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Welcome to the Dorms

Jan 10, 2009
I know I just posted, but I keep getting new ideas :) I think that you should be able to change your hairstyle any time you want. I am getting tired of the hair I chose at the beginning of the game! Maybe this could be done at the dye shop for 500 gold. ( if you do make this in the live game, please don't make it cost crowns )
I also think stitching should be available for gold, too. I only want to stitch a few items, but I don't want to have to buy $5 woth of crowns to do that.
Players should also have the ability to send letters to each other. Sometimes I want to get a message to my friend, but they aren't on. It would be nice if they could get my message once they turned on.
Finally, you should be able to tour a house with your friends.

Jun 26, 2010
Epros123 wrote:
Everyone knows were the transform potions are, well can there be more like wild claw, samoorai, sunbird, and the marleybone civilian's, and ETC. (you could think of some more)

-Matthew SoulHaven Level 50 ICE

P.S Please respond that would be dandy :) :-) :D

we could have feild guards or maybe colossus or something like that. :D

Feb 08, 2009
I think you should be able to buy crowns with gold because right now you can only buy gold with crowns or another way to earn crowns than inviting friends.

Feb 20, 2010
I have an idea for a new spell,
Ice Dragon(Ice spell) 565-635 Damage to all enemies,350 Damage to all enemies each round for three rounds.

Laura DragonBreath Lvl 48 Thaumaturge

Jun 21, 2009
princess346 wrote:
I think you should be able to buy crowns with gold because right now you can only buy gold with crowns or another way to earn crowns than inviting friends.

They most likely wont change this, becuase it their income. KI would lose money if they did this. Combine with the savings idea, this would really hurt KI. It should stay seperate.

Jun 19, 2009
i have a comment on life and storm. in my opinion life should get a heal to attack transfer that cost 4 pips and storm should get gear that gives more health than life because my granmaster storm friend dies ALL THE TIME back to the life thing it would make life stronger and then life grandmasters would be happier :D and we would totally pwn! This is connor lvl50 life here to help!

May 22, 2009
hey, its valdus mistheart i am a grand ice wizard and i was very unhappy when you took out ice hound(with card) and i wanted to ask what was so unfair about it? and if it was then update the lvl forty eight hybrids so that all of them give there own cards. i have wanted a ice hound most of the game(no kidding) and when i finally became lvl forty eight i tried three times to get it ; i got two ice collossus and one sand man :( . i checked wizard central and found out the horrible news and it almost convinced me to quit the game . i ask you PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ bring back ice hound and possably make it fair by making cards for all the hybrid lvl forty eight pets :D. if you dicide to plz send me the awnser as soon as you can :D


valdus mistheart

May 08, 2010
Ok, here's my idea ........

I think it would be awesome if "dropped pets" were dropped for the school which you are attending. IE: Death school receives death ninja, Life school receives life ninja, Fire school receives fire ninja, etc.
I used the Ninja only as example of one of the pets, but I am referring to all dropped pets. This idea came to me after I was dropped a cool Life Scarab. I thought, "this pet would be an awesome looking Death pet to match my school".
Same as ghost pets that are dropped. Wouldn't it be great if a ghost pet of the school you were attending were dropped? Life gets green ghost, fire gets red ghost, etc.
I don't think it should be certain schools get certain pets though. Just keep the same pets dropping randomly as they do, but make that pet match your school.

Here's my other idea on Pets:
Am I wrong in thinking that growing your pet (baby turns teen, teen turns adult, etc.) in the pavillion games only helps your pet in the Races?
If that is the case, I think the pets should be able to help you in your spells with strength, accuracy, etc. - the older they are, the more they help you as the wizard of that pet.
Those that like the races in the pavillion should be able to purchase certain pets from the pavillion area for racing. In turn I think those pets purchased for racing from the pavillion should be the only pets that show whether they are baby, teen, adult, etc. Personally, I do not enjoy the game area or the racing. I am an adult who loves the quests and battling. However, I did the games and purchased Mega Snacks with crowns thinking if my pet grew, it would help me in battles. I know I know, I should have read the information on the pets/pet pavillion and not assumed .

Ok, so those are my idea's. I would love reponses on this to know how others feel.

Jan 12, 2010

ok, so now we can have our pets roam around our homes. but what about mounts? like obliviosly wings wont work, but the animal mounts. I have many animal mounts, and it is hard to choose what ones to use! but when we chose one, the others go to waste for a while. i ave a dragon mount that i love, but i cant decide if the tiger is better or not! i would choose tiger to ride, and put my dragon in my dragon spyre home! i mean, give these animals for freedom! LOL

Madison FireSword
Level 50 Pyromancer

Plz reply! that would be great! ;)

Jun 30, 2009
when you hatch a pet in the hatchery all pets are mixed up not just sertin pets like a closslis with a elephant like all pets get mixed up like a spider with a hellhound= a hellhound with spider legs! please fix this kingsile thank you. :-D

Jan 12, 2009
Hi, I'm Wolf Heart, and ever since the earlier days of this game I have enjoyed playing as a Death wizard, but I have also noticed a couple of things that could be tweaked here and there.

I have always thought that one class of wizard should have a shield that would cause damage to any attempted attacks, such as any attack that landed on the shield, the shield surviving of course, would cause 10-15% damage back in that school's element. Another thing I would like to discuss is the use of the Beguille spell in PvP matches. Maybe in PvP it could force them to use the strongest avalible offensive spell in their hand, instead of them passing and giving away our team's plans.

The Animate spell really irks me, as I need to sit for multiple turns in order to turn them into a mediocre minion. Maybe the spell should build quality more quickly. Finally, the "Titan" spell for the Death school (The use of the word Titan refers to the fact it is the level 48 spell of it's school) seemed quite visually dissapointing. Whereas the Ice school gets a Giant with a Warhammer, and the Fire school gets a Dragon, I found it upsetting on finding out the Death school got a mere Scarecrow. I will not deny the spell is extremely effective in the correct situation, but if a new batch of spells for level 60s are dispensed, could it be possible to make the Death spell a little more stimulating to the eyes?

If you read and understood this, please comment with other things you would like to see added, changed, or removed from the Death school, or any other school that comes to mind. Thanks for your time, denizens of Wizard City, and keep using your parent's credit card to support Kingsisle and all of it's work.

Oct 31, 2008
I think that Wizard101 should have weather, only in Wizard City. In the tutorial there is rain when you see Malistaire walk by the top window. what if it could snow. And an Unbrella shop, it could take a month or two for Kingisle to figure out how to do it but it is an idea.

-Jason Storm:Wizard101 Press Manager

Jan 10, 2010
I think some battles should drop letters. Like "P" and when you get the rest of the letters "O,T,I,O,N you can turn it in for a free potion. Or
M,O,U,N,T. Since some of them have the same letters make the "O" more
rare. It's fun to collect things. Then have it turn into a reward. It's like trying to get a pet from a boss. It's frustrating because you want to keep fighting to get a pet but you know it isn't just going to drop into your lap the first, second, or third time. I've tried to get that crab at least 40 times and I still havn't gotten one from that boss whereas one guy got it on the third try. Also since I've noticed some of the horrible spelling by some of the posters it would do good for them to refresh their spelling skills. I say make learning fun!!!.

Thanks for reading
storm wizard

Jul 29, 2009
please give life wizards more attaking spells they only have 3 or 4

allison summerbreeze

level 30 fire wizard

Jan 11, 2009
Okay so this was always bothering me the spells distract and taunt for ice school umm they dont really do anything and i was just wondering KingsIsle cant you change those spells :? :? cause they dont help me out and pretty sure the same with other ice wizards

Grandmaster Ice: Eric Iceeyes

Apr 23, 2009
i think that you should be able to switch schools cause who wants to train all over again as a new wizard

Apr 23, 2009
Apr 23, 2009
i have an awesome idea what if we could summon our spells out side of battles and we could ride them i am a fire GM so i wanna fly on fire dragon :D

Jun 07, 2009
I think that certain mounts like dragons and wings mounts should be able to fly higher by holding down the spacebar. Then press z to stay a certain height that the user is comfortable with. I have heard about 15 people saying how boring it is to have a fly mount and onlt hover a very short distance above ground.

Everyone how agrees/disagrees with this should send a smiley face to me.
:-) = good = bad
:D = great :x = worst
= Awsome = horrible

Jul 22, 2009
Ya know what? I think they should make higher levels! Not just stop at level 50! It is way to boring! Like, when you defeat Malistaire, there should be someone like him or something! Get more spells, worlds, pets, mounts, schools, levels, all of the things EVERYBODY wants! When you defeat someone...you get gold and things like that, WHY NOT DROP CROWNS? Am I right people! So, the maximum level could be, I don't know, 100? Just some more levels to keep the game going and have more people play. I also think that we shouldn't pay for worlds and places! It should either be with gold, or free. If you guys make a much higher level, it would make my day! I am only a level 30 or something and close to being a level 50. I don't want to make another wizard just to play the game over and over again! If you don't do anything, I might quit Wizard101 just because of it. I bet EVERYONE wants you to make a higher level or, make more worlds or, more awesome pets and things like that! You guys don't really do much about it! And if you people are reading this: don't say anything about me quitting 'cause I am my own person. Thank you.

May 23, 2009
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only
Charcoal987: I think that is a good idea.

Feb 14, 2009
I have a few ideas: i think there should be a Kraken and Potbelly pet, and somewhere you can go to get things that you have already had before. For example if you got it from a battle, you can order it agian later if you wanted to. :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jan 12, 2010
shipleyv wrote:
HaroldArgleston wrote:
I'm Harold Argleston. While I'm usually in the Library in Ravenwood, I do like to read what our players post in the Dorms section of the Message Boards. The Dorms are for all your ideas for Wizard101.

You may also know me from the monthly newsletter, where I tell students about books they can read that are appropriate for younger readers, and that resemble areas of Wizard101.

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Knowledge is power.

We REALLY need a way to report bad activity by multiple payers who you can not ID since they have the friend feature blocked. Yesterday, several of us were having to battle the Gurtok Demon for 3 hours because some kids using the character names Ethan Shadowhubter and Robert Deathcaster decided they owned the realm (Unicorn) and that we needed to all go elsewhere. So, they got on the battle and began to heal the demon etc. If we had some sort of live monitor who can be alerted to a realm and area to see whats happening, it would be better. What makes it worse, the kids reported the rest of us as having broke the rules and we got the warning window...NOT FAIR! A simple alert button in the corner, near the compas would alert a monitor to check in that spot/area.
I agree. There are too many rude people.
Oh, and i have a question. How do pople go into battle and heal the enemy??? is that possible? they hackers?

Jan 12, 2010
Cidy23 wrote:
heronin wrote:
Could we own more than three houses per charachter please lol i like them all alot and cant decide what i should get for my last one.

Ya my friend keeps buying and selling houses lol :|
LOL, that friend might be me... O.o
I currently have a small DS home. that thing will prob be gone in less than a week before i buy a new home. XD

Madison FireSword
Level 50 Fire

Mar 09, 2009
Have you ever faced more than one bad guy in a battle, lets say just for the heck of it, each with 500 health? Now, you buff yourself and trap one of them, and then pound him with 2000 damage. The extra 1500 damage is wasted, right?


How about 'Chain Reaction', a spell enhancement where the extra damage moves over to the next bad guy and does damage? If you have 4 bad guys at 500 each, that first 2000 hit will hit the first for 500, destroying him, then move to the next, hit him for 500, then the next, and finally the last one. One hit, you get them all!

Your full 2000 is used to its fullest potential! Of course, if the second guy has 4000 health, the full 1500 would be used on him, but its still not wasted!

*** This spell enhancement would NOT be available for pvp. ***

There could be a quest in a tower or something, and after completing it, you get this spell enhancement. It would go in your deck in the same area that your wands go, so it would be used only once per round. Better yet, like a permanent treasure card. Or an amulet.

Only certain spells from each school could use this, such as the centaur for life, phoenix (or helephant) for fire, judgement for balance.... you get the gist.

Me, I hate smashing something for mega damage only to have to wait for pips to work on the rest of them.

Rogan Firehammer