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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Aug 02, 2009
I'll do it for my two favorite wizards
Lucas LifeGiver (I made a boy for the fun of it) and
Kailtlyn IceRiver

Kaitlyn IceRiver (Ice/Balance)

Spell Casting- A-/A+
Paying Attention- C+/A-
Deck Organization- A/B-
Pet Training- F/A+
Patience(Ice wizards get graded on patience)- D+

Overal Grade- C+/A

Teacher Comments
Professor Greyrose- She's a good student but needs to work on her patience. I think that she also needs to get new pets because they harass the ice students. Other than that she is a good student and would promise any novice or apprentice eternal help.
Authur Wethersfield- She is a good student and she loves to learn balance. I'm almost convinced that she's actually a sorcerer
Krok Teacher Guy- I think she's an amazing student. Although she steps on my tail as a joke. She needs to work on how she behaves.
Professor Ambrose- She'll surely be the one to defeat Mallistaire for good. But as Greyrose says, she needs to work on her patience.

Now Lucas LifeGiver (Life)

Spell Casting- B
Paying Attention- A+
Deck Organization- B+
Pet Training- N/A (Doesn't have pets yet)

Overal Grade- A

Teacher Comments
Professor Wu- A great student indeed! He loves to learn life. He will put other people first before him.
Ambrose- He is a great student. I think that he needs to learn that some people aren't important to the battle

There's the report card's for my wizards. No wizards are perfect even grandmasters.

Dec 19, 2009
Wolf Skyshard


Spell casting; B+

Paying attention; A+

Desk organization; C-

Pet training; A-

Assignments; B+

Overal; B+

Comments; "Wolf is very attentive and takes to spells quickly. However, he has shown some slightly poor judgement by choosing Ice as his second spell type."

Madame Falmea

"Wolf is a wonderful student. He has so much potential! I believe he has what it takes to become a master Thaumaturge!"

Proffessor Greyrose

Feb 08, 2009
oran redshade, death school
lvl: 48
stradegy: A+
paying attention:c
pet care: it's suppose to be dead already, so, N/G

teacher note: the guys insane, he doesnt care if he gets hurt, he just wants to hit hard so he can drain someones soul, uses each card to its fullest, even if the fullest ends up almost killing him, one track mind, and too hastey, just jumps into battle without thinking about his health.

that is what i think, i dont know if i am exagerating with the fullest thing, i use feint to put traps on me and my enemie, then sacrifice to get rid of it, and then heal me at the same time, you decide if i am getting a swelled head or not.

May 23, 2009
I'm goiong to do my wizad Aaron life (i think you know class).

Casting spells- A-
Paying attention- A
Strategy- B-
Pet training- A+
Organization- C+
Quests- B+

Overal- A+

Comments from Wu: Oh, Aaron Life, he loves his pet Bubba although he doesn't really have a strategy. He loves the spell Rebirth and Centaur he also learned Ice and a little Death (ugh that malistaire). But Aaron Life is one of my best Life students

Nov 23, 2008
Rebecca Lotusleaf
secondary ice
level 26

Deck orginazation:Life:B


Pet training:life:A



comments:wu:she loves healing and is realy happy with the satyr, her teleporting is mostly good withe a few mistakes, and her attakes are good, the only real problem is with deck orinization perhaps a larger deck?

Deck orginazation:ice:B


Pet training:ice:A


comments:greyrose:her teleporting is mostly good withe a few mistakes, and her attakes are good, the only real problem is with deck orinization perhaps a larger deck?

headmasters notes: she is an extrodinary student and hot on the trail of the krokanomicon in marleybone.

Jan 30, 2009
i have had many ideas about this, and i think that when you learn a new spell, your teacher has to appove if you are ready to learn the spell, if you dont pass the exam, then you have 3 tries a day, also, the idea of real wizard report cards would be cool, or an arena report card

Feb 08, 2009
Over all I think the game is great. They are getting new people every day. And I am nearly finished with my second level 50 character. I would love to be able to earn all that xp I got robbed of since Mooshu. Who know what level I'd be today. Close to 60 I'd think.

Anyways, the developers are aware that higher level content is required for veterans to stay in the game. I am very happy that they have decided to move forward more cautiously. They want to get it right.

And as they've done thus far, I'd say that the best indicator for the future is the past and what you learned about it. So the outcome will hopefully be worth the wait!

Oct 30, 2008
Wolf StormFlame

Spell Casting: B+
Paying Attention: A-
Deck Organisation: D+
Assignments (quests): A+
Pet Training: C-
Fizzle: C+
Overall: B+

Comments: Quick learner. Pure fire spirit.

Aug 23, 2009
here is mine
Matthew Seastone LVL 30 pyromancer

Spell Casting- A+

Paying Attention- G(dont even ask what it means

Deck organization- A

Pet Training- C+

monster knowledge- B+

Range of spells- C

Overall- A

comments from Falmea

oh one of my best students. Has all star qualities and i see great things for him. Intellegence,strength,and he always adds a tiny customation by always saying after casting fire spells "draconi gronde" which in latin means fire enhancer. Also he always does a round with bosses to examine their strategy and loses on purpose to be better prepared. this the kind of student teachers always hope to find and those only come once a generation

Jan 30, 2009
Blaze EmeraldBlade: Fire Grandmaster full report card

Pet Training:B
Arena:A+(warlord 956)
Deck Construction:A+
Paying Attention: Is there a worse grade than an F?
Teacher Comments:Blaze is a very good student, other than the fact that he sleeps in class, I ask him why, and his response is, "I stayed up all night playing Wizard101." He does not use his pets much, but when he does it is a great preformance for the whole class. he only has 3 full quests to go (Ravenscar, Dragonspyre Crafting and a side quest in Mooshu), and i would reccomend him for gifted spell-learning, current grade, 50, preffered placement, gifted level 52, wait, nevermind, there is none, Signed, Dalia(dont know if that's spelled right) Falmea

Nov 16, 2009
spells: B-
paying attention: F-
strategy: A+
pet: training: N/A(no pet)
Organization: c
Quests: c

overall: C+

Teacher notes: Could do better if he had ANY attention span AT ALL.
From: Malorn Ashthorn

Teacher notes: Haven't really had him long enough to know much but he is a pretty good student so far
From: Dworgyn

May 03, 2009
OK, mine would more than likely go like this:

Deck Orginization A+ (I remake each day)
Stratigy B+
Pet Control ********** It's been like that ever since "The Incident"
Behavoir in Class Z-

Comments: A level 40 in MB. If he would start doing main quest he might be in DS. Consently running in streets getting caught. His Spider Queen pet is still in Newgate Prison, ever since "The Incident" Poor Sylva Drake. We all miss you.

Jul 19, 2009
I got a death wizard and a storm wizard.

Paul Storm Wielder

Spell casting: A+
Pet training: B
Deck organization: A-
Paying attention: B-
Quests: A

Comments from Halston Baelstrom:
Paul is a great student. He always has a one hit kill. But his Storm Zilla always pees on my carpet!

Comments from Dworgyn: He's a good student ... Thank bartleby Malistaire didn't train him. He would have destroyed us all!!!!

Comments from Marlorn Ashthorn: He's a great student. Hehehe a student taught by a student. But he has bested me.

Cyrus drake: I hate him! He is storm and storm is bad!

Me: Cyrus why are you always on my report card! I beat you once and I'll do it again!

Paul Death Hand

Spell casting: A
Pet training: A+
Deck organization: A-
Paying attention: B-
Quests: A+
Overall: A-

Dworgyn: He is a great student! I gave him a spell quest at lv 38 then the next day he is ready for Wraith!

Marlorn Ashthorn: He's a good student. He learned death prism with in a day. (lv 12)

p.s. i heard his brother took him to Marley Bone to level up.

Mar 30, 2009
um i don't really know because my teacher is so nice so she might give me all A's but i don't know

Spell casting: B+

Paying Attention: B+

Pet Training: C ( because all my pet wants to do is dance lol )

Deck: B

OverAll: B +

Teachers notes: Megan is one of my top studends, she works hard when she wants to. She has saved my homeland and she always comes to class on time or she is a little late when ever i see her pet he is happy but she might want to feed him a little more. she has a very nice home and is full of light and happy ness ( thats not a word right? )

Secondary school teacher notes: well i don't see her often but she is happy when ever i see her. i just wish she would stop singing that song that her life teacher sings, and always asks if any grandmasters that are top in my class want to add her. But other then that she is a joy.

Megan School of life Lvl 49 ( soon to be 50 ) gets a B+

Aug 24, 2009
I'm Death so my report card would be:
Spell Accurency: A
Spell Strengh: C+
Paying Attention: B
Pet Training: D-
EVILNESS : A++++++++++++++++++
Alexander Deathheart Level 50 Necromancer

Dec 19, 2009
Katie Goldenheart


Spell casting; A-

Paying attention; C-

Desk organization; D-

Pet training; A+

Assignments; A-

Overal; B-

Comments from Moolinda Wu; Katie has the makings of a fine Life Wizard. She is joyful and happy most of the time, though she has a tendancy to get distracted.

Comments from Cyrus Drake; I strongly dislike Katie. She has far too much energy and is too bubbly. I wish she could have chosen another school.

Aug 23, 2009
here is what my wizard 101 report card would be...

spell casting:A-
PvP:(ranking) killer of lvl...um, !!! 1?

comments:exellent student exept needs to learn how to use shiels better!!!

Dec 05, 2008
Amy HawkMender- Level 50 Life/Ice.
Spell Casting: A+
Attention in Class: C
Deck Contruction: C+
Pet Training: A++
Tasks: B-

Spell Casting: C
Attention in Class: C-
Deck Contruction: B+
Pet Training: A++
Tasks: D

Comments for Ms. Wu: Amy really doesnt pay attention in class but handles the spells like a pro. She has over 30 pets and takes care of each one extremly well. She's really quiet in class, and only talks when she answers a question or when she is partner up with one of her friends for a group task. All she needs to work on is her deck constuction.

Comments for Ms. Grayrose: Ms. HawkMender is quite the life wizard. She daydreams all day but still manages to get every ice spell right on the first try. The only time she doesnt day dream is when she's near her best friend in class. She needs to work on her tasks by her self once and a while, she cant rely on her best friend to help her out on every task I give her.

Jun 05, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

My new char is lvl 46 storm.
His report card would say:

Spell Casting: A-

Paying Attention: A+

Deck Organization: B+

Pet Training: A

Overall Grade: A

I am a good student :P lol

May 19, 2009
My teacher is Moolinda i think she might give me ...

Spell Casting A+
Paying Attention F-
Deck Organization A+
Pet Training A+
Showing up for Class D
Doing Quests B

Comments: calls in sick a lot steals from other students
and brings cats and dogs to school a lot P.S. dont say bird to the pets or you'll go home with no arm or leg. seriously

from Madison FireTail life lvl 48

steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

Dec 27, 2008
Well... based on the way I play the game, THIS IS MY REPORT CARD!

Spell Casting= B+ ( Barely ever fizzles)

Strategy= A+ ( He uses everything to his advantage, he once beat me in a duel when I took my eyes off the field... THAT DONUT LOOKED SO TASTY SO DONT BLAME ME!)

Paying Attention= C+ ( I don't know if he is listening or devising a plot to dominate Mooshu)

Deck Organizing= A ( I just found out that is what he does when he isn't listening )

Pet Training= A+++ ( He trains his pet so well sometimes he decides to get his pet to sit down during class and learn. His pet, Lord Fluffy the Helephant, is also a faithful companion and has won him many matches)

Courage= A+ ( He is extremely courageous, he enters battles that are seemingly impossible!)

Judgement Defense= F---------------------------------------------------------------

Team Work= A+++++ ( He sometimes sacrifices himself to save his team mates)

Overall Grade: A

Student: Blaze SunWielder, Level 50 Fire Wizard
Teacher: Professor Dalila Falmea, also makes comments.

Feb 14, 2009
Lenora SkyWhisper
35 Magus Conjerur
Cyrus Drake

Summoning Minions: A+++
Deck Construction:B-
Training Pets: A+
Pays Attention: A+
Spell Casting: A-
Healing: A+
Not Talking: A++ ( She very rarely talks)
Quests: B+
Mount Training: A++++

Cyrus Drake: She is one of my best students. She never gave up. She even once beet a GrandMaster Storm by herself! I was so proud. She summons the strongest minions. Four pips for cyclops always. She very rarely fizzles. Does not talk and pays GREAT attention. She can not wait till she gets minotaur minion. Training her pets are easy for her. Her little Baby Lily is SOOOOO cute. So is her Big Charity Mewomodon. She trained her so well her mount even lets me ride her.
Me: Mr. Drake Baby Lily Is a FEROCIOUS WILDCLAW it is not cute nor cuddly.
Cyrus Drake: So defensive though. Right now we are working on her Deck Consruction. BUt anyways she is one of my best students and can not wait till she is a grand master.
Me: Cyrus Drake. I beat a Storm GrandMaster in a rank pvp!
Cyrus Drake: Myth is better than storm i told that silly old frog.
Prof BaleStrom: You are correct
Cyrus Drake: Told Ya
Moolinda Wu: Even though i am her secondary teacher she is one of my best healers. Always saving up pips just to heal her friends. As Cyrus said She is a very good student. I am very proud of her. But VERY defensive.
Me: Why Thank You
Merle Ambrose: She does have the best report card out there and is a very good myth student. She is my favorite

Nov 27, 2009
here is mine:
Nicole Firecaster: Fire and Death school
spell casting: B

listening: F

deck construction: C+

pet training: D+

What Dalea Falmea would say: She is a wonderful student, but needs to stop fizzling.

Aug 13, 2009
Life: A

Death: B-

Myth: C+

Balance: B

Fire: A

Storm: D

Ice: A

Fizzles: A

Pet Training: F

PvP: F

Deck Organization: B+

Healing: A+

Damaging: A

Charms: A+

Wards: A+

Traps: A+

Auras: A

Minion Usage: F-

Polymorphing: A

Single-Auras: B+

Enchantments: A+

Global Usage: A

Criticals: A

Blocks: C

Resistances: A

Damage-Boosts: A

Power Pips: B

Precision Addition: D

Healing Addition: A

Pet Usage: A+

Wand Affectiveness: A+

Ability to break Shields: F

DoT's: B-

Per-Pip spells: B-

HoT's: A+

Patience: A

Professor's Comments:

You are a very good student, Matthew! You've improved since you first learned Imp from me! Now you're using Forest Lord, instead!

Thank you for being such a good student,

Moolinda Wu-Professor of Life.

Sep 04, 2008
Ok, here is the report card of my favorite Wizard

Jessica Starrider

Spell casting: B

Paying attention: B

Deck Strategy: A

Strategy: C-

Pet training: C

Overall Grade: B


"Jessica is an overall very good student, but she should quit worrying about her health so much. And I think she is doing a wonderful job training her pet Dragon." ~Proffesor Flamea