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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

May 28, 2009
DouDou123 wrote:
:) :) :)
I already posted one but it hasn't showed up yet so i am posting another

Intellect- A++

Strategy- A

Deck Orginization- A+

Paying Attention- A-

Attendace- A-

Pet Training- B (Me: You dropped your sword again Buddy (Jade Oni)????)
(Buddy: Honk!!!! (elephant noises)

Homework- A

Balance- A+++
Storm- A
Ice- A
Fire- A-
Life- A+
Death- A+
Myth- A- ( i was doing fine but Professor Drake had to minus my points :( :( )

Author Wethersfield, Balance Assistant: Ryan Lotusgarden is doing a smashing job! He has completed the beginners part of Balance and saved Wizard City in only a few days! Truly one of my best students! His attention though is lacking a few points. But still Jolly Good lad!

Professor Alhazred, Balance Teacher: Ah yesssss. Ryan Lotusgarden is doing a fine job of keeping balance. His Intellect and many other skills are much above my expectations. But he lacks pet training as his Jade Oni Pet always drops his sword in class. He also sometimes talks to much and not paying attention but he is doing well. He is truly one of my best few pupils. He could take on Myth Wizards any day!

Cyrus Drake: You wrinkly old krok! *sneers* He couldn't even defeat a mindless troll let alone one of my pupils! Even my weakest students could take on Death!

Dworgyn: How dare you! Beware my powers Cyrus! They are beyong those of any of your puny wizards! My Death Wizards shall over throw you with only 1 Wraith! And only 1 banshee could take down a Forest Lord!

Moolinda Woo: My My! Such harsh words. I don't mean to be hasty or rude but i am sure my wonderful intelligent therugists could easily take down a banshee. We don't need so much rucuss!

Lydia Greyrose: Of course Moolinda. They always fight over who's more powerful. But i don't mean to brag but my Frost Giants and my Thaumaturges might easily take down some dragons.......

Madame Dalia Falmea: O Lydia! You have such a humor! *smile* I know Ice is a very powerful magic but come on. Some Frost Giants taking on my dragons????? I think not! Even my Sunbird can take down a Kraken!

Halestrom Baleston: Ahhhahahahahhah! Such imagination you have Dalia! You would make a wonderful Diviner or even an inventor! Ahhahah! A sunbird taking down a Kraken hahahh! Dalia, Dalia my friend we all know the Tritons went to slumber to make peace not because they were cowards. A single Storm Shark could take down a sunbird! Ahahah!

Alhazred: Alright, Alright. Enough roughousing. It does not matter. Let's just mind our own buisness and go back to work.

Other teachers: Alright.

Srry for all the fighting going on! Hope you liked it!

Yes, i like it. Hehehe, maybe you will with me both be a good comedy director! At least my teacher say that i will be a great one.

Dec 17, 2009
Jasmine icecrafter

stragtegy: B-
paying attention:D-
pet training:F

Professer Falma: Jasmine is a very good student, who should work on leveling up faster. She loves her element and uses it well. Sometimes I think she has a fire were her heart is, yea she loves fire THAT much.
She truely is one of my favorite students.

Sep 30, 2010
New n improved report card XD:

John Ashblade
level: 58
title: dragonspyre master

accuracy: B

damage: A+

homework: B

paying attention: D

pet training: C

quests: C

strategy: A+

overall: B

Oct 09, 2010
Megan Frostcaster's report card. (2nd semester.)


Healing- A

Attacking- B (Not entirely my fault for low damage rates...)

Paying Attention- B-

Deck- A

Pets- C

Fizzling- B+

Overall- A

Storm (2nd school)

Healing- F--------- (Come on, no heal spells from Balestrom?!)

Attacking- A+++++++ (WOO HOO KRAKEN)

Paying Attention- C

Deck- A

Pets- C

Fizzle- D (75% accuracy :? )

Overall- B+

Teach comments:
Moolinda Wu :
Truly a great theurgist. Megan believes in the magic of life and always excited to learn more spells. Too bad she fizzles occasionaly, but overall, one of the greatest theurgists alive.

Halston Balestrom :
Ah, Megan is a remarkable student! Just loves the Storm spells... and can't get enough of them. She is an amazing student to have!

Cyrus Drake :
*Sigh* Do I care about this student!?

Moolinda & Halston:

Me: What the...!?

-Megan Frostcaster Lvl. 33 Life Wizard

May 27, 2010
Here's mine. :)
Justin IceFlame
Level 60 Ice Student
Title: Grandmaster Artisan
Spells: A
Strategy: A
Paying Attention: C( I easily get distracted so don't be surprised)
Deck Organization: A
Pet Training: B+
Overall: A-
Greyrose: Ah, what a wonderful student such a pleasure to have in class, I only wish he would pay more attention.
Cyrus: O what a pity that this young wizard doesn't focus more then I wouldn't despise him so much.
Falmea: A good student with amazing potential.
Alhazred: A truly remarkable student, balanced out in his studies and very well rounded a pleasure to teach.
Wu: A good student who most of the time puts his friends ahead of him who will come to the rescue when needed, if only he listened more.
Dworgyn: Ah yes well a good wizard indeed but he doesnt have much of the makings of a death wizard.
Baelstrom: AH yes yes yes a remarkable student with unbelievable capabilities! Now if only he would be more focused.

Apr 28, 2010
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

Here is mine:
Gabriel Starcatcher (Life)

Spell Casting: A+ I use my most important spells and rarely fizzle.

Paying Attention: A+ I pay attention to Ms. Wu when she is teaching.

Deck Organization: A+ I organize my deck in a way to get what I need when I need it.

Pet Training: A- I train my pets but I get bored and leave after a while even though I got my Satyr to ancient (I used two Mega Snack Packs and a Mega Snack I got at bazaar).

Overall: A

Gabriel StarCatcher, Legendary Theurgist, Spiral Geographer

Jul 21, 2009
My new report card everyone

Wulfric Von Shadowgem's Report Card

Death: A+
Myth: G------
Life: C+( Don't tell any one, but my Summer Dragon helped me get that)
Storm: B+
Ice: D
Fire: A+
Balance: A+
Strategy: A+
Deck Constrution: B+
Pet Training: B+( Lowered bacause I let all of my pets at Cyrus when I defeated him. He lost his big toe because of my Summer Dragon, Lord Honey. I had alot of pets)

Teacher's Comments:

Mr. Balestrom: Good student and has the additute of a happy Diviner.

Miss Greyrose: Wolf cannot stand the cold and he cannot be patient to draw the ice symbol.

Miss Flamea: Loves the fire and cast a pair of Firecats at the first try

Dworgyn and Malorn Ashthorn: He rapidly went from 25 to 53 within a year of wizard training. He will be sure to be able to cojure an Skeletal Dragon

Mr. Drake: That boy is a menace to me! He put thorns on my seat and i had to pick them all out! And he sicked his pets on me once. That smart aleck is not going to survive Celstia cracking jokes.

Miss Wu: He has the personality of a thorn but when it comes to friends, he is as gentle as a lotus petal. And even thought he uses his summer Dragon to help him, I appreciate that he not so gloomy.

Krok: He is one of the only students able to handle the power of the Balance and is destined to Balance, even thought he choose Necromancy.

Mr. Ambrose: Marvelous and a true prodogy at Fire, Death and Balance. He is even good with the new aura spells the Celestians taught him. He was originally supposed to be a Sorcerer but he wanted to be a Necromancer. He turned down divine power of Balance because he said he went nutty with power. Goodness knows how much powerful of a Sorcerer he could have made............................................

Jan 03, 2010
LegoFan6113 wrote:
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

Here is mine:
Gabriel Starcatcher (Life)

Spell Casting: A+ I use my most important spells and rarely fizzle.

Paying Attention: A+ I pay attention to Ms. Wu when she is teaching.

Deck Organization: A+ I organize my deck in a way to get what I need when I need it.

Pet Training: A- I train my pets but I get bored and leave after a while even though I got my Satyr to ancient (I used two Mega Snack Packs and a Mega Snack I got at bazaar).
Overall: A

Gabriel StarCatcher, Legendary Theurgist, Spiral Geographer

Seriously, Gabriel? Crazy.
Here's mine.

Matthew IceFlame

Spell Casting: C+[I'm Fire. Most of my spells have 75% accuracy. What do you expect? A+?]

Paying Attention: E[ I want to get the spell, not listen to "blah blah blah" by the teacher! No offense.]

Deck Organization: A[Especially when I got my Phoenix!]

Pet Training:B-[I spend way too much gold on pet snacks! Other then that I'm OK.]

Amd, finally, Strategy: B+[Pretty darn smart! Me: "Smarter than Albert Einstein!" Strategic.]

Overall:Um, well, er, I'm way, way, too young to figure that out. I'm not old! I'm not old!

Professor Falmea: He is one of the most fiery, energetic students in my class. He is great in organizing his deck when he gets a new spell, and has many fire spells already. If only he would stop cutting me off from my lecture about his new spell when he runs away like a Marleybone criminal cat. If only he was a little slower... and a little more considerate... that would be nice... like pie.

Professor Balestrom: My my! Matthew absolutely loves the Storm school and is the only school that he spends his Training Points on-for now. Once, he looked at me with those big, blue eyes and asked for the Kraken, politely. I said "Well, of course, Matthew!" And he got the spell. He said thanks and raced out of the building so quickly that, a few days later, a tiny lightning bolt came down from the ceiling in the middle of class and shocked a student. How did he get so fast?

Moolinda Woo: Who the Leprechaun are you talking about? Oh, Matthew IceFlame. Oh, yeah. Well, he was a tall, sweet, kind boy. Very tall. [Thinking"I'm not completely focused here!"] He used to have his Training Points invested in me, until he changed his secondary school to Storm.
Curse you, Professor Balestrom!

Professor Balestrom: Watch it, Woo. These hands that I have are small, but they can deal massive damage in Ninja Pig style. With my furious feet of fury, I can kick better than a watermelon could slap a window.

Cyrus Drake: Hey! Ninja Pigs is my spell, darn froggy! If you boast about your tiny body with my spells, then take this: My magical hands can deal more damage than your Stormzilla could even try to inflict on Godzilla in a battle.

Me: I'll destroy you, Cyrus, if you don't get off my report card right now!

Cyrus: Flabbergabber! [Walks away].

Me: Finally! Alone at last... oh, hi, Professor Greyrose. What? What are you talking about? I never learned any ice spells! Oh.....wait, I did. Oh well, this post is too long for that. See ya in the Spiral, Matthew IceFlame

Aug 18, 2010
mine would be

Char armor set up: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Power: A+++

knowledge of battle: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sep 02, 2009
Blaze FireSpear

Spell Casting: A

Fizzleing Chances: C- (The lower the better!)

Pet Training: B+ (Gotta Lotta!)

Paying Attention: C-



Teacher Notes: Blaze is a young funny and silly student loves learning new spells and enjoys getting quests to take down the Red Claw! Only Lvl.25 Blaze is great student to have. -Dalia Falmea

Mar 17, 2010
ROBERT EARTH BREAKERS lvl. 46 pyromancer report card:
paying attention - A
homework - A
pet training - A-
strategy - A
deck org- A
spell casting- A-
mount training- A+

halston: doesn't come by often although he is a great wizard.
greyrose: who?
falmea: he is an exellent wizard, always eager to get more spells. he helps me grade papers and wants to learn more after class.
malorn: he knows every death spell and is a realy good wizard all in all.
dwogyn: who? oh him! yes he is great. he stopped by often.
cyrus: he beat me when i had to see if he's ready for dragonspyre, i don't like him.
wu: i don't regonize the name.

Apr 18, 2010
Here's mine.
Everthing A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ lol
Everthing A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ lol

Oct 08, 2010
Life- A+
Fire- B
Ice- D
Storm- B
Myth- F
Death- F-

I'm not doin' too good right now! Cyrus Drake and I don't get along
too well and I HATE DEATH! I don't even bother studying it!
I have only used a death spell a few times in my whole life! But
you cant blame me! Life is what I LIVE for!

May 05, 2009
Name Jessica Icegem
paying attention:C
Assignments B
Strategy B
Attacks C
Deck a+

Cooments: Lidya Greyrose; A wonderful student. Needs to get healing spells though. Always is changing her deck to adapt to her challenge. She is always in the arena too. Always is showing of in class.
Falmaea: I have never seen her in my class.
Cyrus:A poor escuse for a wizard.

Aug 10, 2009
I sure hope Profesor Falmea and the Balnce teacher read this. :D

Alexander Dragontamer Level 28
1st: FIRE 2nd: BALANCE Teacher: Profesor Falmea 2nd teacher: (I forgot his name)

paying atention: B
doing all quests: A+
uses all new spells: A++:)
Deck: A+
Strategy: A+
Attacks: A+
Healing: C+
PvP: B+

Over all: A+ Sudent

Jul 28, 2009
this is my wizard named Destiny DeathBlade

Paying Attetion: C+
Quests: B+
Healing: D-
Sorting Deck: A+
Stratagy: C-
Learning Spells: A+
Pet Traning: F-

Comments: Cyrus: she can do better than this i want all A+
Falmaea: She always wants to be the star of the class
all was showing off showing her spell deck and is a faboulas

Apr 30, 2010
Aaron Firestone

Spell Casting: A (yay)
Paying Attention: B- (uh oh)
Deck organization: D+ (I didn't know this was gonna be on the test! :? )
Quests: A (oh yeah)
Pet Training: A
Coolness: A+ 8)

Comments: Aaron needs to work on paying attention in class and must actually read the quests before he runs out to do them (I'm sorry ) But he is a bright student who has learned many powerful spells and developed a wonderful strategy. His deck is messy and disorganized but somehow he manages to win more battles then he loses (ah hem- all
battles.....okay most.......okay some, geez stop looking at me like that!) He has completed most of his quests and is now finishing the world of CL with his grandmaster spell efreet, the strongest spell i can teach him so far. Learning in class is not the best place for Aaron to be, he much perfers it out on the field actually testing his knowledge.

(I'm gonna be dead for getting that D+)
Best wishes to all of you other wizards, and hopefully you have better report cards :? :-)

Jul 13, 2009
Amber Stormsong
Level 40 diviner

Attack strengh: A (duh I'm storm)
Defense: D+ (I would rather kill it before it could kill me XD )
Deck: B- (it works but not perfect)
Attitude: A++++ (ok that's true but how did that get on a report card?)
Pet Training: F (I take care of my pet fire cat,queen kitty, but she isn't very "well behaved" :P )
Quests: C (I haven't done any in a while)
Paying Attention: D (listening to a teacher really isn't all that fun)

Teachers notes:
HB: very good student, but Amber could improve on her defense and listening. Other than that a great pleasure to have in class.

CD: HA yeah right! She let her fire cat loose on my whole class room! All my papers burned all the walls singed! Ambrose never listens to me when I say all storm are completey BOTHERSOME. I say that they can all just leave!

HB: why are you even here? She isnt myth-

CD: ofcourse not! No wizard that unable to do any good would be myth!

HB: oh yeah! What about all the wizards who have beaten you! You say my students are weak just look at yourself!

MW: STOP FIGHTING! Ok, now will you Cyrus stop going on non-myth students reprt card!

MA: no keep fighting! Moolinda you just ruined it!

MW: I didn't ruin anything! They needed to stop fighting! Now-

Me: um can EVERYONE stop!? And for the people who aren't my teacher, GET OFF MY REPORT CARD!!!!! Thank you :) .

Jan 24, 2010
DarkHeart, Gabrielle (Master Necromancer, Level 44)

Spell Casting- B+
Paying Attention- A-
Strategy- A+
Pet Training- B-
Organization- A+
Quests- B+

Overall- A-

Comments: Great student who pays attention well. She needs to work on concentrating on her quests a little more. She also needs to work on training her pets which she doesn't do a lot of. But, otherwise, she does amazingly well during battle.

Apr 09, 2009
This would be mine,

Spell Casting, A-

Paying attetion C-

Deck Organazion Bt

Pet Trianing B

that would be mine.

Sean EarthWalker Level 60 fire.

Oct 14, 2008
My main school is Balance.

Mary Ravengem:
Balance: A++++ I LOVE BALANCE! :D
Death: B
Sun: A
Star: A+ (I love star too, lol)
(Soon to be schools when i get more training points)
Moon: B+
Life: B+
Storm: B+
Other stuff, ya know
Paying Attention: B-
Citizenship: A+
Effort: A-
Homework: B+
Class work: A

Main school teachers (Balance):
Mr. Wethersfeild:
Mary is very intelligent, yet very social. She likes to sneak jokes and occasionally pass notes, however, besides those annoying habits, she is very smart and confident.
Alahzred (did i spell his name right??):
A wonderful student! Chatty, yet independent and confident in her work. She likes to turn in things on time, although sometimes she rushes too much in her work! She always seemed to love to talk, and make people laugh around her... I hope she is well.
-Mary ravengem, Balance, Death, Sun, Star, lvl 60

Sep 19, 2010
Greyrose I hope you dont hit me with ice collosus after this

Cole DragonRider

Startegy: B-
Paying Attention: A+
Pet Training: C-
Strength: A

Greyrose comment probably be: He pays attention and is strong, but he needs to strategize or his strength might be worthless.

Dec 20, 2008
Chris WaterBlade lvl 60 storm

Spell Casting A+ (I barely fiz lol )
Paying attention B
Deck Organization A+
Pet Training A+
PvP C-
Strategy A-
Overall Average A

Comment- is a very good wizard very powerful has anger issues ( lol ) Trains very hard and is an overall great student

Jun 11, 2010
Professor Falmea would say...

spell casting - A
deck orginazation - B+
pet training - C
paying attention - B

overall - B+

away from keyboard % - 20%
fizzling % - 25%
crown minion use % - 25%

Comments: Spends a lot of time hanging out with his friends which isnt bad, but he needs to start leveling up a little bit faster like he used too. On Saterdays he would rather watch the USC Trojans and other college football games other than doing quests. ( again, isnt bad ) fight on!

This report card is for Josh Dragonbreeze, currently lvl 47 and almost done with DS. He is overall a good student.

Jun 04, 2009
mudkip124 wrote:
Spell Casting: A+
Paying Attention: A+
Organization: A+
Assignments A+
Pet Training: A+
I'm Ice and death
Over all A+

I like your name,Mudkip124