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Whats the Best school?

Feb 14, 2010
LIFE is the best school because they can heal and with traps they can get good damage with nature wraith i am a level 16 life in krokotopia. also life is great when storm is your second school
because if your life you can use healing and decent attacks and if your second school is storm you get great damage,
i also am great at solo on bosses

May 29, 2009
My fav school all time is Myth. It may not do as much dmg as fire and storm, but the highest dmg my humungofrog has ever done is 1185. Also I like how you can get rid of sheilds. That is really useful for battling life and ice rank 4 monsters, cuz they have tower sheilds.

Second fav is Life. I mean it's not like you're gonna stick with pixie; come on! Plus that is my Myth wizards second school.

Death is ma third fav. I like how you can drain life. Plus after a year a made a new wizard and I took the quiz and I was death. Actually, I figured the quiz out. They take the schools you have, and whichever category you picked the most characteristics from they put on the gemstones. Then whichever gemstone you pick is your school. I guess that's why so many people are Fire.

Apr 10, 2010
All classes play equally well.. It's the person that plays the class that counts in the long run.

"Mortality is temporary, love is eternal..."
-Stephanie RubyCaster

Dec 28, 2009
amarveerthegreat wrote:
i'm a grand fire and i need to give you guys some information

Because i'm lvl 50 and i've done allot of pvp matches (ranked) it seems to me that:

Life is good because it can heal and heal other people

Fire is good because we got strong hits and i know how to kill in one hit
plus it works well with storm

Ice is good because it has tower shields and some good attacks

Balance is good because they can attack hard and apart from ice nobody else can shield there attack

Myth is good because of earthquake it can take out shields and absorbs and attack at the same time

Storm is good because it can do really hard attacks and plus they can work well with fire

Death is good because it can attack and heal at the same time and they can attack withought the absorbs getting in there way.

So as you can see every school has good points so i would think that all of the schools rock because they all have different abillites

Level 50 Grand Master :-)

I don't see the point of fire with storm. It's like bombing a city with two hydrogen bombs. You don't need all those high attack spells! Also, anyone can stop Balance, as I have pointed out on numerous other posts. You can use Weakness, Black Mantle, Tower Shield, Spirit Armor, or Ice Armor.
About this general discussion, I think that each school has its pros and cons, but I would have to say Death. Despite the low damage, it makes up for that by having tons of blades and traps. The draining makes it easy to survive, and Death has a very nice accuracy, 85%.

May 31, 2009
zorro11 wrote:
dagger44 wrote:
7. Ice
6. Myth
5. Fire
4. Balance
3. Life
2. Storm
1. Death

Life all the way down there?? I think it goes like this:
Okay, this is what I think. 1.Storm (strongest) 2.Fire 3.Death 4.Balance 5.Life 6.Myth 7.Ice(weakest) There, that's how they go in order.

Jun 19, 2009
zorro11 wrote:
Life,it's obvious! You get to HEAL! You and your friends actually get to stay alive once! Spells like absorb can help you for at least 3 powerfull rounds.
death you heal too i like puting together a lot of spells like feint curse and blade then use a spell that heals

Apr 10, 2010
May 30, 2009
Apr 30, 2009
Hmm... no school is actually the BEST, because each one has it's own advantages!


The School of Storm has the HIGHEST rate of damage in the entire game, but the lowest accuracy. I believe the Diviners have the lowest health and mana. Also, thier colors are the most expensive for clothes, if you havent noticed. Honestly, I'm guessing one item could sell for about 5 gold if it was all brown, and about 105 if it was all purple. Think about it.


Ice has the HIGHEST health, mana, and general defense in the game. They are the only school with a card that absorbs a certain amount of health per pip (Ice Shield) and the only cards that protect from all spells (Tower Shield - 50%) and do extra damage from all spells (Crush - 20%) Thier clothing prices are around average, and look totally cool. ;) White is the new black. Also, Ice has the lowest damage rates.


Fire has the most spells that do damage over time, and is known for that. They have the second lowest accuracy, and the second highest damage rate, which leads me to believe that they have the second lowest health and mana.


Life is the only school that restores health, and has an extremley helpful minion. ;) Imagine, 3 sprite cards going on you at once? That's about 270 health per turn. It has the highest accuracy, and fairly average attack. It's colors are green and brown, which are fairly cheep, as brown is the cheepest color on the market.


Death is the only school that with damage the opponent, and then steal some of the health.

Jun 11, 2009
I think balance is the best when you are in a small battle with a 200 lets say if you have stand storm or anything else like that card i forget the name but 100 per pip it helps al lot!

Mar 20, 2009
All schools are equil in their own ways so that means that who ever can spend the most crowns is the strongest. :D

May 30, 2009
ya no, i felt like saying myth is the best but i really think all are the same in coolness!

Feb 22, 2010
KiansDad wrote:
That's easy. Death school. They serve cookies.
they do?!?!?!?!

Feb 15, 2009
Jul 15, 2009
sloop9024 wrote:
I have a wizard in every school ( Myth is my Fav) and I want to know what your fav school is. PleaseTell me why you like your school and your fav spell. And don't forget the schools are Fire

Death Balance Myth


Ice Storm

Let me get this straight there is no best school all schools rule. If all of them were the same then it would be boring. All schools have advantages and disadvantages. I am fire and I have to say that every school ROCKS!

Hope this helps everyone realize that every school is equal no matter how different they are ;)

Apr 06, 2010
7. Balance
6. Fire :-o
5. Myth
4. Life
3. Death
2. Ice
1. Storm :D

Brian Thundercloud, Level 21 :D Storm :D Wizard

May 21, 2009
I think Balance and Life are the best schools.

I have a life wizard and I like that life has a bunch of healing spells, but life has little attacks .

Balance is good beacuse you can pick any secondary school and you have the element and spirit baldes, traps, and sheilds for free .

I also think Death is good because there are the attack and heal spelle and they have feint, which is awesome. and storm is good because of the power the spells have.

Jul 04, 2009
4. Death
6. Balance

~Gabriel Rubyblood lvl 31 fire wizard :)

Mar 27, 2009
storm school Low health most powerful spells most powerful spell wild bolt storm only end of marlybone 1000 damage 10% accuracy

Mar 27, 2009
ice has best health storm is most powerful so............

Be ice and train storm
health power

Jan 07, 2010
this is totally a matter of opinion. in my opinion its a tie between life and death. they both heal. i have had grandmasters in every class except balance (thats my friends thing) i think this because life and death both heal and have the best accuracy (life has 5% better though). and the fact is that they both can deal some pretty good damage. thats what i think. i am more death( ) but life is cool too. DEATH AND LIFE FOREVER!

Apr 25, 2010
Well it can depend on how you use the schools. So I'll just list the Pros and cons.

1. Fire
Pros: Ok accuracy, good damage, DOTS, average health
Cons: Hard time soloing with multiple enemies.

2. Storm:
Pros: High damage
Cons: High fizzle rate and low health.

3. Ice:
Pros: High health
Cons: Pretty weak attacks

4. Life:
Pros: Lots of health and healing
Cons: Not many actual attacks

5. Death:
Pros: Pretty good damage and gives health to you from attacks
Cons: Doesn't have any DOTS

6. Myth:
Pros: Can summon minions
Cons: Somewhat weak damage

7. Balance:
Pros: A bit of every kind of spell
Cons: Somewhat weak damage

I am a Fire/storm and I have to say, with those two schools the damage can be incredible! I think that some of the schools though, should be chosen as a secondary school like storm because good damage but high fizzle rate if your a storm wizard (don't get me wrong I think that storm doesn't have it too ba, just the fizzle that the fizzle can be a little to high for my liking), myth because of the minions, and life because of healing.

Again this is to my limited knowledge. I'm only a level 12 pyromance at this moment.

Nov 11, 2009
DarkStorm824 wrote:
KiansDad wrote:
That's easy. Death school. They serve cookies.

Come to the dark side! We got cookies! xD
Only DARK chocolate though, well what else do you think?


Apr 08, 2010
Dec 14, 2009
It all depends on how you use the spells. But storm is my favorite! Yes they have low health, but with their spells they can get the enemy's health as low or even lower. And when you get grandmaster clothes and arena gear your accuracy isn't bad.