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Welcome to the Dorms

May 17, 2012
I would very much like it if Family Accounts could all share the "shared bank". We have 4 accounts in our family account, and it would be wonderful if any of my main account wizards could put Myth items in our shared accounts so our Myth wizards in two of our other accounts could benefit from those Myth items, including gear, pets, snacks, mounts and any other items. It would be greatly appreciated and I know so many other people playing the game would love this too.

Feb 08, 2015
Zones to Chapters

Paul Stormbreeze

I think that the zones should transfer to chapters because of how much we pay for crowns(my family can't get membership for some odd reason.) Some people don't want the full version for a few months so I think that these should go from zones to chapters because compared to a certain game in KingIsle that they lowered down to chapters also should be the same for Wizard101. This is just in my choice of thinking because compare the amount of crowns it would take to unlock all main zone to the chapters in that game I was talking about.(I am talking Pirate101 because instead of zone it separates into chapter which would cost less)

I expect some type of response from someone

Let see on how other people think on it.

Dec 12, 2015
Items that are non- trade-able on same accounts

Gabriel Light walker
Champion level 120

Good Morning,Staff of Wizard 101 and fellow wizard members of the community, my name is gab am well known through out these parts. First off id like to thank K I for making one heck of a fun , addictive online game from the day it started to its current date. We been through a lot and their is so much more to uncover and unfold in due time.
Now i know you guys are very busy pertaining to work and getting things down for us wizard and i speak for most people to say I, we appreciate the effort and time you guys put in to make this game possible for us to play.Not to get carried away lets get straight to the topic as am running out of words? nah i still have about 1239 and counting from this text lol. ill make it brief. Recently i made a customer support ticket where i was asking about non trad-able items via same accounts now if i understand correctly when ever a trade is involve it literally means to exchange something for something in return.Now i notice some of the items are mark non trad-able these are unique items such as amulet of divine influence lexicon blades and duelist gears.In my opinion such gears should not be mark as no trade items because wizards should be allowed to do whatever they wish for the items they work for such as storing them,using them or deleted them.But also if a wizard decide he or she is going to make a new wizard then i see no wrong for that wizard to keep these items for said wizards, because he or she is still going to have to meet the requirement of using that said item. and believe me who would want to delete a max wizard to start all over again just so they can use the items a different way when their is none. Btw i I fully agree that items should not be tradable to other players, ive seen this before and games usually go down hill and clan as well people really find ways to take advantage even though it brings competitiveness into the game.

Sep 25, 2012
Marioeagle506 on Jun 20, 2010 wrote:
I think they should make wisps that fill up your pet energy because when it says it refills it give one energy at a time!
This could work, but here's what I suggest to avoid them being vastly overpowered

First, they'd be very rare. Maybe they could spawn in friendly areas, like outside Foulgaze's tower, but only a One in a Millionth chance. Additionally, they might only restore a small portion of energy.

Hoping you are well,
John WildWeaver and Jasper

Jan 12, 2012
Hi KingsIsle,

I don't live in an area with GameStop, Walmart or any of those places. In fact, I live on a small beautiful island and not that anything is wrong with where I live. I just think that your bundles should be sold online, at least for a short term. I would really like to purchase the Mirage Raider's Bundle. The bundle is not even on GameStop's website, so that's no good to me.

& I find it difficult to trust other sources online.

Please and thank you

Mar 29, 2016
Hi. You need to be level 15 to get a castle. you can get a dorm in the beginning.

Jul 20, 2016
how about release spirit blast as trainable spell to niles

Feb 23, 2013
I had a really good idea for a bundle! It is mainly for equestrian people or horse racing fans but the house could be like a racetrack and the house could be a loft to a barn. The mount would be a horse- but not like the ones in the game now they would look more realistic kind-of like the crystal unicorn but a horse (it would be fully dyeable). The pet could be a barn kitten or puppy. The gear could be equestrian show gear like a black jacket tan or white pants and black boots and a black helmet. The wand/weapon would be a crop. And then the 5000 crowns or the free month of membership.

House: Racetrack + Barn

Mount: Horse mount (fully dyeable)

Pet: Barn Cat or Barn Dog

Robe: Black show jacket and white/tan pants

Shoes: Tall black boots

Hat: Black helmet

Wand: Crop

Nov 17, 2010

Not sure if its already been suggested, but I would like to see some sort of a visitors book for us to sign, when we visit a house while its on show. With maybe suggestions or just to say hi.

Happy playing - Enjoy :)

Jun 20, 2016
Hello everyone! I really think that the map should be improved, and I have the solution. What if when you are in the same realm as your friends and in the same area, you can see their arrow on the map. There can be something in the settings to turn this on and off. This will save us from the constant need to teleport player to player when trying to quest together.

Jun 20, 2016
This one is simple. What if there was Balance Prism. It can turn any balance spell into any other school. This will make it more fun for balance to fight balance bosses.

Jun 20, 2016
There should be a way to remove side quests that you mistakenly accepted. Then you should be able to accept them again whenever you please from the giver of the quest. Please make this a thing because it is always annoying to accept something that you do not want to do and will lead to an unorganized quest log.

Apr 25, 2014
WisamZeidan on Jun 12, 2017 wrote:
This one is simple. What if there was Balance Prism. It can turn any balance spell into any other school. This will make it more fun for balance to fight balance bosses.
I completely Agree, But the Balance Should have the Option to Change the Prism to any class, not just anything random.
When In Battle, If the balance prism is clicked on, Little Circles will Pop up underneath the Cards.
the Buttons will be The 7 schools of Magic.

When you click on a Button, (Example storm) The Balance Prism Card will turn yellow, and it will be Convert to storm.

but I agree!

Jul 16, 2013
Hello I was think about making the level 48 spells better. My idea is when you use the level 48 spells a certain amount of time lets say a thousand it changes into a new spell like fire dragon for example when used a thousand times in battle turns into the Dragon emperor with more damage and a different effect maybe keep the overtime but add something else. Just an Idea. Yes I am fire

Jul 16, 2013
I was thinking about adding something to pvp. Maybe you can add two options to it when you run up to the sigil. Non shadow pip and shadow pip. Meaning when you click on non shadow pip you go into a match and fight somebody who also signed up for non shadow pip match and all cards using shadow pips will not be able to be used in the match. Shadow pip match is basically what type of pvp we already have just able to use shadow pips in the match.

Mar 05, 2013
hi i am wolf i am a balace wizard and i am new to the forms very old with the game and i love it i do not know where to put this post so i put it here i hope you like it admins i love your game and its very very fun thank you for your time for reading this pepole of the spial!

Jul 08, 2014
I think that we should be able to buy a seventh character, whether it be with real money, crowns, or gold. I really want a Balance wizard....

Mar 14, 2011
I'd like trading pets between wizards. I like to hatch with my forest beasts, but I get the beasts alot! and now I have, like, five forest beasts.

Jun 08, 2014
Sometimes the monsters are too tall and the angle you are looking at can occasionally block the damage numbers and you can't see how much damage you have done. What if you put the amount of damage done in your chat box? "But some people don't have chat boxes," some will say, so why not have the number in one of the corners in the screen?

This could effect players experimenting with their damage, like testing if they need that blade or trap. Players trying to achieve the badge, "One in a Million," could have trouble with seeing their damage, but the angle that their best spell put them at blocks the damage.

So try to add a different place to display the damage. You don't have to delete the current place, just add a new one. It should be like chat with the box and without the box

Jul 16, 2013
Ty KI Live twitter for putting in my idea for the pvp no shadow pip mode thank you so much have a nice day

Jun 16, 2017
I absolutely want the ability called guardian wherein your house you have a Battle Arena which you can place your pets in. you can go in and a commentator will send in pets that go giant size and you battle them. after going through the commentator himself comes in to the arena and its sort of like grand arena from krokosphinx with the gates and the commentator is a boss you make here's mine.
Species: skeleton
School: death
cheat: when you use a charm or ward or whatever he says "Nope." and it does opposite of what its supposed to.
Health: 9,000
defeat text: "Eh. whatever.
defeat animation: falls apart.
Appearance: kinda like sans from undertale

Oct 17, 2011
My suggestions, btw please fellow wizards if you don't like my idea or have an alternative, please tell me!

Ideas/Rationals v

Mainly PVP:

Idea: Change the PvP Critical System to deal 75% more damage instead of 25% more.
Rationale: Storm is undermined here, if a storm wizard were to critical, he or she loses one of their most significant abilities - the ability to critical, with the effect of actual high damage. Storm is a worthless school in PvP and it is virtually impossible to win a 1v1 in PvP using a storm unless they bolt spam and hit max.

Idea: Change the RNG system for storm.
Rationale: Storm now is becoming extremely rickety, becoming reliant on their criticals, and the RNG system with their spells... Yes their spells. The fact that their rank 6 shadow enhanced spell has even a chance to put a negative effect on them is ridiculous, yet Ice can just easily get a 25% enhanced Tower Shield is over powered. I have no problem with our critical rate, it's fine where it is, but our spells suck.

Idea: Stop trying to 'balance out' the schools.
Rationale: I don't mean this like balance to make the game fair, so of course keep doing that, but stop making the stats so similar, and the spell's damage so similar. What's happening now is Storm, (now the worst school in game, except at PvE) keeps high damage along with their low health, terrible accuracy, low block, and low resist, but all the other schools get higher damage spells and better effects on their spells too, like a -75% damage shield where storm could get a -30% damage blade.

Idea: Increase Storm's health by 1000.
Rationale: The average school health tend to hang around 5500 and in PvP that's ridiculous considering all of Storm's terrible stats and spells. They have 4500; they're a glass cannon and no longer have the cannon part because of so much that has happened.


Idea: Move the damage dealt text down on enemies where you can't see it, same with heals.
Rationale: Self-Explanitory

More vvv

Oct 17, 2011

Idea: Allow wizards and witches to use furniture.
Rationale: So that we don't just have it to look at and we've been walking all day in the dunes of Krokotopia and Mirage, and the snow mounds in Polaris, we want to relax, trust me.

Idea: Lower crowns shop prices. (Especially new starter gear bundles)
Rationale: We want to get more new players and not rob them right? Listen, we all know that W101 is at a player decline, and the reason being for a lot of things relative to unfair PvP, the Critical system, crowns shop, etc. 7000 crowns is a bit too much. We need to help them, I say they should cost 2500 crowns and maybe tone down their wand damage too. The fire starter wand is basically what we farmed for in Aquila at level 30, not bought at level 1, and what's with the storm damage on that wand? Shouldn't that be MORE than the fire wand? I know that the other gear gives more total, but no piece of fire gear should give more damage than storm, that's just not right. Even with the higher level gear too, it's not right.

Rationale: I think there's more room for improvement, we should fix the shadow enhanced spells and then get back to the high rank spells, that'd be so cool!

Idea: Take out the pip conversion stat or change it to yes/no for pip convert or put it on all gear and make it higher on high level gear.
Rationale: This feature should've already been integrated, it's like robbing us of our pips. We shouldn't have to rely on a stat to determine whether or not we just wasted a pip. Maybe instead of making it a number stat, make it like a true/false stat, and only put it on high level gear like the one's with the pip conversion, so if it gives pip conversion, then make it say Yes or No instead of the number, that way we don't have to focus on another stat that we all rightfully deserve. Or you could put the stat on all gear and keep the number part but also increase it on the gear that already has it.

Nov 18, 2009
Dear Kingsisle,

My name is Gargamel but you may know me as Wolf Skull Stalker. I am a Wizard and Alchemist from the Far Lands. I accidentaly opened a portal in my lab and some smurfs I had planned to turn to Gold escaped. My cat Azrael and myself were quick to follow them through the portal and found ourselves in Mirage A strange desert land. Though we have been searching for months now we have had no luck in locating the Smurfs in question. Please help me find my Smurfs.
I have been a wizard since 2010 and love love love wizard 101. I just wanted to submit this idea for a story line because I thought it would be cute and interesting as Gargamel is a wizard who was kicked out of wizard school and has a pet cat (Azrael) already very evil and persistent as many of the spirals bad wizards have been. The Smurfs would be amazing pets and could have a Gold Boost talent that adds dropped gold percentage, people would not be able to resist but to buy one or two lol. Quests could range from saving the Smurfs from Gargamel or protecting them from him, Trying to send them back home etc. New house could be a Smurf mushroom house that you shrink to fit into. Transformation potions, costumes, weapons, mounts the list goes on how great that would be and of course I could get bragging rights for bringing "The Smurfs" to the spiral!! How cool is that. Thanks comments welcome,
(Wolf SkullStalker)
Alberta, Canada

Oct 17, 2011
I have a brilliant solution to the storm RNG system! Rather than forcing us to rely on chance to get a positive blade back, or hit with 1000 damage, or heal with 1000 heal, or kill ourselves, we need to veer away from RNG, it's no fun to rely on chance just to win something.

Here's my solution, so on spells that utilize the RNG mechanics, change the spell up a bit like so,

Create a new wild bolt spell for level 60+ Diviners:

Wild Bolt: 2 pips, 2/3 chance to hit 100 damage, 1/3 chance to hit with 1000, or, 2 pips, 300 damage and grant an accuracy blade, damage blade, pierce blade, or critical blade. At least integrate the concept where you can deal some damage, but also receive something useful back. NOT ALL OF THE BUFFS, ONLY ONE.

Leave insane bolt the way it is, we already know that it's mostly just a last resort spell, but note that it's one of the most useless spells in game.

Rusalka's Wrath: 1 Shadow pip, 6 pips, 1445 damage, and +30% storm damage, +12% storm pierce, +10% storm accuracy to next storm damage spell (not just a regular storm spell, damage only spell), or +10% critical chance for next storm spell. NOT ALL OF THE BUFFS, ONLY ONE.

That's all I have so far, just an idea to fix the RNG mechanics that don't belong in the first place on the storm spells.