hanging affect, like with dragon dealing strong damage th first time and adding more damage to weaken them even further.

Balance: buffing and weakening while doing decent damage, like with power nova it damages them pretty well and lowers there next attack, and using balanceblade, elemental and spirit blades and traps to help teamates.

hope this helped to all you people who cant decide what to be because of stats and stuff

Jeffery FireFist
Level 48 Pyromancer, damager
over time 8

May 09, 2009
David8675309 wrote:
No offence to anyone, but i think fire is the worst although my first wizard was fire. I dont like fire because of all the DoT attacks. I dont like them because they take a while to do full damage. Heres an example. You are in a VERY important battle. You go first casting. You got REALLY lucky on your enemy's last attack because your health is in the single digits. You cast something like fire dragon or heckhound. Before i get into this, there is also the accuracy problem. 2nd lest for crying out loud! Back to the fight. The spell doesnt fizzle, and the spell doesnt quite kill. Before the spell takes the enemy down (which it would if it wasnt a DoT attack), your opponent kills you. :(

fire is not the worst, and hanging affects help. Ok, your all bladed up, you do a ton of damage with dragon but it doesn't quite kill them, but wait! right before they attack, they die!
P.S. there is no worst school

May 09, 2009
phoenix31111 wrote:
The 3 elements are worst because they easily got took down and put into a slumber by the 3 spirits. Storm and fire have bad accuracy and health, and ice just has bad attacks.But those are my opinions.

-Nathan Griffinstaff lvl 38

ok i have one of every school and most of them are lvl 60 so i know what i'm talking about when i say, every single school has ups and downs so why is every one saying that just because somehting has low accuracy or power that that specific school is bad? Are you people undertanding that KI did not create one school to be superior or inferior!!!!!!