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Weather in 101

Dec 14, 2008
Weather is just what this game needs. After a while, the aesthetic pleasure of the purple sky of WC, the night skies of MB and GH, the sunny sky of KP, and whatnot, wear off. It wold be wonderful to have a sort of cycle in the whole thing (I agree with the person who suggested a thirty minute cycle of day and night). In fact, the weather could almost serve a purpose in the game, perhaps serving something with the roles of Balefrost and Time of Legend, or perhaps just changing the layout of events and NPC locations throughout the worlds.

Jun 19, 2009
AkihiroHattori5 wrote:
woot000 wrote:
well do you want it to be the EXACT same thing all the time?I mean the rain can slow you down i bit but still do it

Why not? If you think about it, is weather really necessary? What can you really do with weather in an RPG? Also, how wouldn't weather ruin the mood in certain worlds? Blizzards in Dragonspyre? Hurricanes in Krokotopia? Heatwaves in Wintertusk? Weather does not need to be added to the game.

It can be optional and we're npt going as far as to Hurricanes (Although that'd be EPIC!

Feb 09, 2009
hunteray09 wrote:
It can be optional and we're npt going as far as to Hurricanes (Although that'd be EPIC!

Uh...no, it wouldn't. Something that big couldn't have an on/off switch.

May 08, 2011