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What is "Awesome Gear" For Lvl 95 Fire Wizard

Apr 04, 2012
Hi guys, i just beat krhysalis a few days ago and was wondering what should i do now that i beat the game so far . Then i thought i should prepare for "Khrysalis: Part 2" when it comes out. So i got my Hades Wand, Alpha And Omega Ring, and Blade of the Felled Titan along with the Deck Of Immortal Might already with me. I have full Waterworks Gear except for the robe. I think i need better things. Can anyone tell me simple Gear that is easy to find for a lvl 95 FIRE wizard. And also, do you think i should change my gear or something? (My pet gives "May Cast Fairy", Spell proof, and storm resistance).
Thank you SO MUCH if you replied to help me .
Yours Truly- Blaze Firethorn - Lvl 95 -

Nov 14, 2010
FIRE stuff from tartarus just not senators gear

Jul 21, 2009
Most likely the best gear for a fire would be the hades gear if you havent already heard of or acquired it. If you dont have that then i would recommend the gear from atlantea when you beat posiedon or watereworks.

Wolf LifeShard

Jun 01, 2009
Crowns gear, Hades gear, Waterworks, crafted gear. Lots of good choices. Mostly depends on your strategy.

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth

Sep 30, 2009
there is no easy good gear for anyone especially not in the crowns shop, most of the gear there is just terrible unless you wanna be a glass cannon. sadly this game is changing into a pay to win game and yet they are failing at giving us good gear to pay for. quite ironic lol.

Apr 04, 2012
Love it guys !
Now my stats improved like a million times! ;D
How could i ever repay you guys?!

Thnx, yours truly~ Blaze FireThron/lvl95/