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What Annoys You?

Aug 12, 2012
Wolf Skullslinger on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
Want a list? XD Jk I love this game and don't have many complaints but..

1. WEAKNESS IN DS!! Good Greif please!
2. People who hang on with 1 life (ain't nobody got time for that)
3. The amount of rank you lose in PvP O.o
4. Jade Gear...why just why...
5. Guardian Spirit

Thats all for today folks XD

Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade

P.S. These are not things wrong with the game just my complaints
Well, no matter how annoying Jade Gear is, don't complain about the wand in the shape of a sword :3

I have Jade Oni's sword (If it isn't Jade, then it's some Oni's sword), and it's a pretty good sword, but it's not something extremely vital that you should be scared of.

-Nathaniel Redflame level 47

Aug 12, 2012
popcicool7777777 on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
People who are accepting to enter long dungeons such as Waterworks, but are quitting halfway through. I also dislike the big roaming mounts all over the place :-/
Ikr! Once when I was only level 14, I really needed help and a friend came along and helped me start over because I wasn't too far in, and he quit right at the hard part. But what big roaming mounts do you mean? =\

Jan 26, 2013
Dec 27, 2011
sparklez13222 on Mar 30, 2013 wrote:
i hate efreet
I guess this means that efreet is really powerful. Can't wait to use it in pvp.

Antonio Sandshade, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

May 02, 2010
1. Weakness.
2. Defeat and collect quests.
3. Celestia.
4. Celestia.
5. Did I mention Celestia?
6. Rude PVP-ers
7. Monsters that are my own school.
8. No "real sidewalks" on Marleybone.
9. Being pulled into a battle while spinning to afk on a sidewalk, only to come back to your computer seeing that all of your health is drained.
10. Being spammed with FriendFinder codes.

-Justin StormCatcher

Aug 09, 2013
As much as I enjoy the game, the major things I don't like are
1. Fizzling when you really need a spell
2. When your mana is used up whether you cast the spell or not
3. How some worlds have no sidewalks and you always get pulled in

Amber SpiritShade Magus Pyromancer

Feb 03, 2013
not having enough crowns (blaze firefist lvl 29 adept pyromancer)

Jun 17, 2011
People constantly asking to be gifted and weaknesses, tower shields, and absorbs (if your enemy casts them).

Grace DreamRider 77

Jun 17, 2011
Rainbow0839 on Mar 28, 2013 wrote:
hmmm. top three (in order of importance)?

1. spells that fizzle!
2. all the people in the commons standing around. I really don't like the ones that stand around saying, "I'm looking for a girl to be my girlfriend." over and over. I mean really? UGH!
3. people cursing around the filters. It's filtered for a reason and you're wasting time coming up with more 'creative' ways to say it.
-Morgan Legendheart level 39 Balance wizard, mooshu
totally agree plus, to go with people saying "i need a girl" or "i need a guy" you could add people saying "will someone gift me"

Grace DreamRider 77
Pet Warlord and Ninja Master

May 02, 2012
1. pvp treasure card noobs.
2. fizzles when you need it.
3. pets not healing you when you really need it.
4. people joining then fleeing when an enemy joins! ugh!
5. when your dying, call a friend, and the sign says i am busy.
6. when people use my traps.
7. swearing.
8. when i look forwards to getting a spell from loremaster in ds, and don't get one.
9. creeps asking to go out with people.
10. marleybone.
and last but not least, there is a world for dogs but none for cats!

Brooke LionHeart
lvl 45

Mar 14, 2013
The low-down resident scumbags that run off when it's their turn to do their part of a deal.

Hunter Owlleaf- if you're reading this than know this applies to you.

Dec 22, 2013
I'm usually a very nice guy and I almost never show my anger, so here are the things I don't like:

1: People who make deals with you, when you do your part, they don't do theirs

2: Fizzles

3: Not having enough crowns to get a sword

4: Noobs

5: no text chat people

6: People who ask for boys or girls. Why would you want to date someone you don't even know? It could be an 80 year old man on the other end, while that fool is thinking he's 12

7: Beggars. The worst. They run around as noobs somewhere and ask you to gift them something. "I don't even know you! Why would I want to spend real money on you?"

8: People who join battles, wait for another enemy to come in, then flee.

9: People who join my battle when I tell them not to.

10: People who join your battle, attract more enemies, and get you killed

11: When friends randomly teleport to you when you don't want them to.

12: When someone starts calling you names for no seeming reason

13: When you go to ranked PVP and you quick join and get into a battle with someone with a way higher level than you. (Like a level 27 person fighting a level 49 person. It's crazy)

14: Noobs who use treasure cards to kill you in pvp

And with all this complaining, nothing is getting done. Please take these comments into ways to make wizard 101 better, KI.

Dec 12, 2009
This has annoyed me many times before (not that I want this fixed because I end up laughing anyway).

That turn when you are about to cast a high pip-ed spell with many blades,traps and feints.
You cast the spell and the boss/minion casts a shield or a weakness on itself/you.
You then start hoping really hard that you fizzle...
You cast the spell anyway.
You see all those blades/traps being taken away all that power being taken away from you from a simple weakness/shield.

This happened to be the most annoying thing while playing Wizard101

IsaacStarBlood Level 88 Theurgist

What cannot be undone, must be reborn.

Mar 17, 2012
Mar 08, 2010
1; People who beg for you to gift them crowns items

2. People who add you just because they want you to give them crowns items

3. People you added just because and they ask you to join a group over and over

4. Master Ambrose when he asks you to see him and then tells you absolutely nothing helpful.

5. Getting stuck in battle while on the sidewalk even though when you start the ice teacher says that if your on the sidewalk you avoid battles (NOT!!!!!!!!)

6. The way some bosses talk with rude/inappropriate language, This game is 10 and up KI!

7. People who make fun of others in pvp , like saying your weak, people saying pathetic spell, saying im so much better than you blah blah blah.

8. People that ask you for help 24/7 (annoying)

9. People that say bad words but find more "creative" ways to say the, to get around safe text chat

10. That questing is nearly the only way to level up and i think ranked and practice pvp should give you xp and tournaments should give training points

11. The fact that if you want to do a dungeon you have to have an hour because KI is too lazy to save your progress in a dungeon, (no offense)

12. The way people who ask you to do something order you around because apparently, they cant do it hmm their legs work now don't they?

13. They way people don't bother to call you by your name and just say "young wizard"

14. The way that girls cannot use the color dark brown in the beginning of the game and boys cannot where pink.(some boys like pink don't ask me)

15. How some places are blocked off because it makes you do other quests to get into them

16. How slow you level up(quests are not always that easy KI)

17. How little experience you get from quests

18. How you have to complete quests you have to get more quests(which means you could be stumped for a long long time)

That was a long list but otherwise I love the game. Sorry about that KI but I speak by personal experience.

Rachel FairyWhisper Magus Diviner secondary

Sep 04, 2013
5 things........
1. People who report you for 'puppetism'.
2. Lady Oriel
3. Penny Dreadful
4. People who say lol every other sentence
5. People who ride panthers, tigers, and lions!!!! :P

Mar 06, 2009
When you're about to finish a battle, then someone joins it and another minion comes into the battle. This is legit.

Alexis Rainwhisper - Level 59
Scarlet Blade - Level 10 PvP Sergeant

Dec 20, 2010
The things that annoys me is fizzles, weaknesses, and the most one annoy one of all cheaters

Sep 04, 2013
Dec 23, 2009
Feb 24, 2013
1: People who enter your battle, then flee leaving you with an extra enemy to fight off
2:Cheating bosses (and pet may casts that activate those cheats)
4:Myth Imp and Earthquake

Gavin MythBreaker Lvl 68

Aug 03, 2012
I started a new wizard for the new year, went for my 2nd craft badge in Kroksville and miscounted the parchment in my shared bank. I went into the pyramid where there is usually parchment lying around and found none, went to the bazzar and "sorry this item has already been sold" I switched to a senior wizard- went to bazzar and 500 parchment were available so I bought 100 and put in shared bank. I switched back to new, finished craft badge, re-entered pyramid and guess what- parchement everywhere!
This is NOT an isolated incident.
we are not amused

that and beggars- get a job

Jul 18, 2011
fizzling, having to spend so much money for crowns, having to use crowns to get through a lot of battles, glitches in the game that if you take advantage of it just like ki takes advantage of us at every chance they get then they either suspend you or ban you with no warning saying you should not cheat !! when every thing in this game cheats you !

Apr 29, 2012
A Balanced Life on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
You save up for an attack in Mooshu or Dragonspyre or Balance bosses and mobs in Azteca... and there is the weakness, think you can wand it off...but NO you have your own school wand and you're out of Cleanse Charm tc.
Imagine how mad I get when I'm a balance wizard! Universal blades are the only things that affect my spells and I have myth mastery and not a single cleanse charm TC IC or spell in my deck!

Feb 01, 2012
x Cracks fingers x
  • Fizzle
  • Wysteria pigs
  • Cheaters
  • Beggars
  • Running around the entire world, doing a quest and forgetting to mark...lol
  • Weaknesses
  • PvP bragging
  • The training of your favorite pet
You know what? I'm gonna say this out loud: I LIKE P101 BETTER! It doesn't annoy me as much as all this