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Jul 15, 2010
The first day i went to wysteria i wasnt the brightest and i thought you would be able to get new spells from the teachers there. And now come to think of it that wouldnt be such a bad idea. :D

Jun 28, 2010
Subject: Ideas Welcome
Author: pibx10
Date: Jul/18/2012
Hello, as this forum thread is all about ideas i have a few i will post them then give reason why and maybe you can look at them for future updates, i know you guys already have a plan for the future and right now you are working on pirate101 however i just thought you guys could look at these for future reference when you run out of ideas (if you ever do).

1. Interactions in items i think it would be really helpful for us to be allowed to interact with some of the items. now i know you have already implemented that idea and it is really cool, however i think you guys might benefit more and so would we if we were aloud to sit in our chairs, lay in our beds, and maybe even eat consumables, now i know that it would be tremendous work to go through all of your items and try to add interaction into them however maybe you could start doing it with the new items that you create and eventually start adding the interactions to the old items or the items that we have now.
2.i like the idea of transferable housing as i have seen before in this thread. i really would help as i have a balance wizard with a sultans palace and a storm with a massive fantasy palace, however they are all low level and of course i will eventually level them up so that it would be worth it to stay on that character however for the time being i would keep it on my level 80 life. now this might make you guys loose money because with the current restrictions we would have to buy another one for our other house, however in the long run money will be gained. my sister plays a different game and i try to encourage her to play this and she always tells me about the social things the little things that make her not want to play this game. for many there is just this one little seemingly insignificant thing.
3.being able to sell your items in your house
now this is kinda so-so it can go either way good or bad. in this roleplaying game after everyone has finished there quests they have pets, plants, decorating, pvp, side quests, and more, however we havent really dived into the social aspect of the game, by allowing people to sell stuff in there castles, the can create there own shops, and stuff like that, we wouldnt include crown items in this because there are some smart people that can work the system so that they dont need to buy crown items. but me and probably many other people would love this and it would be something to look at later on. but now there comes the question, how would people even know that you were having a sale?
4. alerts.
this answers that question now you could ask your friends to come and create a chain reaction of friends coming however this makes it easier. now you could inhibit this to only members or you could make it cost crowns or gold each time you do it. just adding the possibility to do it will give people more community and roleplay to give you guys enough time to get new expansions in before we start complaining again (lol)
5.adding emotes, expressions and sounds
now this is just cool. so lets say we buy an emote, then whenever we say a specific work or make a face with typing like saying lol makes a laughing face and then makes a sound of someone laughing.

thanks for your time if i think of anything else i will be sure to tell you about them i would love for you to contact me about any of these updates so that i could give you a more detailed description and what not i would love this to be shared around to see if other people agree with me and thanks again

Jan 11, 2012
When you're in a battle, and it's only you vs one opponent, all cards should just auto select like an attack all spell does. Right now, if you use the heal card that does 30 then 270 over 3 rounds, you have to select yourself, but you're the only one there, so that extra click is kind of pointless. The same with ANY offensive spell, of COURSE you're gonna attack the only opponent there. This would help speed up the game without needing any kind of balancing whatsoever.

Feb 07, 2009
Hello Wizards, my name is Taylor DarkStone level 80 Death. I have an idea I would like to share. I thought it would be cool if you could change your hair style or color for yourself in a hair salon or barber shop. I think it would be awesome let me know what you think . It would be best to pay with coins or gold instead of crowns.

Jul 14, 2012
Hi im Hunter DeathBringer lvl 19 Death. I was wondering if a spell creation option could be added as i have not seen any in the game. You could make them all new and unique spell recipies making the low lvl ones available to buy with coins and the higher stronger ones with crowns its a win win situation. The ingredients can be all monster drops encouraging players to fight for their items. This will be a really helpfull add as iv noticed that Death does not have alot of cards available. Also how about making some of the trap and blade spells stackable for some spells? allowing certain spells to use more than one at a time giving each a certain amount depending on what spell it is.

Jul 14, 2012
I was thinking how about being able to enchant equipment with new abilities giving them lets say 5 slots each and putting an enchanter in each world. you can make all low-mid level enchantments available with coin and high to epic with crowns. restoring the balance

Oct 03, 2010
whizbrain wrote:
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that there shoud be a person in each world that you can talk to (like prospecter zeke) to redeem training points at the cost of gold.

? Do you mean get your training points back then I say yes, but to buy more i would say no it would give grand masters unfair pvp advantages think about it.
haha yea I am a 53 ice named Nicole Waterbreeze and it will give an advantage. but thats why I like that idea. xD

Jul 26, 2011
i think they should make it so that you can buy more mounts with gold and maybe even permanent mounts with gold. Also you should be able to sell crown items for crowns. i cant tell you how many times i get something like pink dandilion that is crowns only and i cant sell it at the bizarre to i have to sell it for like no gold. and it is worth like over 500 crowns. My last thing it that you should change the crowns to gold ratio. 800 crowns for only 1000 gold? that is outrageous. 5 bucks would only get you like 3000 gold

May 15, 2011
Another idea for the game. For any future worlds, there should be a portion where you travel back in time to the way Ravenwood was before the story started. Back when the death school was still there, and Malistaire and Sylvia still taught there. And there is something there in the past that you have to correct in order to save the spiral from future destruction. Something like that. For the most part, I want to see Ravenwood before the whole story play begins. :) Thanks for reading! :D

Jul 08, 2012
Wouldn't be awesome if you could have astral school pets?
But there would have to be new snacks and hybrids.
please comment to tell me what you think.

Jun 13, 2009
shipleyv wrote:
HaroldArgleston wrote:
I'm Harold Argleston. While I'm usually in the Library in Ravenwood, I do like to read what our players post in the Dorms section of the Message Boards. The Dorms are for all your ideas for Wizard101.

You may also know me from the monthly newsletter, where I tell students about books they can read that are appropriate for younger readers, and that resemble areas of Wizard101.

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Crafting is for questions and answers about Crafting.
Pets is for questions and answers about the Pet Pavilion and raising and hatching your pets.
Player vs Player is for questions and answers about the Arena, and Player vs Player combat.
Wizard City is for questions about your adventures in Wizard City.
Grizzleheim is for questions about your adventures in Grizzleheim.
Krokotopia is for questions about your adventures in Krokotopia.
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MooShu is for questions about your adventures in MooShu.
Dragonspyre is for questions about your adventures in Dragonspyre.

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Knowledge is power.

We REALLY need a way to report bad activity by multiple payers who you can not ID since they have the friend feature blocked. Yesterday, several of us were having to battle the Gurtok Demon for 3 hours because some kids using the character names Ethan Shadowhubter and Robert Deathcaster decided they owned the realm (Unicorn) and that we needed to all go elsewhere. So, they got on the battle and began to heal the demon etc. If we had some sort of live monitor who can be alerted to a realm and area to see whats happening, it would be better. What makes it worse, the kids reported the rest of us as having broke the rules and we got the warning window...NOT FAIR! A simple alert button in the corner, near the compas would alert a monitor to check in that spot/area.

I totally agree! There are some baaaaad people on here that try to ruin our fun! Maybe you guys should like make characters and secretly moniter the people on each realm.
Alyssa SparkleGlen Lvl 38 Ice

Jul 31, 2011
I have 3 mount ideas, one has been going around for a long time.

4 person Marleybone car, exactly like the cool crowns drop, bit it fits up to 4 people, a great team mount for those of us who have entire teams we quest with. Would be cool if it had an old timey "ooga" horn but I am sure that is impossible.

A unicycle like the mob Butlers in Celestia, as a mount, would be very cool and kinda funny as well.

Lastly a Velocipede bicycle, the one with the huge wheel in front and tiny one in back. Another cool antique sort of mount that goes along with the mechanical wings sort of theme.

Would be great in a marley bone Hoard Pack or mega type bundle OR as crowns only mounts. I would get them all.

Jul 31, 2011
kentera wrote:
shipleyv wrote:
If we had some sort of live monitor who can be alerted to a realm and area to see whats happening, it would be better. What makes it worse, the kids reported the rest of us as having broke the rules and we got the warning window...NOT FAIR! A simple alert button in the corner, near the compas would alert a monitor to check in that spot/area.

I totally agree! There are some baaaaad people on here that try to ruin our fun! Maybe you guys should like make characters and secretly monitor the people on each realm.
Alyssa SparkleGlen Lvl 38 Ice

Just an FYI KI/W101 already has live Mods who monitor the game, they do not always walk around advertising themselves with their KI Support badges, but they are there.

We would however like to see KI watch their live traffic maps that will show high concentrations of players in places like the school towers, dye shop, bizaar and others on each realm and them send in Mods immediately.

Many have written into KI and W101 asking them to update and strengthen the current chat filters which are terribly outdated and needing to have the new style of profanity and filth around the filters blocked. Between felony acts to racism and extreme vulgar profanity in many forms. There is no reason they should allow things like symbols, numbers or double letters in words (unless the word actually has double letters). Other words like foe, fog, fork, ack, ache etc have no place in the game.

Also one good thing to remember false reports do go against the person who sent it. So no one is to report a false reporter because as our professors have told us, two wrongs do not make a right, but both get in trouble.)

Bullying, predatory threats are all reportable.... no one can claim and bully you away from an area... we all have equal access and rights to the game as long as we follow the TOU.

:) Report the TOU violations and KI will in turn mute and bad those who deserve it and then in time our beloved spiral will once again be a safe and pleasant place to play.

Happy Questing!

Jun 03, 2012
Hi I am a myth wiz and i really need some powerful spells that attack all enemies. Humungofrog and earthquake are ok but kinda weak. when you expand the game further please keep this in mind. I realized myth is the only school that does not affect all people to lvl 48 spells. Storm: Storm Lord, Fire: Fire Dragon, Life: Rebirth etc. Plz keep this in mind and Wizard101 Rocks!
Lvl 48 Myth Jeremy

Sep 13, 2009
Yea, It'll be nice to have a different character for each world to guide you around :)

Jun 20, 2009
I had this idea of a new pack called Indian hoard. it has the following items inside the pack: a spear wand, hand made bow, butterfly pet, (can dye the way you want it) Indian gear, (indian chief for boys, indian girl for girls) Indian horse mount, TC, crafting stuff, and plants.
I hope you use my idea!

Aug 07, 2012
packers19960 wrote:
i think it would make the game so much better if you can use your houses furniture so i can sit in my chair for once instead of staring at it

lol i agree

Aug 27, 2010
I think that a new house should be in the sky :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol also i agree to every other comment that someone posted. ESPECIALLY the interacting with furniture I have one last idea btw......... i think we should edit our chars more for example..... I like those eyes but i wish they were green D: and i like the lips but hate the eyes >:o and i notice lots of high levels who regretted how they made themselves look so maybe it should cost 5000 crowns to edit your char to the way you want him or her to look O:

Nov 01, 2011
tedderje wrote:
The first day i went to wysteria i wasnt the brightest and i thought you would be able to get new spells from the teachers there. And now come to think of it that wouldnt be such a bad idea. :D
When you think about it like ki would have to make a whole new resist and boost system they have to make the new spells and figure out the pro's and con's and we dont really need them giant!

Oct 24, 2008
i was thinking about a new world thats in the greek setting where Hades took the bolt and the trident from Zeus and Posiden.

Sep 24, 2010
i was wondering sin the epic bundle is no longer avalible maybe wizard101 should put the gear in the crown shop for players who want the gear i know i would buy it because i wanted the robe form the epic bundle and also the spear that comes with it.

Feb 01, 2010
Dear Makers,

I have been playing Wizard101 for quite sometime now; I am a month to month member, and to say the least it is the best game EVER. That being said, there are a few tweaks I along with my fellow gamers would like for you to consider. Admittedly, I am not sure if there is some protocol that must be followed to implement suggestions made by players. Nevertheless, the following suggestions have been and are frequently discussed among my fellow gamers and I.

Due to the lack of game cards in physical stores on the East Coast, it would be thoroughly appreciated if all future and past bundles would be made available via website in addition to physical outlets. In addition, would it be possible to include a mount trading button between friend/individuals with mounts (like the treasure card trading button)? Lastly, it would be greatly appreciated and equally exciting if the following mounts could be created;
Fire Phoenix;
Thunder Phoenix;
Shadow Phoenix.
I understand that the additions conveyed thus far may take sometime to implement, and rest assured your beloved gamers will still be here waiting for them. I would like to reiterate at this juncture that I absolutely LOVE WIZARD101!! It is the feeling of a great quorum of said gamers that these additions would increase game-play satisfaction.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Truly,


Sep 14, 2008
forgetno4 wrote:
I think it would be awsome if there was a gyphon spell for one of the new schools!

Alexander DragonTamer

Yeah, for Balance, I agree.

Sep 23, 2011
I think that Balance school should be able to craft dragon blade being it is a balance school blade. What I don't like is everything that balance has can be bought which makes the school useless also every other school has a plus 40 blade and to add this blade to their blade when balance pets can't even get it is a little much I would say. Also you can't go in and buy any level 9 spell but a balance spell. Balance school has been overlooked for far to long. If ideas are needed for the school I'm sure any balance school wizard could give some out this just insane. Would love feedback on what the plan going forward is or any ideas. I could care less about the plus 20 and 25 blades going to pets but to give them plus 40 is a little bit much.

Oct 03, 2010
Me and my friend were thinking of a new world and new gear, new spells and new pets ;) New world: Westrine, and pets all different sorts of dragons ;) I don't wanna type that much at the moment, so thats all for now, I still have to design all of our ideas