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We need a quality of life update

Community Leader
Some of Wiz's systems are just as dated as the game itself. I'm specifically thinking about the friends list and the reporting system.

My main problem with the friends list is that it's very difficult to manage. Every time you delete someone, it returns to the top. This makes cleaning up your friends list a tedious and lengthy process. I also don't know which offline players are even active, so I might accidentally remove a friend.

Here are the quality of life solutions I came up with:
  • Show when a friend was last online, allowing players to see who's inactive.
  • Allow players to delete non-true friends, or all friends. Put this behind an "abracadabra" prompt.
  • Display how many friends are online, how many friends are offline, and your total friend count.
  • When you inspect a player, and reopen your friends list, stay in the same spot. It's really frustrating when it jumps to the top, especially if you're deleting friends.

If everybody was honest, the reporting system would work fabulously. However, I see reports get abused more than used properly. The notification dialogue is a bit tilting, especially when you know you've done nothing wrong. Furthermore, it's pretty simple to mute someone for 24 hours by repeatedly reporting them.

There's multiple good ways to solve this problem. Here are the solutions I came up with:
  • Remove the "blackball" system that allows a large group of players to 24-hour mute anybody. In my seven years of play, I have never seen this feature used for good.
  • Give each account a set number of reports per day. If you file accurate reports, your number of reports per day will increase and your reports will be taken more seriously. If you file inaccurate reports, your reporting privileges will be decreased or revoked.
  • Put a cooldown on reporting players, similar to the cooldown on switching gear sets.
  • Accounts cannot file reports until they have existed for a certain number of days, regardless of membership.
  • If a player has not said anything for a long period of time, they cannot be reported. This includes whispers.

To be honest, I'm starting to get burnt out on the game. The features I discussed are dated and have not been changed or improved since the game released.

DuelCircle Organizer. The Slowpoke Sloth is the best.
Dec 02, 2014
i love this this would help the game

and here some more stuff to think on

how about a system to help the wrong players like players who have been hacked or falses reported to muted

and maybe a way to stop filling the backpack so quick just things to think about

Jul 18, 2009
I agree on all points and think these would be very feasible updates. Additionally, the reporting dialogue box needs some upgrading. Regardless of what you did, the "you got reported" notification just says something to the effect of "don't use naughty language, little wizard!" This needs to be more descriptive based on the nature of the report. If it's an offense other than language, or a combination of offenses, the player ought to at least be given a good reason for why they were reported. Even if you are not of the mentality that the offender "deserves" to know what they did, it just makes no sense to send a language warning to every offender when it's perfectly possible to break the rules by not circumventing the word filter in any way.

Say, for example, the offending player was saying something lewd or discussing something else that breaks ToS but wasn't circumventing the word filter- something I have seen this many, many times. When I go to report them, I should be faced with a checklist of categories of reportable offenses (personal info, bad language, discussing inappropriate material, etc.), with the description box being solely for moderator use and having no impact on the box that the offender sees. This might also cut down on the number of false reports, i.e., "he was spinning and it was annoying!!!!11!" if players can see the list of the types of reportable offenses right there in front of them.

Jan 25, 2015
Apr 06, 2013
You are smart. I agree with all of your points, but about reporting players being bad or not is tough, because there been have people blaming others for no reason and your idea make sense, but it still be inefficient, rather the game should record conversations and when someone reports, they can give the time and where it happen and they could see if the player was telling the truth or not. Either way, your ideas will still work and I hope that the game should change that feature in the next update.

Aug 09, 2012
Sep 10, 2009
Agreed. Will make life so much simpler.