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Jan 24, 2010

Would it be possible to add a configuration function to the game which allows you to configure controls/change keybindings, whatever you wanna call it ? Not everyone lives in the US and has a qwerty keyboard.
And if possible increase the amount one can zoom out, ingame ofcourse.

I have many more ideas that might improve the gaming experience, but if the ones above would be implemented, i would be gratefull :)

Thank you

Oct 09, 2008
Each time every year there could be at least 1 double exp for quest and monsters for a whole day

Jul 14, 2009
Marioeagle506 wrote:
I think they should make wisps that fill up your pet energy because when it says it refills it give one energy at a time!
Well thats because you are only a novice . When you get to higher levels you will get lots of mana like 44.

Jun 11, 2010
hey you know about that elexieir that refills your health and mana can you make a change make that potion to refill pet energy to please

Feb 07, 2009
I have several ideas for the game. They might not be very good tho, see what u guys think. i think that
1) when someone first gets into a battle, like, ALONE, they would be able to decide whether or not others can join the battle. Maybe they want to fight the battle alone? But when they unblock a battle or someone else joins, its fair game for anyone?
2) Non-duel battles. I think there should be an option, maybe actual sword fighting or ninja fighting or something, for a nonduel battle (like, without the ring). Those kinds of battles are fun.
3) new actions. PLEASE! Like, flips, ninja moves, etc. Or something less amazing, like crossing your arms. Or crouching... the poor wizards are always standing, unless sitting on a mount. Also, more complex dance moves would be fun.
4) Flying mounts and underwater areas... I think it would be cool if there was an option for up and down with these. Like, swimming to the surface, or flying upward instead of on the ground.
5) With the furniture, I think it would be cool if you could actually sit in a chair, or lay on a bed, or something. Actually blow out or relight the candles on the cake. Eat food (maybe it would reappear?) look out a window. That would make parties more fun.
6)Stamina (actually, I don't know if I like this idea. But it's an idea). Maybe wizards need stamina to run, or battle over and over and over again without stopping in between.
7) With housing, it would be cool if you could build. like, make a guest house behind your main house. Or buy land cheaper than a regular house, then collect parts and build the house yourself.
10) this links a little bit with numbers 2 and 3. Maybe we can cast minor spells out side of battle. Like, causing a blizzard over a small area, or throwing a fireball, or creating fog. Maybe we could also control the weather where our houses are. Maybe there's different weather in different areas, instead of the place having fixed weather. Rain would be cool!

Oct 04, 2008
here is a small idea. i think it would be kool if some of the mooshu ninja masks could have variations with the face mask on. but the hood down showing your wizards hair.. and also gloves would be nice too. making gloves with 0 pip spells would be even more awesome sause. no big change in animation as if you had no wand/staff/weapon equiped. but still have gloves and beable to cast the 0 pip spells as if you did have a wand/staff/weapon

Aug 04, 2009
whizbrain wrote:
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that there shoud be a person in each world that you can talk to (like prospecter zeke) to redeem training points at the cost of gold.

? Do you mean get your training points back then I say yes, but to buy more i would say no it would give grand masters unfair pvp advantages think about it.

Hmm both true, Maybe there could be a place in ravenwood to Give your cards you got with training points back and give a little gold maybe, to make it fair ( course you dont get to keep the higher cards and give little cards for training points back ) so if you are just wizard joing the game spending training point's not really knowing the value you can jut give them back with some gold, then get whatever school you would want to spend it on with the training points, pretty much fair for the game and the wizards!

Apr 27, 2009
Personally I dont think its fair that wizards in pvp that are ranking down can still wear there gear.... Plus when they make you fight someone and you lose to them then they make you fight them again.

Jun 23, 2010
I think that you should add more ways to get training points, and also have quests where you are able to earn crowns and not gold.

Sep 10, 2010
Well, being a pathetic lvl 47 Life wizard (you know: best I got is a Cenatur ;) )...

I sure could dig having a "tactical nuke" in my deck, (especially since I'm a cold-war era vet LOL) I even have a name for it: "Mother Nature's Wrath" ;) 300-450 pts dmg with 120-250 pts damage per round for ... forever! (radiation sickness) LOL

Seriously tho, ... Somehow ... Life wizards got completely left-out of the 'attack-trade' I suppose. ? And ... not a single 'group attack' like meteor/humgofrog/sandstorm, etc. (not anywhere!)

Ok ... maybe this was in bad taste, but jeepers ... Life wizards feel lacking a serious 'punch' sometimes, y'know? Cenatur is the best we've got! :(

Help us out a wee-bit?

Mar 19, 2010
david253804 wrote:
Mate, they took out lvl 60 and celestia already, it is more of a challenge and you get new spells and schools! :)

no they didnt. you just have to go on live realm....

Feb 03, 2009
Hi! I have been thinking about this for a while. I was looking at the items in the Bazaar and I realized that there are some hats, robes, and boots that i would like. But they just have health and no stats. And the clothes I have now, have stats. So I got the idea that maybe we can mix the stats, health, mana, and everything else with the clothes. It could be at the place where you go to Prospector Zeke and Eloise Merryweather. And when you talk to Eloise, there is stitch items, there could be another button that says mix items. So, when you find clothes with more health than the clothes you have now, that you want, and its only health, you can mix it with clothes that have stats. So it's like buying a different type of clothing, but not really. Thanks! Hope you like my idea!

Level 49 Pyromancer

Feb 03, 2009
heronin wrote:
Hi I was Just thinking it would be cool if we could interact with are housing items Like if we could sit on a sofa or light a fireplace even grab a tomato out of the bowl or eat a slice of cake also if we could jump on/over things i find myself wanting to jump over fences in wizard city alot i have also tried to jump in the fountain at my house to get in the water lol i think it would make it easier to get realy into the game without getting bored. also if are pets/mounts could grow in size that would be pretty cool. if there were more leisure places in the game that would be cool too like a place you could go to hangout with other wizards or something. I would love too see any of these ideas added to the game. :) :-) :D

I agree

Feb 03, 2009
Twilightgurl45 wrote:
Ok First I do agree that we should have the choice to go into battles and not be sucked into them.

Second I think that there should be a regeants shop because I have been trying to find scrap iron everywhere and that just isnt happening which annoyes me a lot!

Third this one is just something minor but I think that wizards should be able to change there hair color into something cool and different like assorted colors or highlights. Oh and I think that the hats on wizard 101 should be optional to wear.

Fourth mounts should only be 1500, or 1000!!!

Fifth I have a hard time finding other quests because I jump around and dont go in order like a lot of other wizards do so I think on the map or something there should be an exclamation point showing where you can find quests without having to run around searching everywhere.


Hope you change the things I told you about. I LOVE WIZARD 101

I agree with everything. Especially the second one about the regeants shop. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for scrap iron, that its getting annoying. And I have something to add to the third one. We should also be able to change the hair style.

Aug 18, 2010
kings isle can you guys please change the skeletal dragon spell it has a horrible effect and is very upsetting final spell thank you
ps great job on the graphics for the card the design is great

Sep 28, 2008
I think that there should be a new world and a new max level. Lets say a level 55-60 cause if your a grandmaster you make a face like this when your playing. For the new world there should be a final boss. Malistare would have to be trained by someone. So just put in his teacher give him like 50,000 health to chalange some wizards.

Feb 21, 2010
Ok, so I agree that there should be buttons to alert moderators (sooo simple to bust dishonest conduct!), that there should either be wisps for energy, or even better, "Why not let your pet age as the wizard levels, as an example when a wizard levels, it could be worth 50 life/age points to the pet that is active at that moment. This would encourage a better balance of time between pet games and finishing quests." ~shipleyv. I also like the idea of interacting with furnaiture. I'd also LOVE to be able to add friends to all characters. Also... "Don't know if anyone has suggested this yet, but I think SOMEWHERE in the game, you should be able to fight Ambrose (maybe at the top of Briskbreeze Tower?). He would have 25,000 health and could cast any spells from any school at their normal cost. When (and if) you win, he could say "Good job, young Wizard. I knew you showed great potential" or something like that. Then, as a Drop or a Reward, you would get a new piece of equipment (maybe a Deck or his staff?) for your school only. Maybe you could even get a new spell from him.

Please take this into consideration! I think it would provide a GREAT challenge to fight the Headmaster at sometime in the game. Hey, maybe you could even challenge your Teacher to a duel! Like the battle you fight before entering Dragonspyre... " ~Zeruel85
"I would love to see more "feminine" clothes available for the girl wizards. Some of us would like to dress our girl wizards in cute & pretty dresses and also have a larger selection of cute shoes as well.
Also, how about some different hats, and even hair decorations, for when we get tired of wearing hats, so we can show off our hair style.
There are some of us playing the game who would like our girl wizards to look even more "girlie"....after all...just because we are powerful, skilled wizards...does not mean that we still are not also proud to be a girl!" ~LuckieWabbit
Ya have me on your side!
"I've noticed in new games you get the option to chose which side your on good or evil. Now imagine that in this game, you have the option to go to ravenwood or (and this is just off the top of my head) serpant valley, which would be run by malistare. I mean after all he cant be the only wizard against ambrose, in dragon spyre there are wizard monsters running in the streets. And when your a grandmaster you dont really have a lot to do, well if you beat one you can always try and do the other. Besides once you beat a game it can become a little dull since you know whats gonna happen next. Just something to think about."~mikelittle96
I'm not all that evil but
"I would like it if the houses where interactive. what is the point of a house if you cant do anything. I also think that you should be able to spare at your house. Like summon a monster or fight a friend. Or just have some characters walking around like a cow warrior for mooshu castles that you can talk to." ~semasthegreat
SOOOO right!
"Why cant we have like goat monks at our castles to talk to but they say different things each time. It would just be boring if they said the same thing or said one thing ,then another ,then another ,and went back to the first one. You could buy them for like 3000 gold and they would give tips and stuff. They would walk around or sit in a chair and change every once in a while. I meen make them life like so they are always moving and talking to you. Over all improve the castles to be more lively and interactive with the furniture." ~semasthegreat
"I think it would be awesome if "dropped pets" were dropped for the school which you are attending. IE: Death school receives death ninja, Life school receives life ninja, Fire school receives fire ninja, etc.
I used the Ninja only as example of one of the pets, but I am referring to all dropped pets. This idea came to me after I was dropped a cool Life Scarab. I thought, "this pet would be an awesome looking Death pet to match my school".
Same as ghost pets that are dropped. Wouldn't it be great if a ghost pet of the school you were attending were dropped? Life gets green ghost, fire gets red ghost, etc.
I don't think it should be certain schools get certain pets though. Just keep the same pets dropping randomly as they do, but make that pet match your school. " ~ grandmacarol2
"I think some battles should drop letters. Like "P" and when you get the rest of the letters "O,T,I,O,N you can turn it in for a free potion. Or
M,O,U,N,T. Since some of them have the same letters make the "O" more
rare. It's fun to collect things. Then have it turn into a reward. " ~saintsfan1020
Oh, yeah! ;)
"How about 'Chain Reaction', a spell enhancement where the extra damage moves over to the next bad guy and does damage? If you have 4 bad guys at 500 each, that first 2000 hit will hit the first for 500, destroying him, then move to the next, hit him for 500, then the next, and finally the last one. One hit, you get them all!

Your full 2000 is used to its fullest potential! Of course, if the second guy has 4000 health, the full 1500 would be used on him, but its still not wasted!

*** This spell enhancement would NOT be available for pvp. ***

There could be a quest in a tower or something, and after completing it, you get this spell enhancement. It would go in your deck in the same area that your wands go, so it would be used only once per round. Better yet, like a permanent treasure card. Or an amulet."~Rogtim
Such GREAT ideas!
I should stop now though... ;)
But one idea of my own. I hate running around looking for reganents. Expecialy marleybone.
PLEASE put these into action as soon as possible, if you will.... :-)
Just PLEASE OH PLEASE! Wizards 101 rock but i'd play much more often if even one of these happened!
And please excuse my spelling
And keep up the brain storming, Fellow Wizards!!!!

~ Rebecca Emeraldflame level 33 balance

Apr 05, 2010
We should reset every body rank and it would make things fun.I also thing warlord should have their own gear instead of the commanders gear. I also think treasure cards should not be allowed in pvp rank.

Apr 17, 2009
it would be awsome to have pvp tournaments with different teams and prizes for 1st,2nd, and 3rd. ; have a pet that wears whatever u wear or let us dress any pets!! im sorry if anyone else already said this i haven't read the forum yet

Oct 31, 2008
I would love new main schools if possible. I have a great idea. You would start in grizzleheim as a metallurgist and have to travel to wc and the spiral to help out. Metallurgist can control metallic beings. they would have spells like Iron golems, Golden arrows, silver banshees, maybe flying daggers.

Feb 03, 2009
Hi again! I came up with another idea. I think that there should be wisps for pet energy. Like, if some people don't have crowns, they can get wisps. I know you can wait to get pet energy, but I think it would be easier to have wisps. They can just be in The Pet Pavilion, and nowhere else. Hope you like my idea!!

Jul 13, 2009
i think for level 60 you can instead of geting exp you get so many points to earn training points. that way the level 60s can become masters of magic and lern all schools main spells

Jun 07, 2010
I feel that the new lvl 58 fire spell quest where you have to kill sothmekhet is too difficult conncidering that nobody else can help you. I thin you should either lower his health to like 5,000 or let people help you.

Nov 03, 2008
The new houses in wizard101 that has a arena and all should be available to buy with crowns. Or at least online because i for one cannot go and actually buy one.

May 22, 2010
I think players should be able to change their hair styler and color. Many wizards are complaining later on about it, but don't want to start their progress over. Maybe if wizards could buy the different styles, there would be less complains. As always, Molly Starmender