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Sep 27, 2011
me and some of my friends like to be challenged in the game and we thought up of a boss that would be perfect for the new world a life boss that cast rebirth everytime you dont attack him and after you get him to half health he uses earthquake every 2 turns and has a tower shield(60 to 90) and the only way to take it of is with a blade if you attack with out a blade he hits you with efreet and uses pixie on himself this would be an epic boss to fight in my opinion

Dec 25, 2009
I came up with a few more ideas just today, involving 'Wands, Swords, Bow-And-Arrows', 'Spells'.

First of all, I am a lefty when it omes to swords in real life, and I'm holding it in my right hand. I say there should be a widget where you can select which hand to hold the wand/sword in. Also, I am an archer and I realized the bow and arrow thing you now have, is being held as if the wizard was a lefty. Sorry, had to point it out <3

'Spells' ideas!

Casts a spell that rises black, orange, red flames from the ground, and blows at the enemy / PvP opponent.

Ice Storm:
Dark icestorm clouds form, and sleet rains down on the enemy / PvP opponent.

Lightning Zap:
Lightning suddenly forms slowly, then snaps at the enemy / PvP opponent.

Leaf Wind:
A mix of leaves blow at the enemy / PvP opponent.

A black gryphon with red-ish eyes rises up from the ground, jumps to fly for a second, and flaps a strong death-wind at the enemy / PvP opponent.

A stone gargoyle flies down and leaps at the enemy / PvP opponent.

Sand God:
The body of a large person formed of sand rises from the ground, and blasts sand at the enemy / PvP opponent.

Nov 15, 2009
Dear KI,

I want to ask if in the future will you add also the way of buying Crowns with the use of PaySafeCard as an easy way for people who don't wont to use either their Credit Card or don't have Credit Card.

Don't take me wrong here dear KI, I do buy my Crowns with the use of my Credit Card but sometimes I don't have the feeling to go to bank and add money in my Credit Card ( no worries, I am not lazy ^_^ ) to use them and instead I prefer to go in a kiosk and buy a PaySafeCard instead, easier and faster :)

This is a good idea to have also because there are also players ( I believe ) from other countries that do not have Credit Cards to use and it will be easy for them to pay with the use of PaySafeCard as it is a well known use Internationaly.

Best wishes from heart,


p.s. I am apologies if is not in the correct section so do please feel free to move it to the appropriate forum section.

Aug 08, 2010
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that there shoud be a person in each world that you can talk to (like prospecter zeke) to redeem training points at the cost of gold.
that already exist o.o?

Aug 08, 2010
I have a suggestion that would be extremely cute and fun to do. For all players 40+ shall be open to a world with candy! Ginger bread houses, and candy cane staffs. Peppermint Monsters, ice school etc. I just thought it'd be a neat idea, and this is my plot: Gobblers have been crushed in WC for too long and they decided to move forward into the spiral to a world no one knew existed. Candytopia. Candytopia is being attacked by gobblers and Peppermints and other candy that's gone, ROTTEN. The gobblers are eating up the kingdom and the sweet little sweets left need your help to stop them, and to stop poisoning their sweets with their rotten hygiene. The wizards will go along fighting ranks 7+ to get to the gobber king who is even MORE POWERFUL now that this entire world is edible. Fight him again and talk some sense into him.

I hope you enjoyed my idea, Alexandra EmeraldWielder a:

Aug 16, 2009
I think you should be able to dye and change your hair, i know some people when first starting the game didnt think about what they were going to look like, thinking that they would be able to change there hair, then only to find out your stuck with what you got, I think it'd be nice to be able to change it. It could be something you buy from the Dye shop, or even a potion, i'm sure people would even be willing to buy it for crowns.

Nov 22, 2008
Ok the ideas welcome i think means to post your own ideas roght? so post your own ones!

Dec 30, 2011
My level 20-something STORM wizard just got her minion, and he is pretty worthless. He casts tri-shields on himself, over and over, and casts healing sprites, also on himself. That's all he's done in every fight where I've called him. So - my SUGGESTION - fix the storm minion to not be worthless.

OTHER MINIONS - I regularly fight with my LIFE wizard, and two friends, one an ICE wizard, one FIRE. These minions are useful, but a few SUGGESTIONS for them:

1) When they cast a heal, it should be aimed at the wizard in the party who is the most damaged. Many times they cast their heal on a full person, when others are at 50% damage.

2) When they cast blades or shields, they should first be aimed at the wizard who cast them, rather than themselves, or other wizards in the party who don't even have their type of spells in their deck.

Dec 25, 2011
shipleyv wrote:
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only

I agree, or at the very least, paid members should get a substantial discount or a way to convert gold to crowns. I was also thinking, that there could be a series of quests, like the zeke ones, where if you succeed, you get 1 month free membership OR 1000 crowns which would be a major incintive for all players to play more to get the free month.

I agree but they only have it out like one time a month and you only have a week to do it but it would change compared to your level like you could be level 1 you would get a quest in unicorn way from one of the guards. And if you finish more than one quest for your level you could get 1000 crowns for your WIZARD (NOT ACCOUNT), for every additional quest you do. But you can only do up to 10 or 15 quest at a time and when you do these quest you get sent to a private realm all by yourself and you ahve to do the quest alone.

Jul 22, 2010
I think, we should not get reported for not accepting other peoples friend requests and i do not think its right. If you do not want someone to be your friend you shouldn't have too of course you can put your friends on not accepting but people can still report you and i think it is unfair to people that do not want to add people and thats what i think about reporting for someone not adding you

Dec 19, 2008
I was thinking there should be a new world for high levels people like 60 or 70 to go this new world which instead of giving xp all the time you get either gold instead of xp and sometimes can get, pets, trainging points, new cards which they should add more often, crown items, and maybe even mounts that would be an amazing world and you should be able to repeat certian quests for gold only.

Jul 21, 2009
I think the level 78 cards (if there is a new world) should be battle field cards, like, to change the battle field. Storm- Super Tsunami. Plus 10% all storm spells. Life- Forest Of Heals. Plus 50% to all heal spells Balance- Desert sun. Plus 10% to all balance spells Death- Grim graveyard. Plus 10% to all death spells Fire- Everlasting Fire. Plus 10% to all fire spells Ice- Mountian glacier. Plus 20% Ice damage to all spells. I hope you guys like these, Keelan Bearhunter level 70 balance wizard. Red and yellow clothing and ancient fiery judge with spritely, named Princess Isabella. (say you were fire, you could use wildfire and everlasting fire.

Sep 01, 2008
i think there should be a system in the crowns shop to buy expierence!!! because i have been stuck into mooshu with no way out!!! I have NO quests there and i think my idea will solve that since i am level 59. And i don't mean that it should be cheap in the crown shop, i should be like 5,000 for one level and 2500 for half a level.
Your Wizard,
Reed EmeraldGlade

Jun 05, 2009
Hey KI! These are just a few ideas to add some new and cool things you could do! Ok so my idea is to let players summon their spells at home without the ring (this would not be used for combat) so for like spells that could swim could let you cross a river you have in your house to get to a *new island* or something. And if they could fly you could have them fly to the top of their castle! And just for the cool factor of having your spells at your house and maybe have them fight another monster or even have them do something to your house and other items?! I also think the idea of more personalized teleporting would also be a good idea! So for storm have a storm appear and you leave in a flash of lightning and reappear the same way! and for balance you dissepear into sand. And also that I don't think its fair for us Users that buy the whole game that we don't get to keep it unlike the crowns users who its cheaper for and they get to keep their areas! Just some ideas! Thanks- EvanIceStalker lvl 70 wizard

May 09, 2010
I think that it would be cool if you could have a hatchery at your house and that you would make get half of the money from the hatch. :D :D :D :D

Oct 16, 2010
hello kingsile! I was having ideas about a new world about space. And spell ideas too go along! I was thinking you guys could refere to the gods from greek mythology. Like the good of water, life ect... Space is my favorite sunject in science and it would be TOTALLY awesome if i got to learn more about space in a fun way.

Your GAme ROCKS!!! :-) :P :P

Brahm Rainbowstalker level 70 life

Oct 16, 2010
hello kingsile! I had a new idea for a new world involving space. and spells to go along with that. the spells could be based on the greek mythology gods.

Jun 24, 2011
I have an idea for Feedback Friday 2-17-12 (house games), but the thread is locked. I will post here, but if there is a better place please let me know.

As a kid growing up in the Midwest we played a slight variation of hide and seek. We called it Jail Break and usually played at night. One person was it, the jailer. The jailer had a flashlight and would count to 100 while everyone else would hide. The jailer then would search for players and you were caught if they shinned the flashlight on you and called your name. The jailer would then escort you to the jail (an area determined before game starts). Now is when the fun would begin. While the jailer continued to look for players to catch, the ones that were free would sneak over to the jail and break out anyone caught by touching them. Everyone would run away yelling Jail Break and hide again. If the jailer got everyone in jail they won. If after a predetermined time they had not, then someone else would become the jailer.

Thank you for creating such an enjoyable game!
Blaze Gem

Feb 24, 2011
Dear Kingsisle,

I am writing to announe my last idea about a new crowns purchasing method. Of course and I am talking about pay-safe cards. i have played a lot of games before and sfter i started playing Wizard101 and i have always been able to use this payment method. I know a lot of people that would be able to buy crowns and even memberships by using this method and more often. It's also easier for me and for a lot of other people to pay by using these cards and i am sure that more people would be able to join the Wizard101 fun with just one of these cards. I love this game and i would really like to see this payment method available and i think that this would be a "helping hand" to those who dont want to use credit cards. Please think of what i say, because i would really like to be able to pay with an easier and also safer way to buy crowns.

Feb 24, 2011
i love to train pets, hatching and then training them again but i dont really like the minigames. i sometimes get bored and stop the pet training so my idea, now that we can feed or pets includes the pet snacks feeding pet option. that would allow people to feed their pets a snack by using the energy needed for a minigame, but instead of getting minigame experience the pet will just get the snacks experience and stat boost. i think this would help people that usually use mega snacks and this would save a lot of time for sure

Nov 04, 2011
i wish the one of the new worlds would be a death world or something like the city is like death and stuff like some of the bosses are like vampires and werewolfs, and like the last boss was the grim reaper that would be sooooo sick!! :D well hope this world becomes real

Dec 25, 2008
Jude370 wrote:
I have a good idea for "Wands" that I think should be added to the game. The ironic thing is, these new "Wands" will not actually be wands at all, but instead a new type of weapon that Wizards will be able to "carry" around in a way.

I have been thinking for some time now, wouldn't it be cool to use Telekinetic powers in Wizard101? I think coming along with the new year, trends tend to change, and styles do as well. Instead of a Wand, Staff, or Sword that Wizards carry around, what if we would be able to wear Armlets or Gloves or even physical Rings that could be used as a weapon?

For example, we put on let's say "Armlets of Pyrokinesis", the cards will be just like Wand cards, and the damage could be seen as 100 damage, +1 pip, you know the usual stuff. But here's the thing, when we place these gloves on, we gain Energy-like balls around our hands. And we are able to walk around with
Magical power just coming out of our hands.

When we cast, the animations would be us clenching our fists while we float in mid air with Telekinetic like powers coming from our hands. When we do the "Wand" attack, we could fly up and slam the ground, whilst using the energy powers against the enemy; like a Psi wave or something.

Storm could have Clouds and Electricity sprouting from their palms as they walk around, while say, Myth could have Blue and Yellow colored energy balls with little eyes in them. I understand the image can be hard to imagine, but I've been thinking for so long, if we're wizards, can't we use Innate magical energy....without a Wand, Staff, or Weapon?

The idea came from the use of the "Force" in Star Wars, and the ever so popular Telekinetic powers. There are terms for each element of course. Lunarkinesis actually has to do with manipulation of Darkness and Death, which would go perfect for a Necromancer. I just want to see something fresh and cool; something a little different and not anything too drastic.

Innate/Telekinetic energy Gloves/Rings for a new "Wand" type. What do you think?

Love the idea

Sean Fireblood lvl 70 fire

See you n the spiral!

Aug 10, 2009
I would really enjoy it if we could see the levels of our friends that are not online on the "Friends List".

Jan 25, 2010
when if you decide to make a new update and increase cap level you should make the new death spell cerberus

Jun 30, 2009
I was very disappointed in the new bigger houses you could buy. I bought the sun palace, its a cool house but after you fill up a few rooms you ran out of items to be able to place 1/3 of the way full.