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Whats the best school?

Feb 03, 2009
Hey guys Theforsakenwizard here.So lately i have been looking at all the schools of magic and have discovered so major differences, so just take a look and see what you make of it

Ok first off : As a ice wizard myself i really do enjoy this school, it's extreme health, beastly resists and massive damage (if done correctly) but when you get to a REALLY high level i think all that health and resist is a bit harsh on other schools. Ok first once you hit lvl 75 you start to become really beastly and overpowered. i mean you can have over 5000 health by then and at least 35 global resist which is terrifying to the weaker schools. Not only that but ice has tower shields which can shut down most schools who rely on no shields so they can kill the enemy. Yes i know storm can kill ice pretty easy but it takes a few big hits to shut down a fully powered ice. but the worse thing for other schools that ice can have over 7000 health!

Secondly, , In pvp this school scares everyone. Mostly when they get earthquake. But soon as they hit dragonspyre they kinda fail a bit. Their minions will become useless against most dragonspyre bosses and if they haven't took life as a secondary, they gonna really have a hard time soloing. And in later worlds it's like crawling through a desert filled with spikes. But other than that Myth is the most annoying school in the game to face and can easily get to a pvp warlord very quick.

Now lets take a look at death, Death is the solo school. We all know that. But once they hit dragonspyre battles get tiresome as they dont have scarecrow at there side yet which is a bit of a downfall (Unless they did wintertusk)
But once they hit scarecrow they can swiftly solo everything and leaving all the other schools mostly looking for teams to do there quests with (Mostly myth)
But as i noticed once they hit azteca they have to change alot as scarecrow isn't as effective on the 11 pip starting bosses and minions
For me death was nearly as fun to play as ice and storm. I enjoyed it.

Ugh i'm running out of words so i gotta make these short

Now, Storm is so op once they hit celestia and can solo pretty well with enough damage. Early game they couldn't really solo at all but once they pick up pace with damage and health it's like a breeze
Now storm is fun to play but frustrating when you just about to kill that boss and your on 8 health and you fizzle and he attacks you with a wraith or something. But storm is the most op school in the game
The only thing thats really bad is that they have no overtime spells(apart from storm elf )
So we have to keep waiting till one comes.

Now and are the support schools. Life is very powerful once they get forest lord and can swiftly solo many things once they get that. Now balance is good with a secondary at early levels so they can deal lots of damage but once they get power nova they have no need for one anymore.

Well i ran out of words.
Please give back feedback on what you think

Nov 14, 2010
there is no best wizard101 wouldn't do that btw its lol

Apr 20, 2013
Personally my two favs are life
and storm
Y because life and storm go perfect together! When storm is dieing and he/she fizzles the life is there to heal them. The storm does the strong attacks while the life does the healing

Jul 30, 2013
Feb 03, 2009
Update-Sorry for puttingand it was an accident it was meant to beand